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"Not just there"(updated)

This is my fan fic i own the characters but not the setting, monsters, things they are, etc....
This fic is based on the game/anime not the manga
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(change of sceen)

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(following William)

*whrzzz* when William opened his eyes he noticed he was in izlude ''hmm... wonder where the swordsman academy is?'' he went
looked around izlude ^that wouldn’t take long^ "hey... found it"

"Welcome to the swordsman academy" a pink haired woman in the reception desk said "all new novices who want to become
swordsmen please go to the next room

'Huh? Can’t be... can it?' he thought then he asked the pink haired woman "Ritz?"

"WILL!!!" Ritz ran to William to hug him "So...?"

"So what?" Will asked dumbfounded

"How was the novice academy silly!!!" she smiled "did you pass? Find new friends? Pee in your pants?"

"Yes, yes, and" he took a deep breath and said “Of course not!!!"

"Well tha..." she was caught off when she remembered "oh!!! I almost forgot, hurry go-go-go" she shoved him to the other room

"See ya, try to get to the other side in one piece" with that she closed the door

"Hey wait" he tried to open the door but to no avail "oh WELL!!!" he shouted almost falling into a big hole when he got up
'Man where am I and what’s that big hole doing there I better find a way out' he wondered in the big maze like room falling
into some holes and fighting fighting some fabres when he did while at it and soon found the exit

"2 minutes and 23 seconds" Ritz stopped a stopwatch "good you pass" she handed him a swordsman uniform

"Yay!!!" he put on the uniform and set of saying "Byalan here I come!!!"

"wonder where he's going..." she had a big sweat drop when William came back to pick up his sword and rush back out

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(following Edward)

"hm... I'd like to take the mage exam please" Edward said tapping the shoulder of the examiner a wizard who was completely
engrossed in a book said while snapping out of something like a trance "huh... oh" he stood up "the mage academy just doesn’t

accept anyone" he walked around Edward "you have to posess natural magical abilities before we let you take the test"

"Fine, what do I have to do?" he asked

"oh its not for you to do its for me" he said opening the book again flipping through some pages "ahh here we go, sluos htiw
noticed" <sense> he cast it on Edward "I see" he said partly contented "I’ve seen better but you magical capabilitises are
good enough"

"So what now?" he asked

"In a hurry aren’t we?" he got a piece of paper "here is a list collect all the items and come back here for the second part"

‘Let’s see, I need:
5 jellopies
2 milk
3 apples
And a empty bottle'
he checked his inventory for if had the items ‘damn no milk I think I should've not give it to Alec after the "poring storm"’
he walked outside of town far enough for no one will notice "mai" he said under a bridge

"master, why do you summon?" a small blue creature from the water formed in front of Edward

"got milk?" he asked the poring half jokingly and half serious

"as a mater of fact I do" the Marin *cough cough* it spat a 2 bottles of milk

"uh... thanks" he picked the bottles up and placed them in his bag making his way back to Geffen

"no problem" with that it vanished

"I’m back” he said entering the door

"you got the ingredients?" he said closing his book

"yah" Edward replied

"good now put them in the mixer and add a gemstone" he got back to his book "after that drink it"

"what gemstone?" he said to the now irritated wizard

"you have to pick it yourself" he said

"ok... but why?" Edward asked

"just!!! because!!!" he slammed his book closed

"sheesh... you don’t have to get angry" was his reply while putting in the ingredeints 'hmm... i wonder what gem should I
use... blue, red, yellow... since mai helped me with this i guess it should be a blue gemstone' he got a gem from the rack
and placed it in the machine together with the rest of the ingredients and pressed the go button

"please wait"*prrrt, dng, pshhhhh* "thank you for waiting" the big machine said filling the bottle with a glowing blue potion

"bottoms up" Edward said to himself *small yelp of pain* he was now glowing, when he stopped glowing he noticed he was in a
mage uniform "Cool..."

"good for you... take this and get out" the wizard threw a staff at Edward, which he caught.

"where to now..." he scratched his head pondering 'I guess Payon cave is the best place to train... for now' he walked to a
lady who was talking to other people getting items and putting them in her bag “excuse me ms. Kafra”

“hm? Yes may I help you” she said smiling

“may I have a warp to Payon?” he got a ticket form his bag

“certainly” she got the ticket and cast a spell to warp him to Payon “thank you for using our services”

*wrizzz* was the sound heard from Edward while he was being teleported

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(following Jeffrey)

"Welcome to Payon the village of the archers!!!" says the woman with whiskers said with a mischievous grin said running of to
the bushes and despairing

"huh??" Jeffrey said 'ok... I'm here but where is the archer academy?’ he continued thinking when he herd a sigh coming from behind "huh?" Jeffrey says inquisitively and then he approaches the bushes and he sees the figure, a hunter

"I have to..." he fell and some trunks fell to the ground

"um... how do I get to the place to register to become an archer??" asks Jeffrey to the hunter

the hunter was getting up "an archer hey? lets make a deal, if you bring these trunks for me I’ll bring you to the archer
academy and let you keep some trunks"

"ok, deal" he said while picking up the trunks

"so kid, what’s your name?" they said walking passing by a small garden

"Jeffrey" Jeffrey replied to the hunter

"ahh... I see" he continued asking "you just finished the novice exam?"

"yah" he said getting a certificate out of his bag

"any way names Yenke" he bumped into a wall when he recovered he noticed "oh... were here"

"here ar..." he was caught short when the hunter said

"keep it you'll need it" he said walking off

"wait... he's gone..." he looked at the trunks he was carrying "guess I have to bring these for a little longer"

"may I help you?" A lady behind a table said to Jeffrey while he entered

"yah can I apply for an archer?" he asked

"of course now... you need some trunks..." she was caught short when Jeffrey dropped all the trunks on the table and there was silence coming from the receptionist

"o...k?" she said counted the trunk’s score "56, 59, 67 ^lets time skip^ 298,547,239.2"

*ZzzzzZ* the nap of Jeffrey was disturbed when the woman woke him up "huh?"

"your total score is 298,547,239"^danm that’s a lot of trunks^ she said while Jeffrey was getting up "here is your uniform and a set of 500 silver arrows and a bow"

"YEEAW!!, to Payon cave!!!" exclaims Jeffrey putting on the uniform and running towards Payon cave

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