Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ L'auteur et le canard ❯ Chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Once upon a time there was a writer who wrote the story for the one he loves. Unable to put his feelings into words, his love let her doubts consume her and thus returned it so that they could not be together how either of them wished. Can their love win out over the darkness that looms in their hearts or is it forever doomed?
“...quack...” choked out from Ahiru's form as tears poured from her eyes.
Kneeling down before the “woman” he loves, Fakir picked her up and pulled her into his chest. “Shh, I'm sorry. I want to tell you how I feel but I can't find the words.” His fists clenched in anger as he continued. “I know it's stupid, I can write a happy ending for everyone, everyone that is” Pulling her away he looked down into her tear-stained ducky little eyes “but us”.
Us?! Did he say us?! Ahiru's heart leaped in her chest as she stared up at her knight.
“I tried to write you back to me, but I let you slip away again. I promise you, I will find away to bring you back to me.”
Standing, he turned and began walking the two of them home. The silence between them wasn't deafening or painful, it was perfect. Each lost in their own thoughts of what to do to get them back to each other.
Us... He did say us. Why did I run, why did I get nervous? I have to go back, I have to become Ahiru again!
I will bring her back. I don't care what Uzura said, she will come back to me.
Rue and Mythos jumped to their feet as the door opened and Fakir entered with their Ahiru as a duck once more.
“No! Ahiru, no!” Rue screamed as she rushed forth to grab her friend and hug her. “you were dancing so beautifully. We were all going to the event at the school together, dancing a pair of pas de deux.”
“We will.” Fakir said as he walked towards the stairs. Turning back it was as if no one was in the room but him and Ahiru “I don't know how, but I will find a way” The door at the top of the stairs closed as the three shook out of their shock.
Ahiru hopped down from Rue's arms and landed gracefully, well gracefully for Ahiru, on the table. Not knowing what else to do, Ahiru hopped down and stood in the open space in the room and began the pas de deux.
I may only be a duck, I may not be a girl, but I can still dance!
Knowing the situation was out of their control, Rue and Mythos exited the house together to walk about the town and give the two some space.
Days passed by with no change. Ahiru was still a duck and the day for the dance had arrived. Ahiru stood in the bedroom staring up at the dresses meant for her and Rue for the evening. Without even meaning to, a sad sigh escaped her lips as her heart fell again.
“I never thought he would rub off on you” Mythos chuckled from the doorway with a smirk.
Confusion riddled Ahiru's face as her head cocked to the side.
“I knew all this sighing of his would somehow make it back to you as well.” Walking forward, Mythos seated himself on the bed and stared down at the little duck below. “Get him to the dance tonight Ahiru. Your hearts will find each other one way or another. Dancing brought you together and it will do it again. Trust each other and trust your feelings.” Smiling at the little duck, he stood once more and left the room.
Trust our feelings? But our feelings are what got us into this mess.
Staring at the dresses once more, tears fell from Ahiru's eyes as she rushed from the room and out of the house.
Frantically running down the street in the only way Ahiru could, the tear streamed face of the little duck flew through the town, lost as to where she was running.
Exiting a store, package in hand, Fakir saw the little yellow blur through the alley before him.
Ahiru? Where is she going?! Not wasting any time, he attempted to rush after her, only to be halted by a parade for the school dance that night. No! Ahiru!!!
The tears stopped as the duck, panting, finally came to stop. Calming herself and catching her breath, Ahiru lifted her head to see where her little duck feet had taken her.
Here? Again? Seems fitting. Taking in her surroundings, Ahiru swam out onto the lake of despair. As the darkness in her heart grew, she sank further into the water. Once beneath the surface, Ahiru began to dance the pas de deux, which only sank her further into despair.
The last little feather disappeared beneath the surface as sapphire blue eyes widened and a little pair of legs rushed towards town.
Fighting past the parade, Fakir tried once more to find the little duck that held his heart. His hand tightened on the little box he held as his frustration rose.
Ahiru, where did you go?!
A small snare drum caught his attention as Fakir saw Uzura rush into view.
“FAKIR-zura!!!!!!! You must save Ahiru-zura!!! Quickly!!”
“Save her? Where is she?” Fakir asked as his heart skipped a beat staring down at the little doll before him.
“She sank. The dark lake, the one she'd been to before. She sank below. Uzura saw her feather sink in.”
Without another word, Fakir hurried away and towards the girl he loves.
Ahiru, please wait for me!
Ahiru's feet hit the sand at the bottom of the lake as she danced onward.
Maybe it's better if I'm gone. Fakir could move on and write himself a better story.
Lost in her own thoughts, Ahiru didn't even hear the sound of the splashing from above.
Fakir's heart called out to the little duck below as he swam deeper into the lake, determined to save her.
Hearing her name, the duck ceased her dance and looked around her for the source.
Fakir? Was that you?
Landing beside her, Fakir reached down and picked Ahiru up and held her to him once more.
Ahiru, why did you leave? Why are you here?
I couldn't come back to you, we both tried. Maybe I can't It's over.
It's never over as long as we are willing to fight. I have something for you.
Reaching to his pocket, Fakir pulled out a gold necklace with a red heart on it emblazoned with feather wings.
It's not Tutu's necklace and it may not be a shard of my heart, but it's more. This is my whole heart and I want you to have it if you'll take it. Whether Tutu, Ahiru or how you are now, I won't have you leaving me. My heart belongs to you now matter what form you take.
If possible, Ahiru found a way to cry under water as her eyes glistened and she propelled her form through the loop of the necklace. As the necklace encompassed her form, a bright light issued forth, propelling both figures out of the water and onto the shore beside them.
Wiping the water from his face, Fakir opened his eyes to see Ahiru standing before him as a girl, wearing both his necklace and her normal clothes.
“And mine belongs to you.” Rushing forward, Ahiru jumped into Fakir's arms as the two stood in silence.
“I believe we have a dance to attend.” Fakir said, breaking the silence. Pulling away, he took her hand and led her away from the lake and towards his home so they could change.
As the two walked away from the lake of despair, a fog formed engulfing the lake and taking it away, forever.
“Poor Fakir and Ahiru-chan” Rue whispered as she stood beside her prince at the school grounds.
“They'll find their way. Just have faith.”
A teacher stepped onto the stage as the drew the attention of the entire dance. “Now for your pleasure, we have a special dance for all of you. A very special pas de deux.”
“Come on Rue, even without the other two we must still dance.”

Taking his princess' hand, Mythos led them to the stage and prepared to begin. Pausing as the music started, the teacher looked up at them confused as the opening looped once more.
“Waiting for us?” Fakir whispered as he and Ahiru stood beside them, smiles beaming from their faces.
“Ahiru!” Rue rushed forward and embraced her friend, a smile plastering her face as well.
“Well, I believe they are waiting for our pair of pas de deux.” Mythos interrupted as the group smiled once more and took their positions.
And so they danced their pas de deux, Mythos in his prince clothes and Rue in her princess clothes. Beside them danced their knight and his princess, Fakir in clothes similar to Mythos darker shades and without the crown and Ahiru garbed once more as Tutu.
The pairs danced on into the night and onto many more pages of their story to come. Their story was written and so it shall be the princesses found their princes in both a prince and his knight.
Once upon a time a man died and the story he had spun should have ended in extraordinary tragedy. However, the story turned out to have a happy ending for all. The reason for that ending was one little duck that the man himself called into the story and the knight that wrote her story.
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