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Hello everyone, this is my first fic involving Ranma! Pease enjoy it! This is how they end up at Shikon Academy.
Chapter 1: How it all started part 1
“There he is! Let's get him!"
This was the outcry of the entire student body at Furkinan High. The principal had led them on a long chase around the school. Just as they were about to catch him, he jumped into his getaway balloon and floated away.
“Y'all are too late! Soon I`ll reach da TV station and give them these! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ranma tried to jump into the balloon but he missed and ended up falling into the pool. The contact with the cold water caused Ranma to change into a girl.
“Damn it! This isn't the time for changing into a girl! Who knows what that psychotic freak is going to do next! This day couldn't get any worse"
But it did...
Out of nowhere Kuno showed up. He saw her and his eyes were glazd with joy.
“My pigtailed goddess,” he shouted, “you have come back! I missed you so much and I know your feelings are mutual!"
Yeah, right! Ranma-chan thought she looked at Kuno with disgust. Suddenly Kuno ran to her with open arms and embraced her.
"Words cannot express the way I feel now that I have you in my arms."
Kuno continued to hug her with tears of joy sliding down his cheeks.
Ranma-chan must have gotten fed up with "Kuno's love" because as soon as she got out of his embrace, she knocked him out.
“Words can't express how I feel when I'm out of your arms,” muttered Ranma in an irritated tone.
After that, Ranma- chan headed back toward the school in the direction of the nurses office.
"He's getting away! Somebody, stop him!" cried the students as the principal was still making his escape.
“HA! HA! HA! No one will stop me now! Soon your School records will be shown all over the country. Ha! HA! HA! HA! HA,” shouted the principal from his balloon.
Unfortunately for the principal, the balloon ran out of power. Slowly, the balloon started to descend in the air. . He seemed to have been prepared for that kind of situation because he jumped out of the balloon and opened up a parachute.
"You'll never find me now!” he said with a maniacal laugh as he disappeared into the school.
The students figured out that he was headed to his office, so they headed there. Unknown to them, there were pineapple - shaped bombs placed in every hallway except for one. They soon realized that the principal booty trapped the hallways. Every time they were about to reach the end of a hallway, a pineapple bomb blew up, which blocked the way to get to his office.
They finally reached the principal's office by going through the hall near the basement. The only reason why there were no traps in that hallway was because the principal didn't know about it. The students rushed into the door and searched for the principal and their records about this hallway at all.
In the nurses's office…
Ranma had finally reached the office only to find out that the nurse wasn't there.
"Damn she's not here!" she stood there trying to figure out what to do. The sudden feel of hot water running down her back snapped Ranma (now a guy) out of his thoughts!
" Ranma, you idiot! This is no time for you to just stand there the principal has to be stopped,” turn
 Ranma spun around to see a short haired girl with an angry expression on her face.
Akane, you didn't have to make the water that hot! Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly stupid you are!
The response Ranma got, was a hot kettle crashing into his head.
"You're such a jerk!"
Ranma rubs his head and stares at her with annoyance.
“That creepy bastard is probably hiding out in his office. Let's use the side door"
The side door connects the principal's office to the nurse's room. The principal has yet to discover that. He thinks that was a closet.
In the office…
The rest of the student body had been looking for the principal.
The principal used the P.A system to trick the students into more twisted traps.
“Y'all might al well give up dudes! There's no way you'll git yer records! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
“That's what you think!”
The principal was surprised to see Ranma standing before him, with a package in his hands. That package happened to hold everyone's school records. Behind Ranma were all the students. When they saw the package, they started to cheer.
"How did you get that!?"
"None of your business! Surrender and admit defeat!" 
“Never! You may have the records but you will never leave this place with them!”
Everyone stoped cheering when they released what the principal was talking about. Wasting no time, they all headed for the exit. 
“That crazy-assed principal booty trapped his office with pineapple bombs!"
As soon as everyone ran out of the school, an explosion was heard. It was soon followed by crazed laughter. It was obvious that they wouldn't be coming to this school for quite some time.
That's it for now. This was kind of hard. This chapter was based on volume 25. I'm not so sure of the format of this story. I will accept any comments except for flames. Please tell me if anyone is too out of character. The second chapter deals with the Fruits Basket gang. I'll update if I get two reviews!
Later days!