Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ L'auteur et le canard ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Once upon a time there was a duck who became a girl, but this time there is no prince to save. Without a purpose, why is the duck a girl? Can she find a purpose to stay a girl, or will her heart guide her back to the lake?
Fakir and Mythos walked down the stairs, both grinning ear to ear as they heard the two girls laughing and giggling from the room above.
“I knew you could write her story. You saved all of us with your power before, saving her is merely the next step.”
“I can't believe it worked. She's come back to us again. Our clumsy little Ahiru.”
As the boys sat down across the table from each other, a smile broke out on both of their faces and the both began laughing.
Their laughter was interrupted as Uzura's form hopped onto the table and Edel-san's voice hovered towards them.
“You do realize that Ahiru cannot remain as she is right now.”
The smiles fell from the boys' faces as the both immediately turned to gaze upon the puppet. Upset clearly visible on his face, Fakir spoke up first.
“What do you mean 'as she is right now'?”
“When Ahiru-chan became Ahiru first and then had the chance to become Princess Tutu she had a purpose, a goal. She had a reason to be Ahiru and Princess Tutu - Mythos.”
“But, Mythos is back now. As is Rue-sama and she has me.”
“Does she know that? Er a new reason to be Ahiru-chan or else the duck that lingers in her heart will call her back to the lake and you will not be able to rewrite her back to you no matter how hard you try. Do not let her slip through your fingers.”
Edel-san's voice faded once again as Uzura's popped forth to add her two cents. “Tell her that you love-love her!”
Pounding her little snare drum, Uzura hopped off the table and up the stairs to see the girls.
Shock washed over Fakir's face as Edel-san's words sunk in. “I could lose her again? But for good?”
“You won't lose her Fakir. Just tell her how you feel. Give her the reason to stay Ahiru and to stay with you.”
“It's not that easy. I was so awful to her when we met her. I don't know how I could tell her. And what if she doesn't return it, if I can't give her a reason she'll be gone regardless. She doesn't have to stay with me, but I want her to be her again, she wants that.”
“Fakir, calm down.” Mythos interrupted as he reached across the table to shake the other man's shoulders. “You are rambling. Just calm down. You will be able to tell her and it will all be fine. This is your story, let it write itself.”
Fakir nodded as Mythos sat back and stood to make tea for the two of them. As the two men sat across from each other drinking their tea the two girls came bouncing down the stairs.
“We're going out!” Rue chirped as the two of them landed at the bottom of the stairs.
“Going where?!” Fakir asked as he nervously looked from Ahiru to Rue.
“Ahiru-chan needs some clothes. We're going shopping!”
“Oh, that sounds. Be careful and have fun.” Mythos replied as he waved them out the door.
The girls giggled as they walked down the street, arms full of shopping bags. The pair stopped briefly before their old school as the stared into the gates they passed daily at one time.
Turning from the school, Rue looked at the now nervous Ahiru before her. “What's wrong Ahiru?”
“Can you teach me to dance? I never learned how to dance point. I never really danced before, it was Princess Tutu. I want to be able to dance well.”
“Ahiru, look!” Rue excitedly called as she pointed at a sign before them. The sign was for a ballet dance celebration at the school, kind of like a school dance. It was open to all students and the public. Singles and pairs dances. “How about I teach you to dance for that? You could dance pairs with Fakir-san and I could dance with Mythos. It would be amazing. We could dance two pas de deux side by side. How great would that be?”
“I could never dance a pas de deux. Besides, Fakir would never dance with me. He's so much better, he'd have to carry me through the dance. I'd be an obstacle and a waste like he told me all those days before.”
A few tears began to brim in Ahiru's eyes as she spoke. Rue dropped the bags and rushed forward to embrace her friend.
“Shh, Ahiru-chan. Don't think like that. We'll practice and I'll teach you how to dance a pas de deux just like you did as Princess Tutu. And whether or not you can dance like that, Fakir would love to dance with you. He wrote your story so you could come back to us, of course he'd dance with you.”
Ahiru's head flew up as her tear-stained face stared up into Rue's hopeful one.
“He wrote a story for me? When?”
“Last night. It's how you returned to us. The story is still in the loft, you can go read it yourself if you want.”
Standing tall, Ahiru brushed the tears off her cheeks as she smiled and beamed up Rue.
“Alright! You can teach me how to dance and we'll all go to the show at school. But please don't tell Fakir or Mythos what we're doing. We can practice in the woods at that old brick building.”
“Of course Ahiru, but why don't you want the boys knowing?”
“Think of it as a surprise” I don't want to face Fakir not wanting me to dance with him.
“Well let's hurry home and drop off our bags. Then we can start practicing today!”
The door to the house burst open as the girls rushed in and upstairs, arms full of bags. The guys heard the bags thud on the ground followed closely by the sound of footsteps falling down the stairs again.
“Bye, we'll be back for dinner!” Ahiru called as they rushed towards the door again.
“Don't you want to relax and rest here a bit?” Mythos called out as he watched his friend's face fall once again when the girls announced they were leaving.
“Sorry, we'll be back later!” Ahiru called as she slammed the door closed behind them as she nervously ran forward.
Staring off at the door, Fakir lost himself in thought as all he wanted to do was run after her.
She left again. Maybe all she wants to do is leave like Mythos and Rue left.
So our story ends for today. What awaits us tomorrow? A happy ending? A sad ending? Or maybe...?
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