Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Our Own Way To Make A Happy Ending. ❯ You're back! And News as well! ( Chapter 1 )

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Ahiru…It was the only thing Fakir could think about, every single day, every single hour of his life since they defeated the Raven.
He was happy for Mytho and Rue; of course he was, after all, his best friend was with the woman he loved and was happy but since that day he felt empty, alone…more that ever and he knew very well why.
He was missing that annoying little girl with red hair and big blue eyes, always saying something to keep his day more bright, but he would never admit that to anyone especially to her.
Fakir was on his room looking at the window with a small paper with two lines written; then he looked to his bed and saw a little yellow duck sleeping. “Oh Ahiru…I miss you so much. I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go…” He thought giving a long breath and looked to the piece of paper he had on his hands. It didn't say much and that maked Fakir really angry. For three years he wrote for the people of Kinkan stories with happy endings but…what about him? What about Ahiru that was even more important that his own life? Didn't they deserve a happy ending as well? He was always trying to write for her but everytime he started doing it, a fear took over him and couldn't do it anymore.
The fear of not being loved in return by Ahiru was so big that he just couldn't continue. He just couldn't.
Every night he cursed himself and cried in silent not wanting to wake up Ahiru; she couldn't find out why he was so depressed; to show how unhappy he was, one time Fakir punched a mirror and started bleeding really bad from his hand but didn't showed it to te little duck.
God, he loved her so much. She couldn't image what he could do to save her and make her return to her human form…
Fakir gave up; he couldn't fight the sleep anymore so he went to his bed quietly trying not to wake up the fragile duck on his bed and felt asleep, but not even in the dream world he couldn't stop thinking about her.
They stood there sleeping but something happened. The paper that Fakir was holding earlier started to glow and that same glow started surrounding Ahiru's little body and in a matter of seconds she turned back in to a girl but didn't woke up; instead she continued sleeping on Fakir's bed with an arm around his waist like nothing had happened to her and Fakir continued sleeping as well ignoring the arm around his waist. “It's just my imagination…” he told himself and turned his head to face Ahiru.
In the morning Fakir woke up, slowly opening his eyes and seat on the bed. He looked around and for his panic he couldn't find Ahiru.
-Ahiru! Where are you? Ahiru? - He asked frighten that something could have happen to her but then he heard something to his right side.
-Fakir…Shut up…I'm trying to sleep. - Fakir was in shock. She was there, human, next to him, sleeping like nothing had happened. He got closer and touched her smooth shoulder very slowly not wanting her to vanish like she always did on his dreams.
She didn't disappear! A gigantic smile appeared on Fakir's handsome face and continued caressing her shoulder; she turned her body to him and for seconds he thought she had wake up but she didn't.
Ahiru was still sleeping with a peaceful face and Fakir couldn't control himself anymore; he started caressing her soft face and then her lips. They seemed redder making him want her even more. Not thinking anymore he got his face closer to hers and kissed her lips softly making her wake up.
“What a strange dream…Fakir was kissing me and…WHAT? FAKIR? ARE YOU KISSING ME? WHY ARE YOU KISSING ME? A DUCK?” She asked herself and stood there with her eyes opened widely not believing this was actually happening; she dreamed of this every night but never imagined that this could actually happen.
Fakir felt her moving so he diced pull apart and for his embarrassment she was looking at him with a huge blush covering their faces.
-Ahiru! Well…I…
-What's wrong with you? Why did you kiss a duck? And why the hell are you on top of me?
-Ahiru…You're human again… - He said smiling and got his face closer to hers making his forehead touch hers.
-Stop joking! I'm not human again! - Then she stopped her speech and noticed that he was right. She was human again and tears started appearing on her eyes.
-What? Why are you crying Ahiru? - Fakir was so worried about her that he thought that she hated him because of the kiss.
-I…I…I love you Fakir. - He looked at her in shock. He wasn't expecting this that was for sure; this was too good to be true. First she becomes human again and now she says she loves him and doesn't disappear.
-Ahiru…Tell me again…Say it again. Please… - He took one of her hands and felt his emotions overflowing and just wanted to hold her on his harms and never let go.
-Please! I'm begging you Ahiru…I need to know if you really meant it or you just told me that to forget Mytho… - She looked at his eyes and was really surprised. She never saw them like that…so afraid of rejection…afraid of loosing her forever.
-Fakir… - She gave a shy smile and with her free hand she caressed his face. She could have been leaving with him for an all year but right now she notice how much he had changed.
