Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Our Own Way To Make A Happy Ending. ❯ Confessions in the night! Revelations ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Inside everyone was on the dinning room eating and laughing like the big family they were. Emerald couldn't stop smiling; not her, not her husband not her children; everything was perfect and nothing could ruin this harmony.
Ahiru was seating next to Fakir and when she was a little distracted he grabbed her left hand softly making her look at him and saw his smiling face. He didn't say anything but just by his eyes she understood that he was happy in a long time.
“I have everything I need. Ahiru with me and a family; I don't need more.” Thought Fakir and continued talking and eating until the dinner was over. Before they all left Ahiru noticed that Eamon went next to Hitomi and gave her a small piece of paper and left her. Ahiru also noticed the huge blush on Hitomi's face and found that really funny.
Fakir and Ahiru went upstairs falling Suzuki that was showing them what would be their room from now own. At first the young couple felt a little embarrassed to know that they were sharing a room but then knew that wasn't a big deal.
-Here it is! - Said Suzuki leaving the young couple in front of their door. - Have a good night! - And she left them all alone.
Ahiru was getting ready to open the door but she felt Fakir caugthing her on his arms like bride-style and she started to giggle.
-Fakir! Since when are you like this? - She asked smiling and he gave her a warm smile making her blush a little. He opened the door and both entered the room smiling like they were just married. He putted her on the bed and kissed the top of her nose making her smile.
-You're so beautiful Ahiru. - He whispered making her really red. She never heard him talking with that voice tone. So relaxed and so warm that maked her feel even safe her. Ahiru started to play with his hair until she heard some noise.
-Did you hear that Fakir? - She whispered back and he nodded with his head. They both got up from the bed and went to the balcony and they saw Eamon outside at, what it seemed, Hitomi's window.
-Hitomi? Are you there Hitomi? - Whispered Eamon and he saw the window opening. Ahiru knew that this should be just a moment for then and she and Fakir had no right to see it.
-Fakir, what do you say we go to bed? I'm tired and I want you to embrace me on my sleep. - She said and he felt his face on fire but gave her a smile and agreed with her; both went to bed leaving Eamon and Hitomi all alone to each other.
Hitomi opened the window and when she saw Eamon she felt her face burning especially because she was with her night gown and with her blue silk robe.
-Eamon, what are you doing here? - She asked really low not wanting to wake up anyone.
-I wanted to see you… - “You can do this…Fakir and Ahiru felt in love and they can be together even knowing she hasn't royal blood…Maybe…just maybe that can happen to me as well.” Thought Eamon and looked to the beautiful Hitomi that was in front of his eyes.
-To see me? - “How can this be? He's here to see me?” She asked herself but smiled warmly to him. - I wasn't expecting it.
-Can you come with me for a walk in the gardens? I know it's late but I want to tell you something and… - He didn't finished because he was really nervous and looked to his feet.
-Sure. - Eamon blushed madly when he heard her voice and looked up. Since when she was in front of him?
-How did you…
-You forget that I can clime trees without a problem without getting dirty! Getting down by the plants of my window was really easy. - She said making Eamon smiling. He took her hand and both started walking with blushes on their faces. At first they were in silent but Eamon knew that if he didn't tell her now he wouldn't have the same opportunity.
-I wanted you to come with me for a walk because I have something to tell you. It's really important. - He said stopping his walk and she looked to him with worried eyes not knowing what she should expect from him.
-What is it?
-I...When I'm with you…My feelings start to overflow and I can't do anything to stop it! Every single time I'm with you I feel my heart stopping, I get nervous, I can't do anything right. - He started not knowing how to get right to the point. Eamon got closer to her and felt his body really heavy right know so he letted his face fall on Hitomi's shoulder making her blush. He took the chance and hugged her waist as well making her heart beat really fast.
-When I look at you I feel a peace that I never thought I would know in my all life. When I hear your soft voice I feel that I'm in heaven and the angels are singing just for me…When I'm with you I feel that I don't need anything more…just you in my life and I can be the happiest man in the world…in the universe. - He said and he started to feel his voice failing him because of the tears that were forming on his eyes. Hitomi felt it and felt a huge weight on her heart but she was afraid to touch even a single hair of him.
-Eamon…What are you trying to say?
-I'm trying to say…that I love you Hitomi…I always did and I always will… - He took his head from her shoulder and stopped hugging her making her feel venerable to anything that could happen. She felt tears on her eyes and couldn't take it anymore; She hugged Eamon not wanting to let go surprising him at first but then he hugged her back feeling a soft smile coming on to his lips.
-I love you too…I always did since I first met you in my father's court… - She whispered on to his chest making him hug her even more.
-Hitomi…I still remember the first time I saw you. You were so beautiful with in that white dress…
-You still remember what dress I was wearing? - She asked feeling her face getting redder with his attention to details and how he could remember from four years ago.
-Of course. You were like a goddess to me. I mean…you still are…
-Let me be with you from now on. Maybe your father won't allow me to be with you but…
-I don't care! If he doesn't let me be with you I'll run away and won't ever come back! - She said and he saw determination on her eyes making him give her the sweetest smile he had to her. He putted his face closer to hers and she could feel his hot breath closer to her. Hitomi closed her eyes and waited for him to go on; and so he did. He took her face with his left hand and kissed her softly on the lips with all of his passion for her not wanting to let go ever again. (You have no idea how is to write this when you're listening to Il Divo! It makes me cry so badly! Sorry about the interruption)
After a while they pulled apart and looked at each other for a while and then hugged each other loving the feeling to have each other on their lifes.
In one of the rooms of the huge castle there was also someone that was awake with the lights on. Miyu was on his bed looking at the ceiling and thinking about the red hair girl he met today. Just thinking about Ahiru his heart started beating really fast and couldn't stop.
-Why does she make me feel this way? I just met her today for god's sake…and besides she's Fakir's girlfriend and future fiancée. I just can't fall in love with her, I can't have her… - Thought Miyu with himself feeling really down; he seat on the bed and an evil smile appeared on his face.
-Let's see if I can't have her. I'll make her mine even if she doesn't love me. - Said Miyu with an evil smile looking to his mirror and turned off the lights and with just one on his mind…make Ahiru his.
This chapter it's a little shorter but it's just it's dedicated to this couple I invented and for you to see the true colours of Miyu!