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Chapter 2.
Blooming Gladiolus- Mytho
Time seemed to stop as those eyes bore into her own, she couldn't move, couldn't think… couldn't breathe. They were just so mesmerizing…
Her limbs refused to heed the signals that her brain sent them, and she couldn't help but wonder if she was paralyzed. But that didn't make sense, how was she unable to act from just a glance? She didn't know, all that was important at the moment was the face in front of hers with lips so pale that they could pass for cotton candy. And only when she saw those soft pale lips move did she blink.
Yes, that was a brilliant response on her part, after all, she was Ahiru.
“I asked… `Are you okay'?” he repeated, soft voice making her shiver ever so lightly. His voice was well suited to his looks, she decided. And that was when she noticed that his hands were still upon her and she blushed, face as red as her hair.
They were very warm she noticed, his body heat easily seeping though the fabric of her clothing.
“Y-yes,” here she started to back away and he seemed to realize that his hands were still around her waist and let her go, a light blush dusting his own pale cheeks. But she took no notice and instead ran down the hall as soon as the warmth left her, Pique and Lilie trailing close behind.
Eyes bore into her back and she wished she was within his warm embrace once more.
“Mytho-sempai blushed!”
“Did you see?”
“I saw! I saw!”
Her ears were assaulted by many voices, but at the moment she just couldn't handle it. She was too hot… but she wasn't sick…
Ahiru took shelter in the nearest girl's bathroom and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. The boy with eyes as clear as glass. A face so beautiful he could be easily mistaken for a girl. And hair as white as freshly fallen snow… This was Mytho-sempai…?
Now she understood why the school fussed over the boy so much… he was gorgeous…
The bathroom door banged open and she jumped as Pique and Lilie entered unceremoniously, faces flushed from the chase through the halls. For a freshman the girl could run, they were already tired…!
“Jeez, Ahiru! You can't just run off without a word after you grope Mytho-senpai! That's very rude!” Pique teased when her breathing returned to normal.
“Wait… what? I didn't mean…!” she floundered for a moment before Lilie cut in, stars in her eyes.
“Aw she's so flustered! How cute!” Lilie cooed, face gleaming with glee, as Ahiru made a face.
“That wasn't nice, Lilie!” She tried to argue, but for some reason found it very hard to do so at the moment. She couldn't muster the anger and she didn't know why-
She thought about it for a moment and blushed lightly.
“Aw… but it was so cute!” she insisted, smile bright and cheery as the red- head frowned.
“Okay I'll admit Mytho-sempai is good looking,” Pique began, finger pointed up as if to prove a point, “but Fakir-sempai is way better.”
Ahiru blinked, “Fakir-sempai?”
Who was this Fakir-senpai that continued to be mentioned? Had he been present? Surely no one holds a candle to Mytho-senpai?
Again the blush came unbidden to her cheeks.
Pique only stared blankly at the girl before she began her Fakir- based tangent. It wasn't wise to not know who Fakir was and let a Fakir fan-club member know of your “treason” as they called it.
“Beautiful raven-colored hair (usually in a ponytail) glistens softly atop his handsome head and falls just to below his shoulders. Steely green eyes seem to bore into your very soul and paralyze you completely when he looks at you. And standing at a height of 5'5, he seems to tower over you… in a dominating sort of way… he's beautiful at 17 years of age…” Pique finished with a dreamy sigh, her thoughts obviously on this “Fakir”.
Ahiru thought about it and shrugged, he seemed kinda… scary in her opinion. And she told Pique so.
“Only those who can't understand him think that way!” the girl told her matter-of-factly, anger making itself known yet again.
Ahiru just placed her hands in front of her and laughed lightly in apology. But what she had said was true, she didn't understand him at all. She didn't understand this school, or anyone in it. And that was when she remembered-
-She was an outcast.
In more ways than one.
She looked away then, red hair obscuring her eyes. Who was she to judge a person she didn't even know? That was rude of her and she knew it, but she couldn't help it, she was very open in her opinions.
“Ahiru what's wrong?” Pique asked, concern lacing her tone, “if it's about what I said, I didn't mean to say it so harshly. I just get really worked up when I talk about Fakir-sempai.”
She just shook her head lightly and looked up, a weak smile upon her countenance.
“Nothing's wrong… but shouldn't we get going? Class is gonna start soon…” she trailed off, blue eyes down cast.
Pique and Lilie just looked at her, and as if on cue, the bell rang, jarring them all back into action. All three rushed to their next class, of which they did not share.
“That's the girl who hugged Mytho-senpai…”
“And she's just a freshman!”
“You're kidding…”
Ahiru tried to focus on her work, but the whispers of what had happened earlier today kept entering her awareness, and she didn't like them one bit.
`It wasn't like I meant it to happen…' Ahiru brooded. Pressing much harder on the pencil than was needed, `I didn't even know who he was, let alone how good looking he is…!'
Ahiru paused as his visage floated in the foremost reaches of her mind, his amber-hazel eyes beckoning her to drown within them. And she gladly would if given the chance.
`My heart is pounding and I feel hot…' she thought, trying her hardest to ignore what was said about and around her as she scribbled down her notes from the board and into the notebook.
But she didn't have a fever… and the temperature outside wasn't that high… But she didn't understand… was someone mad at her?
`Well… there's Pique… although she says she's not. I need to apologize when I see her next time, hopefully today,' she thought as she paused to copy some more notes down, `and then there's Mytho-senpai…'
She frowned and felt her heart skip a beat. But… if Mytho hated her…
She didn't want to think about it.
`I just hope I don't see Mytho-senpai anytime soon… I'm sure he thinks I'm such a klutz…' here she paused in her thoughts, a light blush dusting her cheeks, `although I would love to…'
She shook her head and realized where her thoughts were leading. In all of her years of being alive she'd never felt this way… Was this what they called love…?
`But…' Ahiru thought as she resumed her writing, `there'll be a problem if he doesn't accept me… both of me…'
Because no one can love a swan.
A bitter smile lit her lips as she stared as her paper. Sometimes… life just wasn't fair.
She hadn't seen hide nor hair of either of the two girls all day. They hadn't been in lunch nor had they been in any of her remaining classes. She pulled a face, this was bad, she hadn't thought that this school was that big…
But on the other hand… it was also good. She didn't see Mytho again all day. But… that also made her heart clench almost painfully. She wanted to see him and yet she didn't. It hurt so much… it felt as though her heart was splitting in two…
And yet… she didn't want this feeling to leave.
Ahiru, lost in her thoughts, failed to notice the figure walking up to her until it was too late. A hand collided with the metal of the locker behind her heavily, the sound of the contact echoed through the near empty halls and made her and the few remaining students jump. The others turned and she looked up to see just what had made that noise.
“Hey is that…?”
“Yeah… I think it is…”
“But why-?”
“Shh… I wanna hear!”
“Um…?” she whispered, looking into a fairly handsome face before she found herself unable to move. It was almost like Mytho… but this time it was different… this time she just wanted to shrink away instead of getting ever closer to his body.
And besides… his body language was so cold… it was as if he were ice.
“I came to give you a warning, girl,” he muttered, dark green eyes narrowed in anger as he took in the redhead's confusion with unrestrained annoyance.
And when she looked into his eyes… she was lost again.
But not in a good way.
Wilting Gladioluss- Mytho- End
Next flower: Orleander.
And plus… it was nearing nighttime.
“A swan… never seen one around here…”
“Thank you for hearing me out…”
Gladioluss means Love at First Sight.