His face was even more gorgeous, he was taller and his body was more developed. “Why does he's always sleeping without a shirt? It's strange seeing him like this.” She thought to herself and then Fakir words camed back to her mind.
-I love you Fakir. I always did and I always will. I love you more that my own life…
-Ahiru…You have no idea how it feels to hear you finally saying those words just for me… - With the hand he was holding, he putted on his chest more exactly on his heart making her blush even more but felt his heart jumping. She looked to him and saw a beautiful smile coming from his face.
-Every single day, from the past year I wished, I prayed for you to come back…I tried so hard to write a story for you, but everytime I started I just couldn't continue…
-I thought you would go after Mytho…and leave me behind… - This was really hard for him but if he didn't confess right now he didn't know when he was going to have his next chance…
-What are you saying Fakir? I couldn't possibly leave you behind like a toy.
-What I'm saying is that I love you and I can't leave another second without you. - With this final words, he kissed her softly and this time she returned the kiss forgetting why she was crying and felt the happiest woman on the world.
“I dreamed about this for so long…I can't believe she's finally here with me…in may arms…naked…Did I just said NAKED? Oh crap! LORD WHY? WHY EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE TURNS BACK SHE'S NAKED?” Fakir opened his eyes and pulled very quickly from her making her wonder why he was like that out of sudden.
-What happened Fakir? Did I do something wrong?
-You…You didn't… - He turned his back to her and she didn't understood anything; especially when she saw him walking to his closet and taking a shirt.
-Then why?
-Put this. - He gave her the shirt and she gave a huge blush.
-I was naked all this time and you didn't told me anything? How could you?
-WHAT? I'm not allowed to admire the view? - He asked with a joking tone and turned back to her just to get a pillow hitting his face. Fakir had said that without thinking but didn't want to admit that her body was completely different from what he had seen last time. She was a little bit taller, her eyes were much more “sexier” and her body was a body from a grown up woman; a very beautiful woman.
-Pervert! - She said and turned her face away from his gaze. He gave a smile and went back to the bed and grabbed her waist making her blush; she blushed even more when felt his chest next to hers.
-Sorry…But such a beautiful thing needs to be seen by me.
-Only you?
-YES! - He said almost losing it. Just imagining his Ahiru with another man including Mytho maked his blood fever. - I'm the only one that can see it.
-Sounds fair. I missed you. - She said softly making him smile and kissed her check making her smile as well.
-I missed you too. Now…You need some new clothes! You can't wear my shirt.
-Why not? It looks better on me than on you! - Ahiru, latter noticed what she had just said and looked at him with a huge blush on her face. - I didn't…I didn't mean…
-Are you sure you didn't mean it?
-I…I…I don't know…
-Well…. - Before Fakir could finish the door bell started to ring and he got up from the bed and went to his window to see who it was. He saw a man with black hair and it seemed really tall and behind him was a huge carriage filled with the colours red and had some wood colored with golden making Fakir think that was of some royal guy or something.
-Who is it Fakir? - Asked Ahiru still in the bed looking like a child to him. He turned his face to her with a serious face.
-I don't know. I'm going to open the door and see. Maybe he got lost or something. - Fakir went to open the door and stopped when Ahiru called him. - What is it?
-Are you going to open the door like that?
-What do you mean? - At first he didn't understood but then he looked down to his body and saw what she meant. He wasn't wearing a shirt and he was on his boxers. If the man saw him like that he could think many things about him.
-I think you shouldn't go like that.
-You're right. Thank you for warning me. - Fakir went to his closet and took the first shirt and pair of pants he saw and went running to the door thinking that he made the man wait enough time.
He opened the door and saw the man; it was really tall, his eyes were of a strange blue and his skin really pale. His clothes were really noble and elegant making Fakir think that maybe he was there because of Mytho.
-Yes? How can I help you? - Started Fakir the best he could. He didn't want to say it but he was really pissed of by the man interrupting his moment with Ahiru.
-You're Fakir, aren't you? - Said the man with a low tone on his voice and with a normal face.
-Yes…How do you know me? - This was getting really suspicious and Fakir didn't like this one bit; especially when the man opened a huge smile on his face and kneeled in front of Fakir. “This guy is completely crazy!”
-Your majesty! It's an honour to finally see you! - Said the man; Fakir saw that behind him were another two men that kneeled as well when they saw him.
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