Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ L'auteur et le canard ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Once upon a time there was a clumsy girl with two left feet who dreamed of dancing the pas de deux with her prince, but the prince chose another. Can she find a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet, or is she destined to dance alone atop the lake?
One week had gone by since Ahiru and Rue began their dance lessons and Ahiru was flying through her studies. Her feet hurt her every moment of the day, but to her it was worth it.
Fakir sighed as once again he awoke to find breakfast made and the girls long gone.
“You know my friend, sighing is going to be your only mode of communication soon if you don't watch it.” Mythos said as he appeared from the next room.
“All you've done for the past week is mope about and sigh. Go for a walk, write a story, do something!”
“I just don't know what to do. I brought her back to us and all she does now is run off, and run away.”
“Then find her!” Shoving his friend towards the door, Mythos promptly placed Fakir out of his own house.
“How am I supposed to do that? I've searched the town before without any luck.”
“Follow your heart, and don't come back until you can stop sighing!” With a grin Mythos closed the door, locking it for good measure as he playfully stuck his tongue out the window at his now banished friend.
Bowing his head in defeat, Fakir stuck his hands into his pockets and trudged off to wander the town once again.
“Careful Ahiru!” Rue yelled as she watched her friend fall of the building foundation and into the bush below.
A slightly ungraceful oof issued forth from the bush, as two feet flailed in air. Rushing to her friend's side, Rue managed to pull the clumsy duck to her feet.
“I almost had it that time too.” Ahiru whined as she sat and nursed her now hurting head.
“Maybe we should take a break. Go to town and grab some lunch?”
“I thought we packed lunch.” Ahiru said as she frantically looked around the area.
Pushing the sacks behind the bush, Rue smiled as she replied. “We must have forgotten them. Come on Ahiru, you've been working non-stop for a week. You need a break and lunch is just the ticket!”
Rushing forward she grabbed her friend by the arm and began guiding them back to town. “Great, I knew you'd agree” she stated with a smile beaming from her face.
“Fine, a little break wouldn't hurt anything”
Noon hit as Fakir rounded yet another corner in town to hear the familiar pounding of a little snare drum. Following the noise, hoping Ahiru was with Uzura, Fakir soon found himself outside his old school.
A small head with green hair popped out from around the corner as the little puppet smiled and waved him forward.
“Look Fakir-zura, look what Uzura found!” Pointing to the poster for the dance, the little puppet hopped up and down a smile beaming from her face. “You could tell Ahiru that you love-love her there!”
Flushing at the little puppet's quite public declaration, Fakir read the poster. A smile broke over his face as he turned to stare down at the little puppet.
“You know Uzura, that's a great idea! Have you see Ahiru so I can ask her to go?”
“She's right there!” Uzura called as she pointed at the two girls passing by, ice cream now in hands.
Following the path of the little puppet's drumstick, Fakir saw the girl he had been searching for walking down the street, simply licking an ice cream cone. Heading towards them, he faltered in his step as he noticed her feet.
She's wearing point shoes? But she never learned to dance point.
Deciding not to call out to them, he lagged back and decided instead to follow. The two girls lead him out of the town and into the woods, and as he shadowed them his interested began to peak.
Fakir dashed behind a tree as the girls came to a clearing and stood watching from behind the tree as Ahiru took an oh so familiar stance.
The pas de deux, but she only ever did that as Tutu.
Ahiru, more graceful than she had ever demonstrated before, lifted her arms and began, Rue standing by being her pair in the dance. The two dance beautifully, as Ahiru stumbled here and there, but it wouldn't be her pas de deux any other way. As the two came to a finish, Fakir decided it was time to take his leave, but horribly timed snare drum froze him in his tracks.
The girls spun on their heels and stared at the forest to their side as the little drum got closer and closer. Uzura appeared out of the bushes and stood beside a tree right at the edge of the clearing. Waving at the girls she smiled as she turned and pulled a figure from behind a tree.
Ahiru gasped as she saw Fakir fall from behind the tree and land, sitting, behind Uzura who clapped happily.
“Um Ahiru, maybe you should talk to him.” Rue suggested as she grabbed their hidden lunches and rushed off towards the woods “You did well today, we'll continue tomorrow!” she called back as she disappeared into the trees, grabbing Uzura and taking her along.
Fakir stood and stared at the girl before him, yards away still, and swallowed the lump in his throat.
Ahiru's knees shook as she stood in place, watching him walk slowly towards her. Her nerves got the better of her as she began to fiddle with her hands and blush under his intense gaze.
Fakir finally made it to the abandoned building and stepped up onto the foundation.
No words. Yeah sure, words escape the writer Fakir thought as he chuckled in his own mind. Deciding instead to forgo words, he extended his hand to Ahiru.
Ahiru's eyes bugged out of her head as she stared at the hand before her.
No, I can't dance. I'll fall, I'll make an idiot of myself. What do I do?!?!?!
Nerves getting the better of her, Ahiru opened her mouth to protest and all that escaped her lips was a simple, “QUACK!”
In a flash of light a pile of clothes lay before Fakir and out of the mess a small forlorn duck head popped out.
So our story ends for today. What awaits us tomorrow? A happy ending? A sad ending? Or maybe...?
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