Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Message in a Trance ( Chapter 9 )

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Message in a Trance
“What exactly happened to him Ashitaka?”
“I don't know, after beating up that man he suddenly went strange, it was like he had some sort of brainstorm.”
“He never did that when got angry before.”
“That's right; this must have only appeared rapidly.”
Those quiet whisperings woke up Sasuke slowly; as his eyes gradually opened up to look at the wooden ceiling of the house he always slept in. He then rose his upper body up; taking his grey kimono off his chest that was used as a blanket. The numbing pain that he felt back outside was still merging inside, but not so much now.
“What the hell happened to me?” he thought to himself, when then San walked into the room.
“Oh, you're awake.” Sasuke stumbled a little as he stood back onto his feet.
“San, what did I do?”
“Well, you beaten up a man half to death and then you went…rigid.”
“Rigid? What do you mean?”
“You started to act like you got more than a headache.” Sasuke then rubbed his forehead as the heat was still quite high, but then gasped as his eyes became broadened.
“Motoko…is she alright?”
“Yes she's fine, she cleaned herself up and she wasn't hurt badly.”
“Oh…” His body went anesthetized again, and began to tremble when then San managed to catch him before he fell.
“I need…rest…”
“That's the first right thing you said today.” She pointed out, when she then laid him back down onto his bed to let him sleep, until the next day will commence.
Back in the midnight, Ashitaka and San were sleeping peacefully within their blanket of pelts, as the fur kept them warm through the cold breeze that always seemed to pass through the cave each lunar day. Ashitaka was sleeping next to San with his arms crossed; his face was serene and silent as the light air, until…
This strange unfamiliar voice occurred into his subliminal mind. His movement then went into action as he began to shift and turn; trying to reset himself to sleeping mode, but the voice repelled to be ignored.
His began to moan as in order to tell the voice to go away. But then, his eyes shot open, and some sort of telekinetic energy lifted his body up to the floor. Normally, if he was to look up, he would see the ceiling of the cave, but instead, he saw the black sky covered in sprinkles of stars. He recognized the scene; he saw the long blades of jade, the full moon so close you can almost touch, the cool wind breathing in the dust; the same dream with the wings.
“Why am I here again?” Ashitaka talked to himself, he then took a gasp and saw a figure standing a quite near distant away from him. “Father?” But the figure wasn't masculine enough for it to be a man; her hair was more feathered and longer than his father's.
“Ashitaka, the herd is gathering, the call made been made.” Softly spoke this hidden woman of the shadows.
“What call?”
“The call of the immortals.” Ashitaka took a brief moment to figure out what she meant. “You have three days left before you must be summoned.”
“What…I don't understand…what is happening?” There was then a silent moment between the pair.
“…a war is coming…”
“What?! What war?! There's supposed to be peace here!”
“Three days…prince.” Ashitaka gasped once more when she spoken, and then her body dissolved into the dust and ran away.
“No…wait!” The prince stuck out both of his hands, but then, just like the girl did; he began to disband; starting off with his fingers, and then his hands. Ashitaka tried to shout, but his voice suddenly muted, and his body began to merge in with the transparent wind. He tried to scream but he couldn't; it was just the wind's song that was making a sound. But then…
“Wait!” he lifted up his body and found himself sitting up, sweat over his body, and San sleeping silently by his side. His mind made the dream so real it made him thought it was veracity. His panting was still raging in his lungs, as he felt his fingers checking that they weren't disappearing. He sighed, and then laid his back onto the pelt once more. His breathing finally decreased moments later, but his sleeping mode was too distracted to get back to. “What's this…call that I have to go to?” He wondered to himself. Then San moved her arm round his stomach and her head onto her chest, resting there peacefully in her lover's warmth. Ashitaka looked at her silent with sentiment, and kissed her lips secretly before sleeping with her once more.
The next morning, San woke him up with a kiss on the cheek, as he smiled in her eyes and stroked her cheek.
“Morning Ashitaka.”
“Morning San.” He then gently touched her head, and tenderly pulled her down for one deep kiss, and felt her shoulders.
“Morning guys!” Suddenly the rebel Kaya popped up out of no where and disturbed the two lovers from their kiss, as they jerked away from this zany girl who just came up to them all of a sudden.
“Kaya how do you know where I sleep?!” Ashitaka's cartoon reaction amused his sister.
“Motoko told, she also asked whether you two are just cuddling or actually doing it.” The pair blushed rosy red in their cheeks when she spoke of that question, until San butted in.
“Grrrhhh!! Get out!”
“Ha! You talked to me!”
“Why you--?!” San was then restrained by Ashitaka's arms as they held her back by the shoulders.
“Kaya, I'm going to give you to the count of three to leave! Otherwise this wolf will rip your head off.”
“Come on Ashitaka--
“Ok! I'm leaving!” Kaya then reluctantly left the cave as the sun shone brightly on the surface. San's caricature anger slowly faded and exhaled out heavily.
“Ashitaka, you can let mw go now.”
“Maybe I don't want to.” He then began to kiss her neck and cheekily pulled her down on her side.
Motoko was stood rubbing her arms as she stood outside of the house, sighing to the air from what happened to her yesterday. Sasuke slowly opened the door on the other side massaging his neck with his kimono on.
“Sasuke are you alright?” She hurriedly walked to him to check his stability.
“I'm fine, thank you for your concern Motoko.” He calmly replied back. Motoko then stroked his face, but then his forehead was still heated up.
“Your temperature's still high.” Sasuke heaved a sigh as well and looked at the pale blue sky.
“I don't know what happened to me last night; it was like some strong hallucination came over me and took my body.”
“At least you're better now yes?” Motoko gave him a big smile, whilst Sasuke replied with only a faint one, since he was never good with smiles.
“I need to talk to Nanahara.”
“It's about Sasuke isn't it?” San questioned Ashitaka as he walked down a hill with her.
“I think he knows that Sasuke's the Kira, if that's true, he might deport him to the law enforcement.”
“We can't let him do that!”
“Exactly; Sasuke is unstable, we saw what happened to him yesterday. What if that incident happened intentionally?”
“You mean, someone must have hacked into his head?”
“Maybe, I'm not sure, but I first need to settle things with Nanahara.”
“And tell my sister, I'm borrowing her elk.” He cheekily suggested, as then he found the elk and yanked it's leash gently; grabbing her horns to pull him up, and ride her down through the forest.
“Oh alright then.”