Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Hikaru: Pt 1: Empathy ( Chapter 18 )

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Hikaru: Part 1
Who are you?
Why do you look so lonely?

Why won't you talk to me?

Why won't you smile at me?

Do you
even need me?
Do you need to believe me….trust me….love me.
Who are you?
I…I am nothing.
His insipid blue eyes gradually opened to the midnight sky above him; the silver stars lonely glowed from their natural light as the solemn moon shined dimly upon the earth. He felt as if the moon was his only fried left in this hellish, godforsaken world. The dimension and society of humans want nothing to do with him anymore; to them, he is a stranger, an outcast…a freak. But he didn't care anymore, he would be better he was rid of the world, not the other way round. He will find his own way; he will follow his own path. Yet the road he followed wasn't exactly a straight line. In fact, it was portrayed as a forest; a very deep, forlorn forest. And like a forest, you can easily lose your way. That's what he felt like when he was alone…lost.
A crackling noise was then heard from behind his ears. He lit up his eyes and pricked up his head slightly as he lifted his body up to look behind him. The entry of small woodland had a hollow opening to where groaning voiding voices commenced along with the crackling. It came closer; his eyes lowered a little into a sinister stare when his pupils slowly turned slit like a snake. Something was definitely nearby, and it seemed like it was coming towards him. He clenched his fists tightly, as if he was preparing for an attack. But then, the sound of human footsteps were drawn nearer to his eyes, when then a young feminine body was drawn in front of his eyes.
She stopped just over the edge of the wide entrance. Her legs were white and sleek with traditional sandals to keep the bottom of her feet clean. Her thighs continued up wear they then reached up to the tip of a full cotton light, soft green kimono, with her pure ebony hair gliding down in the soft wind; it was vertical and beautifully long, with a straight-cut fringe across her forehead. His eyes were then drawn to her coffee bean eyes and then down to her fair pink lips; he recognized her immediately.
“Hello Sasuke.” The young woman greeted him.
“Hi-…Hikaru. What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to come and see you.” Sasuke scoffed to himself and turned back to his view over the cliff with the sea softly shoring up and away over and over again.
“Why would you want to come and see me?”
“Do yourself a favor and leave me. I'm sure Kurama won't want me near you now.”
“My brother doesn't control me; if I want to go and see you, I will see you. No matter how much you changed in appearance, you will always be the same to me.”
“Somehow I don't feel the same. The contiguousness makes me feel…inert to the world. I'm practically an outsider.” Hikaru then sighed to herself. But she then walked over along the wavy green hair of the tender grass; gradually and leisurely dragging her skinny ankles over near to the broken man with navy tiger stripes. She stopped near his right hand side and looked down upon him with despair; before she then placed herself in a sit near down as she looked at the beautiful view of the scenery. They both stared wondrously at the linear vista of the silent air singing solemnly and tearfully; spreading her casing across the scaly, moist skin of the oily sea; only the moon in the sky remained still. She looked up, and couldn't help but gaze above.
“It's a beautiful moon out tonight.”
“The moon is always beautiful on every night; his face constantly changes nearly every night. It's never constant; that's what I love about him.” Hikaru couldn't help but take those words deep into her thought. Why does he love the moon when he changes his face, when he can't even face a change of his own? Maybe it was that he can accept the change of the moon, but other cannot accept the change of himself. He must see himself as less prejudice than others.
“Sasuke…you know I still like you.”
“I know that Hikaru but…I wish other people can see through my eyes. It's like they're afraid of me. Probably because people are always afraid of new things; they don't know what would happen once they tried them out.”
“I will never be afraid of you.”
“Hm, is that meant to be a way of standing up to me?”
“Maybe…but…I will always be your friend.” Sasuke looked down on himself for a moment and kept quiet, until seconds later, he looked up at Hikaru, with the most softness and embrace with warm tears filling up with gentle serenity.
“Only friends?” Hikaru took a silent gasp when she leaned her head away slightly, with her broadened eyes and her pursed pink lips.
“What are saying, that…you like me?” Sasuke looked back down on himself, and nodded his head slowly.
“You're the only person who can always accept me for who I am, even though if it's not the choice that I want…you keep me stable.” Hikaru then drew her brows into a sorrow look and bit her bottom lip. What can she say to him at that point? What would make things lighter of the situation? So then, she decided what she felt like her instincts must do. She slowly slid one hand around the fingers of Sasuke's, before gripping hold of them tightly. He looked down when he felt the warmth smoothly spreading through his pale skin from which it used to be beautifully tanned. He couldn't help but look down; staring at her delicate fingers struggling to get over his rough ones. She must be thinking of something.
