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Chapter 1.

Blooming White Carnation- First Day

The alarm sounded and she shot right up in bed. Large blue eyes widened as disheveled red bangs obscured her face, glancing to the clock she squeaked.

"I'm late! And on my first day too!"

She scrambled out of bed and raced to her closet, withdrawing her new middle school uniform. She shoved the one-piece gray and black dress on after she buttoned her undershirt and placed her socks on as well, good thing she'd taken a shower earlier in the morning when she'd gotten in. She shoved her shoes on and grabbed her backpack, stopping in the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. Then she ran from her apartment, locking it behind her.

'Late! Late! Late! LATE! I'M GONNA BE LATE!' The mantra went on in her mind as she sprinted down the street to her new school. Long red hair trailed behind her in a braid as thin legs worked to bring her closer to her destination.

She went by the name of Ahiru, for at times she behaved like a duckling; clumsy and loud. But she housed a secret underneath her wings, a secret that most would consider quite odd.

At night... she transformed into a swan.

She didn't know why this curse was laid, nor did she seem to care. As long as she was cheerful, she could face anything with a smile. Right?

Ahiru skidded to a halt inside of the entrance hall just as the last bell rang. She moaned and hung her head, this was going to be a bad day... she could feel it.

'At times like these... I wish I didn't live alone...," she thought, searching in her backpace for her schdule.

For as long as she could remember, she'd been alone, raised in an orphanage and later adopted by the owners of the apartment building that she now lived. But, she never let that get her down, her cheerfulness knew no bounds. A new school meant new friends, right?

Just as she grasped her schedule and pulled it out, someone barreled into her, knocking her into the nearby lockers. She squeaked and dropped her schedule to the floor as a gentle male voice sounded from above.

"Kouseki-neechan! Apologize to her, you knocked her down!" A male of about her age, with deep red shoulder-length hair and catlike ruby eyes called to a girl who stopped a few steps away and turned.

Her hair was also red just like the boy beside her and just as short. And that was when she realized that they were identical. Same nose, beauty mark beneath the left eye, height and the same tan. But the most noticable difference were the eyes; hers were not cat-like, not at all.

'Twins... huh...' Ahiru thought as the girl... Kouseki blushed a little, her tan masking most of it.

"Gomen, chibi-chan," she bowed and then directed the next bit to the boy beside Ahiru, "I'm going on ahead, Ryuu-chan!"

"Kouseki-!" he called, but the girl had already vanished around the corner. He sighed and helped Ahiru up, picking up her schedule as well, "here, sorry about that," then he bowed and followed after his sister at a hurried pace.

Ahiru only blinked, before she realized that that little encounter had made her even later.She squeaked and gathered her things before she ran off. This day just wasn't going her way!


"Ahiru-san! I would exspect on your first day here you would be early. I will forgive you this time, but be warned: if you are late again..." here Neko-sensei paused, sweat beads becoming more pronounced on the fur of his face, "you will MARRY me!"

Said girl just blushed and stammered as the cat man started to lick himself. Was that normal teacher protocol? But she seemed to calm down when he allowed her in the classroom in order address the class.

"Minna-san, this new student; although late, is called Ahiru. Please make her feel welcome."

Here Ahiru felt her blush deepen as she bowed to the class, "Pleased to meet you all, I'm Ahiru. I hope you will accept me into your class."

There were murmers and Neko-sensei directed her to a seat between a purple haired girl with a bun and a pig-tailed blond. She took her seat and let out a sigh of relief. Not too bad, but that marriage comment....

"Psst... don't worry about what Neko-sensei said, he threatens all of the girls with that line," the girl with the bun whispered to her when the teacher had turned, "by the way, I'm Pique."

Ahiru turned large eyes on the girl next to her, voice barely a whisper, "really? But he seemed so serious..."

"Ah ha hah, how cute! She actually thought he was serious!" the pig-tailed blond laughed, blue eyes closed and hands clasped in delight.

Ahiru blushed and slumped in her chair. Already she'd made a mistake...

"Don't worry, Ahiru, Lilie's just playing, no need to get embarresed, "Pique chuckled, smiling, she's always like that, especially to pretty things."

Ahiru's face grew bright red and she looked down to her clasped hands, thinking, 'they're a little weird... but they're nice. I'm very lucky to have met them.'

Her blush dimmed and she allowed a small smile to touch her lips. This she decided was a wonderful day.


The bell rang and she was surprised at how fast everyone went into the hallway. Pique and Lilie lingered just long enough to wave her over as she packed her things up. And by the time she got there, there was a huge crowd congregating around something in the middle of the hall.

"What's going on?" Ahiru asked, pointing to the crowd as he long red braid swayed to the side.

"Oh, Fakir, Mytho, and Rue-senpai are coming!" Pique said, blushing lightly.

Ahiru was just confused.

"Here, I'll show you," with that, Lilie pushed the girl into the middle of the hall.

She stumbled and almost fell when hands grasped her waist as she collided with something firm and warm. It was then that she noticed that the hall had fallen completely silent and that the hands had still not removed themselves. She looked up and blue met golden hazel-

-And she was lost.

Wilting White Carnation- The first Day- End.

Next Flower- Gladioluss

She was an out cast.

No-one could love a swan.

"I came to give you a warning, girl."

The White Carnation is a good luck for a woman.