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"What on earth do you think you're doing, you stupid cat?"
Yuki Sohma was glaring at the oranged- haired boy who was hiding up in the tree. Kyo Sohma was sitting in the looking around in a panic for reasons unknown but when he heard the sound of Yuki's voice, his blood started to boil.
"None of your business, you damned rat!"
Kyo knew that they all needed to go to school but he couldn't help but feel that trouble was ahead.
"Kyo, Yuki, it's almost time for school" called out a cheerful female voice that belonged only to Tohru Honda.
Tohru couldn't help but notice that Kyo was hiding up in the tree.
"Kyo, what are you doing up there?"
Yuki shook his head and glared at his cousin.
"There's no need to be rude to Miss Honda, you fool. What are you so scared about anyway?
Before Kyo could respond, an upbeat female voice was calling out for him.
"Kyo, darling where are you?"
Tohru turned to see a dark-haired girl with gray eyes standing behind her. The girl saw Kyo and rushed towards his hiding place.
"Kyo my love, I've missed you so much!"
"Kyo, you don't really mean it do you?"
"Hell yeah!”
Kagura bellowed and she began to violently shake the tree, causing
Kyo to land headfirst on the ground.
By the time Kagura snapped out of her angry love mode, Kyo had left.
“Kyo, where did you go? Why can't you stay with me? WHY!
She took the nearest rock and threw it subconsciously at the door. The rock caused the door to break into pieces.
“If you're wondering where Kyo is, my guess is that he's probably at school with Yuki and Tohru,” said a male voice behind Kagura.
Kagura looked behind her to see Shigure standing in the porch. He was inwardly mourning about the latest damage to his house.
“Speaking of leaving, shouldn't you be on your way out? So you can stop destroying my house?
Yes, I should go.” Maybe I can think of a good surprise for Kyo by then.
Some time later at Kaibara High School
School was over and everyone was preparing to go home…except for Kyo.
At that moment, Kyo was in a state of panic. He was probably thinking of what was waiting for him at Shigure's.
Tohru noticed Kyo's uneasiness and decided to try and cheer him up
“Kyo, are you okay?”
If that's true, then why do I sense fear and panic in your electrical waves?
Kyo must have jumped ten feet out of his seat when he realized that Saki Hanajima had been standing right behind him.
“Ju-just s-stay away from me!” Dammit, I can't believe that psychic freak was that close to me! This isn't my day. Oh great, the Yankee'shere too.
“Let's go Hana, don't waste your time with Carrot Top over there.”
“Don't call me that,” Kyo shouted .
“Just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean you have to take out on everybody.”
“Mind your own business, Yankee!”
Late, Orangy! Bye Tohru, we'll see ya tomorrow.”
With that, Hana and Uo made their exit. The only people left in the class were Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo.
“You know, hiding here isn't going to make you any safer. She's going to find you.” Yuki said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
“Shut up, you damned rat!”
Yuki sighed
If he wants to be stubborn let him suffer. I really don't care.
“Let's get going Miss Honda.”
Then both of them left but Tohru couldn't help but look behind her shoulder at Kyo with a worried look on her face.
Later at Shigure's house…
It was dinnertime and still Kyo hadn't come home. Tohru couldn't help but worry that some bad may have happened. Yuki seemed to notice Tohru's distress and silently cursed Kyo for making Tohru worry.

“Mmm mmm mmm, that was delicious, Tohru! In fact all of your meals are.” sighed a full and happy Shigure. He looked at the clock and sighed.
“I wonder where Kyo is. It's getting late and he missed dinner.”
Yuki scoffed as he finished his food.
“I wouldn't worry about that stupid cat. For all I know, he's off somewhere causing all kinds of trouble. I'm fine as long as it isn't here and if it doesn't interfere with my life.”
At that moment, the door slammed open and standing at the doorway was a breathless and scared Kyo.
“Well, Kyo what happened to you? Why are you late?' questioned Shigure.
Kyo huffed past everyone and went towards his room
“I don't want to talk about it,” he yelled, slamming the door behind him.
Once inside, Kyo ran to his bed collapsed on it.
I hope tomorrow isn't as crappy as today was.
The next day…
Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo made their way to school only to see a large crowd in front of the school.
Police cars were everywhere as health inspectors.
A.C: you know those guys in helmets and suits that investigate place that have unsafe conditions
Curious, the trio came closer and went inside the crowd to take a closer look. They happened to find Uo- chan there and asked her what was happening.
“I'm not really sure. The school has some serious damages done to it. Oh wait…I remember something : the main pipes in the school are busted and most of the walls are broken and I also overheard the principal talking about school looking like it had been attacked by a herd of boars.”
Instinctively, Yuki glanced at Kyo. He had figured out what happened the day before.
“Excuse me students, May I have your attention, please!” the principal was speaking to the students with a megaphone.
“Due to bizarre state of affairs, the school will be closed for some time. You will all however, continue with your academics at Shikon Academy until further notice. You will continue dress in your uniforms so everyone will know what school you are from. This is important since another school will also be joining us at the academy. The facilities there are sufficient for everyone. The buses will pick up those who live far from the school tomorrow. That is all.”
The principal left leaving the student to mumble among themselves.
Shigure was surprised to see the teens back from school so early. When Tohru explained the reason why they had returned back home so quickly, Shigure looked at Kyo and sighed.
“I think I have an idea why you were late last night. We're just lucky that no one saw you two. Akito would be displeased especially since he was planning on coming to your school again in the near future.” Now if you'll excuse me, I have to write the next chapter of my book before that woman shows up.”
Wow, what a mess! On the bright side, it was the school that got totaled and not my house! Maybe I'll go to that school too it will be great opportunity to get out and see student life, keep an eye on Tohru and the others and above all I must make sure I see…as many high school girls as I possibly can!
Yuki glared at Shigure's back as the young writer was walking towards his room happily humming on his way. He knew was what on his cousin's mind.
That perverted idiot! It seems that now we have to go to an even bigger school which means it might be even more risky to protect our secret. To make matters wors,Akito is going to come to our school. Shigure didn't say it out loud but I can sense it. I have to make sure that Akito says away from all of usespecially Miss Honda.
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