“But…you never talk to me.” Sasuke gave another annoying sigh when he looked away with irate on his face. “You never make contact with me. You never really looked at me. In fact…you never even smiled at me when my brother introduced me to you; even since we were 14 years old.” Sasuke remained quiet as he looked up at the moon again. “You were always interested in the pretty girls; all with pretty names like Sakura, or Rika, or whatever you think is pretty. You never really paid attention to me; even when I liked you when I was 14; you never paid attention to me for one bit. But I can see now; no pretty girl would want you now, so you would then go for the last resort; a rebound.” Her voice grew stern yet it trembled with stifling tears. “Well I can see now; you're just as shallow as the rest.” Hikaru then tossed her head away in ignorance and rage; when actually she was trying to hide away her tears that were dying to streak down her cheek. Sasuke reluctantly looked over to Hikaru's turned head; he realized that she was trying to be strong. He still noticed that her hand was still on top of his; if she was so angry at him, why didn't she let go of him? It was obvious; she's still in love with him. So then, he quite firmly yanked her hand into him, which made her forcefully look into the eyes of the midnight blue stranger.
“To be truthful to you; no, I never talk to you. No, I never make contact with you. And no, I never even smiled at you. I thought you weren't pretty enough to closely relate to. But I never thought you were ugly, and I never thought of you as a rebound. Time can make a person change which can mean for better and for worse. It's like a flower in a way. In the early spring, you would see it in a bud; closed and wrapped together in its premature casing. But when that final day comes and it is ripe; it blossoms out into her beautiful skin that allure anything her whiles. Well let me tell you something Hikaru…you allured me. And now you have me…only if you want me.” He then gently placed his thumb and forefinger from his remaining hand onto the girl's fair chin. “The choice is yours. But make it up quick.” He then tenderly kissed her lips and felt the soft warmth heating up slowly under her skin. She was taken by surprise, but as a reflex, she pulled her head back and looked away with a grunt. Yet Sasuke refused to take the look; he placed a moderate clench on her face and forced her back in for another kiss, only deeper and somehow, wetter. Her cheeks blushed. Her heartbeat quickened. Until her eyes slowly became gently alleviated with a haze of infatuation and pulse. She felt the tip of his tongue touching hers for a moment with a small sense of excitement. So this is how bad boys kissed. So this is what bad girls received. Hikaru wasn't a bad girl herself; in fact, she was never in any kind of major trouble. This may be the first time of trouble. But it won't bother her. Not now. Not for the moment. Not for her. So she carried on; carried on receiving until they both had to break for air. Sasuke slowly brushed silk strings of her hair to the back of her right ear, and leaned his lips in closer to them as if he was going to give her a whisper message. “You're a flower Hikaru. You just need time to bloom.” Her eyes then widened when she heard the word `bloom'. What did he mean `bloom'? Is it what Hikaru thought it meant? Does he…actually want to…with her? No. No, he doesn't actually mean that…does he? He then whispered more lisps of lyrics into her ear. “You're the only woman who bloomed more beautiful than everyone else I know…because you waited. It was hard. But you waited. And now I'm here. Maybe not the way you'd picture me. But…I'm here for you now.” Hikaru couldn't help but stare wondrously at the moon again; admiring his pale face looking down at the grass. But then, Sasuke slowly and gently pushed her down to the soft long-grassed bed by his chest which was then pressed on with her breasts. Now she was flourishing; becoming so strawberry pink within her cheeks she felt like she could burst. Is this what she wanted? All she ever wanted was him, but is this what she wanted? “Please let me stay with you for a little longer. I won't touch you unless you tell me to.”
“Alright.” She whispered back in a pliable voice, as then she let Sasuke's head rest easily within the crook between her right shoulder and her neck. He breathed in her fresh bathing smell. Wow. After a bath, you really do smell dewy. So they lay there, lay there as the moon solemnly remained high in the sky. Though after this night is through, Sasuke will wish that the day…never came for him.
“No! Please No! Let me go! I didn't do anything wrong!”
His wrists were bound in thick rope against the chains that were keeping his arms apart. He was struggling hard to fend off the silver weapons that were trying to penetrate him.
“Please let me go! I didn't do anything wrong!”
“Sleeping with
the virgin of the village is a violation of our laws. Especially for a freak like you.”
“Sleep? I didn't sleep with Hikaru! I never made her feel uncomfortable!”
“You know that within this village, there must be one virgin to carry on the purity of this tribe. Now that you have led a
good flower to go rotten, you should be punished.”
“Stop! Please! I never gave away my virginity last night! Sasuke never touched me that way! Please let him go!”
But he was with you last night! How can I make sure that my sister wasn't raped or something else
“Kurama! I still trust Sasuke because he is still the man he one was! You of all people should help him, not throw him out!”
“But you can catch something from him!”
“I let him rest with me all night last night and I never felt ill ever since!”
“But he still broke the law; intimacy between a villager and a virgin
is forbidden, therefore, he must be punished!”