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The Swan's curse

There once was a knight who was respected by all. His prowess in battle was unmatched and many feared his stregth. But one day, his ruthlessness knew no bounds...

He killed a swan.

But this was no ordinary swan, it belonged to a witch of whom was well- known for her cruelty. And when the death of her beloved swan reached her ears, she sought revenge and placed a curse on the knight.

"Thou anger which is blind..."

"Thy heart which is unkind..."

"I bind thee into the form of a swan..."

"When night falls until dawn..."

"But until this magic shatters and breaks..."

"The swan is the form you descendents shall take..."

And just like that, the spell was cast but she neglected to tell the knight how to break it. For centuries untold, his descendents suffered for his mistake. But his story has been closed and another's is just beginning...