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Hey. It's me again with Chapter 3!
Chapter 3: The First Day part one
“Kagome! Kagome! Get up! You are going to be late!”
At the sound of her mother's voice, Kagome woke up with a start and rushed to get ready. Soon, she ran down the stairs, grabbed her lunch as well as a piece of fruit and headed out the door. Her older sister Kikyo was already out front waiting for her.
“Took you long enough, let's get going, Kagome.”
“You should have woken me up!”
“You should be responsible for your own actions. Come on we can't be late today.”
“What are talking about?”
Kikyo didn't answer. She just continued to walk in silence. Only when they were halfway towards the school did she continue.
“Two other schools are joining ours today. Our school is big enough but I don't care. What concerns me is what happened yesterday. The superintendent announced that our school will be getting a new principal as well as a brand new staff of teachers. I just don't see why they have to make all these changes. This is my final year after all…”
Kikyo stopped talking. After looking around, she started to groan.
“He's here.”
Kagome's heart skipped a beat. She knew only one guy that annoyed her sister like this but this spying was really getting on her nerves.
There was a loud crash behind a nearby tree. The sisters waited until a white haired boy with cute but now irritated golden eyes came out.”
Kikyo gave him a cold stare.
“Why are you spying on me again? You're lucky that Kaede gave Kagome that power to control that necklace of yours instead of me. For the last time, Inuyasha, I have no interest in you whatsoever!”
Then Kikyo walked off, leaving Inuyasha to stare at her and Kagome to look back and forth between her sister and Inuyasha. Inuyasha was in the same class with Kagome and his infatuation with Kikyo had been going on for years. Kagome wished that he would just get over her since she had so clearly rejected him. She let out an exhausted sigh and ran to catch up with her sister.
At the academy…
Where the hell have you been?”
Kyo glared at the white and black haired boy standing nonchalantly in front of him.
“I had a few difficulties on my way here, nothing more.”
“Yeah, right, you just got lost again like you always do, Haru!”
“Wow, this is going to be sooo cool, Look how big our school is! Come on let's play!”
The blonde hair boy was about to run off when Yuki stopped him.
“Momiji, I don't think that it's time to play. Maybe some other time.”
Yes , I agree!”
Everyone quickly turned around to see to Hana and Uo standing nearby.
“Uo, Hana, you made it!” said Tohru.
“Yeah, we sure did Tohru, “said Uo, “we're your friends after all. Plus I wanted to see if how long it will take Carrot Top to screw up his first day.
“Shut the hell up, Yankee bitch!”
Yuki ignored the bickering between Uo and Kyo and looked at the school. He couldn't help but feel worried. Maybe he was just over reacting.
“Ranma, where are you?”
Akane was looking for her fiancé among the crowd. After pushing around the crowd she finally found him. To her annoyance, he was engaged in another senseless fight with Kuno.
Kuno laughed “Finally, victory will be mine. The pigtailed goddess and Akane will run to me and you will wallow in your defeat. Ranma Saotome I …”
Ranma knocked him out with a kick to the face before he could finish.
“Save it, Kuno. You can never beat me!”
The pigtailed boy turned only to see a very angry Akane.
“This isn't our school you know, you shouldn't be fighting and…”
A loudspeaker announcing that all students should report to the auditorium cut off her sentence.
At the auditorium…
“How y'll doing?”
The students from Furkinan started to yell and shout.
“What's that bastard doing here?”
“Get out, you fool.”
“Can it Y'll, Ima bout to `ring dis new plan o' mine. I'm yer principal now!”
Principal Kuno pulled on a rope and a diagram appeared.
“All students have ta shave their heads or be expelled!”
Haru glared at the Hawaiian wannabe and shouted at him.
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“I'm da principal and yer going to ...”
The principal finds another target to attack.
He jumps toward a boy with long silver hair with scissors in his hand. Inuyasha sensed the principal and punched him away. The force of the punch caused him to land on the stage with a crash. Before he could attack again some men in suits grabbed hold of him and took him away.
All the students cheered as the mad principal was hauled away. Another man in a suit came to speak.
“I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Don't worry, that has been taken care of. The real principal of the school is on his way. He just had to take care of some business.
After a while the man announced that the principal was on his way. Coincidently, Hana, Kikyo, and Kagome felt and ominous presence.
Kikyo turned to her sister
“Did you feel it, Kagome?”
“Yeah, I think it's getting closer.”
Hana stood up and looked at the stage.
“Hana, “Tohru asked, “What's wrong?”
“I sense a dark presence in this place. We should all be very careful.”
“Good morning students, I'm sorry for the delay. I had some very important matters to settle.”
The voice was coming from behind the curtain.
“I hope that we can have the rest of the year run more smoothly …without any complications.
The auditorium started to quit down. The mysterious man continued to speak.
How rude of me, I still haven't introduced myself.
The curtain rose to reveal a man with long dark hair with mysterious smile.
“I am Naraku Hisahide. I will be your principal for the remainder of the year.”
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