Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ L'auteur et le canard ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Once upon a time there was a knight destined to give his life to save his prince. Determined to be more than what fate wrote for him, he lived. Casting his sword aside for a greater purpose, he took up a quill pen - the pen that could turn stories into reality and reality into his stories. But when it came time to write the greatest story of his life - herstory, he needed help that was long lost. Lost as to what to do, where will he go now?
Entering back into the skies over Kinkan Town, the chariot that carried Rue and Mythos returned. Touching down in front of Charon's house, the pair got out and stared up at the building as Fakir came rushing to the door.
“You came back!”
The normally peaceful eyes of the prince turned cold as Rue transformed into Princess Kraehe. Rushing forward Mythos slammed Fakir back against the building.
“You told us to live our lives! That we'd be free” Raven feather flew at his head.
“You lied! Why are you controlling our lives again!?” Stepping back, Mythos' form transformed back to that of the Raven Prince. Summoning his bladed from raven feathers, Mythos ran forward as Fakir felt the blade glide into his chest.
Sweat soaked, Fakir bolted upright in bed. Clenching his chest he found no traces of a wound.
“A nightmare.” Staring at the little bed in the corner, a smile graced his lips as he saw Ahiru, peacefully sighing/quacking in her sleep.
Silently, he moved to the window and stared out it. Pushing the window open, he grabbed his quill and paper and climbed out of the window onto the roof. Staring up at the starry night sky, and idea struck him. Pulling out his quill he quickly began to write.
Staring up at the dark night, the knight whispered out Mythos's name. From the dark starry sky, a light flashed as an ethereal white bird flew down from one of the stars and hovered before the knight. Reaching for a letter he had previously written, the knight placed it into a scroll holster on the back of the bird. Sending the bird forth it flew up and in a flash of light disappeared into the starry sky again, this time in search of the prince and his princess.”
Reaching for a new sheet of paper, Fakir began to write a message to Mythos and Rue. Cursing as he did this and apologizing profusely throughout the letter for asking them to return, he signed the letter and rolled it up.
Please work.

Staring up at at the night sky he closed his eyes and whispered “Mythos”. Looking back up, nothing was happening. Cursing to himself and prepared to tear the letter to shreds, a bright light flashed above him. Glancing up, a white bird landed before him on the roof.
Did that bird just bow to me? I really must be dreaming.
Beckoning the bird forward, he placed his letter inside the bird's holster. Leaning forward, he whispered to the bird.
“Thank you for coming to me. Now please, hurry to Mythos and Rue”
As he pulled away the bird launched off of the rooftop and disappeared again into the night sky with a flash. Smiling to himself he climbed back into the room and placed his things back onto his desk before climbing back into bed..
I didn't write them back into the story, I just wrote to them. Whether the come now is up to them. I gave them their free will and I will not take that away.
With a smile, he allowed himself to fall back into deep sleep. This time, full of dreams of his story, not nightmares.
As his breathing leveled out, Ahiru peaked an eye open and watched to make sure he was asleep. Climbing out of bed she silently flew her way onto the desk.
This was her nightly ritual. When Fakir fell back to sleep she would climb onto his desk and read his stories for the town or someone else. Stories full of hope and happiness. The stories gave her hope that maybe one day he would write one for her, and let her return to being a girl.
Staring down at the sheet of paper, she was shocked to see it was so short. He had gone onto the roof for a long time. Reading the paper she barely struggled a quack as the shock washed over her. Staring over at his sleeping form, tears came to her eyes.
He's contacting Mythos and Rue-chan without telling me? I guess it makes sense, I am only a duck after all.
Silently hopping down from the desk she walked slowly and quietly to the door before turning to send one more look back at him.
I am only a duck. I can't provide him the company or friendship he requires. It's just like the dream I had before, they'll be back and dancing together and I'll just be a duck floating on a pond.
Sayonara Fakir.
Silently walking out the door and out of the house, Ahiru cast one last look at the antique shop as she waddled her way to the river and floated her way back to the lake. Not her lake though, that's where he wrote his best stories, to another lake - a lake where her presence won't disturb him.
The sunlight streamed in through the window and fell upon Fakir's face. Stirring in his sleep, he blinked his eyes and stretched as he sat up. Looking over to Ahiru's bed he found it empty.
That's strange, she usually doesn't wake up this early.
Standing he got dressed and walked downstairs to see if she was down there.
Morning, noon and night. That girl rules my thoughts. He chuckled to himself at the thought. Who would have thought the annoyingly persistent girl would be the object of is love and affection.
“Ahiru left-zura”
Patting Uzura on the head he began fixing himself some breakfast.
“Shortly after you came down from the roof -zura”
Spinning on his heel, he dropped the milk bottle on the floor as it shattered.

“Ahiru left last night -zura. She just looked back at the house and then walked away.”
Cleaning up the mess he made, he forgot all about breakfast as he shot out the door.
“Watch the house Uzura!” he called back as the door closed.
Where did she go? Why did she leave that late?
Rushing through the streets the only place he could think to run to was their lake.
The story! She always reads my story. Kuso. She must have seen that I wrote to Mythos.
Stopping at the lake, pain entered his heart as he saw that she wasn't there.
Why did she leave? I thought she'd be happy to see them again. Why would she leave me?
Leaving the lake, he continued to run through the streets of the city, checking everywhere she would go - the garden behind their old school, the park, the abandoned old house, the mill. She was nowhere.
There's only one place left she could be, but she wouldn't go there. She wouldn't have a reason to, would she? But how would I know? I can't even understand her!
Rushing towards the city gates he cursed himself as he ran onwards. Leaving the city and rushing through the forest, he saw her. Floating atop the lake of despair. A small, yellow little bird floating atop a black lake.
Ahiru spun in the lake as she heard her name called. Looking towards the shore she saw Fakir running towards the water, tears falling from his eyes.
Running into the lake Fakir ran towards her and picked her up and held her to him.
Fakir? What is he doing here?
“Ahiru, what are you doing here? Why did you leave last night?”
Looking up at the sky, Ahiru realized the sun was starting to set.
He's been searching all day.
Jumping out of his arms into the water, Ahiru floated before him as tears came to her eyes.
“Quack?” Why?
“Come home. Please?”
“Quack?” What?
“I know you saw my story. Please, just come home and let me explain. I know I should have told you I was contacting them. It was wrong of me not to tell you, just please come home”
Nodding as tears began to freely flow from her eyes, Ahiru floated to his side. Fakir picked her up and carried her close to himself as he walked out of the lake and back home.
Home? He wants me at the shop with him? Then why? Why did he contact them?
Staring up through her tear-filled eyes, she saw Fakir look down at her and smile as he held her tighter.
She left me. She ran away. I don't know why, but I am going to find a way to fix that. I need to know what she's thinking. I can't lose her.
As the duo neared the antique shop, they saw a carriage perched atop the roof. Stopping in his tracks, Fakir's eyes widened as he saw it. Quickening his pace, Fakir began rushing towards the shop, and if sensing he was coming the door opened and Mythos stepped out.
“Hello you two. It's been awhile hasn't it?”
So our story ends for today. What awaits us tomorrow? A happy ending? A sad ending? Or maybe...?
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