Pretear Fan Fiction ❯ Himeno, Princess of Disaster ❯ Fairwell To Hayate ( Chapter 2 )

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It has been three weeks since they last seen Himeno. "Is Himeno. . .coming back?" Shin asked as he looked up into Goh's eyes with tears threatening to fall. "I wish I could say I knew. . ." "It's rather useless. . .just to sit here and mop about, each day that passes her powers grow stronger. She's already stronger than Fenryl was. . .We have to destroy Himeno. . ." Hayate grabbed Kei by the shirt as he growled. "We're not going to do nothing of the sort!" "What other way is there?" Goh sighed as he rest his head in his hands. "Hayate is right! We can't! We're talking about Himeno! Our Himeno!" Mannan cried out. "SHE'S NO LONGER HIMENO!" A voice roared from behind Hayate. "Sa. . .Sa. . Me. . .What are you saying?. . ." Hajime said as he stood up wiping tears from his eyes. "We all saw how it affected Takako. . .And how t changed her from the sweet girl we knew into something else. . ." "Hayate there's no other way to avoid this. . .We have to." Kei said as he walked up to Hayate and put his hand on his shoulder.

~Somewhere Else~

Himeno sat on her thorne as she twirled her hair in between her fingers. "So they plan on destroying me. . ." Himeno smirked as she glanced over at her orb of the earth. "Yes my lady. . ." "How did you come past this information?" She said as she walked towards the young man that was infront of her. "I-I-I bugged the place they're in." Himeno placed a finger upon her lips as she smiled. "Clever you knew they'll be able to sense my demon transporters, so you. . .planted devices of science. . ." "Y-Y-Yes my lady." She twirled around as her dress fluttered. "Soon the world shall be captured by the true bliss of what is darkness. . .They shall feel the pains and sorrows of the world. . ." She laughed as she ran over to the glass wall looking into the the adrk abyss of her world. "Soon. . .Soon. . .I shall have the whole world to their knees. . ." "M-M-May I go my lady?" The boy that still had his head bowed in respect to Himeno. "Yes of course Horithu, you may leave you're presence is no longer needed for the time beinging." She said as she didn't even cast a glance at the young boy.


Hayate stood at the fountain where him and Himeno first preted. "Seems so long ago. . ." "Yes. . .It does. . ." Himeno sat upon a bench as she slightly glared at Hayate. "Hi. . .meno. . ." "Heh. . .So you remeber my name?" Himeno said as she walked towards a tree. "Himeno, why!?" Hayata said as he ran towards her cupping her in his arms. "AWAY HAAAAAAAAYATE!!!" She screamed sending a blast of energy at Hayate making him fly into a tree. She trembled with anger as dark energy spilled over the ground. "If you truly cared you would of stayed. . .You would of stayed!" Himeno laid her hand on the tree her and Mawata planted zapping it and three other trees of it's leafe. Hayate stubled to his feet as he reached his hand out towards Himeno. "Please don't Himeno. . .I-I-I L-" "ENOUGH HAYATE!" Himeno opened up a tunnel in her hand, that seemed to never end. A dark vine with eyes, and teeth lurched out at Hayateand pierced him through the heart. "AAAAAAAAAH! Himeno retracted the vine, leaving a trail of blood, as Hayate body hit the floor. "I summon thee Horithu!" The boy that was at the castle with her appeared next to Himeno, with his head bowed. "Y-Y-Yes my lady?. . ." "Come and get Hate's body, we have plans for this knight. . ." She said as her lips curled into a milicous smile. Horithu picked up Hayate's body as he walked back to Himeno's side.

The rest of the leafe knights transported to the spot by the fountain. "HIMENO!" Sasame screamed as he looked at the lifeless body of his friend. Mannan, Hajime, and Shin backed away as they looked at the trail of blood leading towards Himeno's right hand. "Seems like you're to late Leafe Knights. . .That'll be two times in a row. Wouldn't it?" She let out a bone chilling laugh as her and Horithu that was still holding Hayate's limp body, was engulfed into a black portal. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYATE!" Sasame screamed as tears streamed down his face. He clutched the grass in frustration blaming himself for not being there for Hayate. "He's gone. . .He's gone!" Goh walked up to Sasame and put his hand on his shoulder as he said "See now Mannan, Hajime, and Shin. . .Himeno has been lost to the darkness of her mind and heart. . .We have to destroy her. . ."

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