Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ L'auteur et le canard ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Once upon a time there was a duck who dreamed of being a girl. The words could not find their way out of her chest and she was trapped within her true form. Trapped in her form, there she stayed until her heart broke and she could not go on.
The two stood dumbfounded as they stared at the prince standing before them. As they stared, the prince smiled as he stood the the side and his princess walked out the door behind him.
Sprinting forward, the princess snatched Ahiru away from Fakir as she hugged her close.
“qu-quack” Rue-chan.
Tears welled in the little ducks eyes as she sobbed into the chest of her friend. Smiling down at the girls, Rue nodded to the boys as she walked away towards the park to talk to her friend.
The knight and the prince watched as their princesses walked out of sight before turning to observe one another once again. The two stared at one another, and as their eyes locked the two broke into smiles and they embraced one another.
“You came much quicker than I expected.”
“Your note said you both needed us. We left immediately.”
Pulling apart they smiled again as they walked into their old home together. Sitting down upstairs in Fakir's room, Fakir stared out the window as Mythos closed the door behind them before speaking.
“What's wrong? You don't seem yourself.”
“I've written everyone's stories. All the stories of the town and wrote them free of stories, free to write their own destinies.”
“That's great!” a smile broke out on the prince's face again as he rushed forward. Upon seeing his friend's solemn face, his smile fell. “Then what is the problem?”
“There is one story I can't make come true,” turning to the prince, a gasp escaped his lips as he saw the sadness held within Fakir's eyes. “her story. I want her back Mythos, I want Ahiru back.”
Tears began to pour down Fakir's face as he stared out the window once again. “I can't write it, I don't have the strength to do this alone. It's not just her story, it's my story as well.”
Leaning down against a tree, Rue rubbed Ahiru's back as the duck continued to sob.
“Ahiru-chan, you're in pain and none of us can understand you. I'm so sorry we cannot. You've given me my happy ending and yet I can't help you.” Tears began to well in Rue's eyes as the slowly fell down her cheeks and she leaned in to hold Ahiru tighter.
Staring up, Ahiru saw the pain held her anguish was causing her friend.
“Quack?” Rue?
Sitting up Rue placed Ahiru before her as they stared at one another.
“You want to come back to us don't you? The clumsy little girl we all grew to love.”
Ahiru merely nodded as more tears came to her eyes.
Rue-chan understands.
“We'll find a way Ahiru. We'll all bring you back. I promise”
The princess and the duck sat back against the tree and watched the clouds float through the blue sky.
“Fakir, do you love her?”
Head snapping up, Fakir turned to observe Mythos.
“Is it that obvious?”
Smiling at his friend, Mythos placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “She has changed you. And I know you see it too. In order for your story to come true, she has to want it as well. One step at a time, Fakir. Work on bringing her back to the Ahiru we all knew and maybe through that you two will understand one another better.”
Nodding, Fakir walked over to his quill and paper and stared down at the blank slate before him. His heart called out to her, as it had once before - when he had written his story for her then.
“Let's go home, Ahiru. Let us go see your knight.” Standing, Rue extended a hand and picked up Ahiru and began carrying them back.
My knight? A small quack-ish chuckle escaped Ahiru's lips as the thought came to her mind. My knight, yeah right. I've always been an annoyance to him, ever since the first time we met.
Images flashed through her mind as she recalled him back then, the callous knight protecting his prince. Calling her worthless and useless.
But he's changed hasn't he? He's not that knight anymore.
Ahiru allowed her thoughts to calm her as her eyes closed and she drifted to sleep - to dream, in Rue's arms.
Ahiru opened her eyes as she looked up, she saw all of her friends staring down at her. Bright smiles graced their features as she smiled back. Moving to sit up she saw that her wings weren't wings at all, they were arms. She was a girl again! Looking up again she saw Mythos and Fakir turned away and blushing.
Confusion riddled her features until she looked down again - she was NAKED! Grabbing the nearby blanket, she covered herself as she sat in bed. Regardless of her current condition, a happiness welled in her heart as the realization dawned on her, she was back.
Fakir's hand flew across the paper as he felt her emotions, as her heart's desire poured out through his pen once again.

The door behind them opened as Rue walked in with a sleeping Ahiru in her arms. Smiling at them, Fakir nodded towards the bed and she walked over and tucked the little duck in under the blanket.
Turning back to his paper, his pen began to fly again.
As the little duck dreamed, her heart's greatest desire, the knight who had thrown down his sword turned to her and placed a kiss atop her head before whispering his wish to her sleeping form - to bring her dream to life.”
Turning towards Ahiru, Fakir placed his quill back down on the desk. Approaching her form, he gently sat on the bed beside her. Leaning down he kissed her lightly on the top of her head as Rue gasped and smiled to the side, understanding what she was truly seeing. Placing himself, forehead to forehead with Ahiru, he whispered to her.
“Please come back to me, Ahiru. Return to the form our hearts long for”
As Fakir leaned back, he jumped up as he, Mythos and Rue stared at Ahiru. A bright light engulfed her form. Covering their eyes from the light, the three looked a way for a moment. As the light subsided they all stared down in shock as the form that sat before them was no longer the little duck, but the young girl they had all known.
Ahiru's eyes fluttered open as she looked up at them.
“Oh,” she sighed staring up. “Am I still dreaming?”
Smiling Fakir leaned down as he held her left cheek in his right hand.
“No Ahiru, you're not dreaming.” Leaning down he closed the distance between them as he gently placed a kiss on her lips. As he pulled back, Ahiru's eyes were wide in shock causing him to chuckle lightly.
“You understand me?!” Looking up all three smiled and nodded in response. Shooting upright in bed, the boys spun as fast as the could and looked away blushing. Perfectly with her dream, Ahiru looked down and saw herself, grabbing the blanket to cover herself up.
I'm a girl, I'm really a girl. Tears began to slowly fall down her face again as she laughed and Rue shooed the boys out of the room.
So our story ends for today. What awaits us tomorrow? A happy ending? A sad ending? Or maybe...?