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Chapter 4: The First Day part 2
The entire auditorium became as silent as a tomb. All of the students examined their new principal that was now on the stage. His dark scarlet eyes gleamed mysteriously back at them and dark smile slowly formed on his pale face. Most students when they saw him smile instantly made up their minds not to trust him. A young boy with a small pony tail was glared at the principal before hastily leaving the premises. School with Naraku wasn't going to be easy.
“I don't like that guy. He creeps me out.” commented Haru as he and the others walked to their classes.
Yuki did like the guy either because the man had smiled the moment his eyes rested on him. That sent shivers down his spine and he couldn't afford to transform now.
“Hi, Everyone!”
The group spun around to see Momiji running up to them with a smile on his face…in his girl uniform.
When Momiji was closer to him, Kyo gave him a big bump on his head.
“Why the hell are you still wearing that? We're at a new school, stupid! Do you want us to get in trouble?” Kyo angrily bellowed out.
Kyo soon had to take a deep breath to push all the anger down. He had seen the principal of this school and they needed to stay out of trouble as much as they could. Momiji wearing his girl's outfit was just asking for trouble.
“Waaaah, Kyo hit me! Waaaah!” Momiji was still crying even as Kyo started to rant at him all over again.
“Cut it out, Kyo,” Haru said, “we already settled this a long time ago when that loser showed up. Heh, I bet he hasn't even forgotten about it.”
“You are absolutely right, Sohma, Hatsuharu!”
Everyone turned to see that the “loser” in the distance with his two lackeys.
“Although we are now stationed at another school, I vow that I will still carry out my duties as Kaibara High School's Student Body president!”
Didn't we beat this guy already? Haru thought while he had a bored expression on his face.
“You only won by default last time! I won't be defeated like that again. I am Takei Makoto, Leader of the School Defense Force!”
The “president” turned his attention to Momiji and frowned.
“Sohma, Momiji, how dare you continue in this horrid act of cross-dressing? Are you trying to disgrace us in front of everyone who attends this school? You better shape up or-”
He was cut off when an angry female came screaming into the hallway.
“Where the hell are you?”
All of a sudden, a small “object” landed on Tohru and squeezed her chest.
Kyo noticed and punched it off. Tohru was so stricken by the incident that she fell to the ground with a faint.
“There you are, you perverted old man!”
The little man got up, hopped on the “president's” head, and ran off.
The angry girl saw him escaped and screamed at the teens to get down. When they did, she brought out her weapon and hurled at the retreating figure.
The weapon hit its target and he fell down unconsciously to the ground. Needless to say, his problems were just beginning.
“There he is!”
That thing stole my panties!”
“Let's get him!
A mob of angry females were now running towards the guy. he almost missed the mallet that was aimed for his head.
Akane glared at the old man and ran after the old man.
“Happosai, get back here!”
Happosai gave out a loud laughter filled with mirth. He hadn't gotten these many panties in a while. He jumped on top of the locker to collect his stash of newly acquired panties and made his way out of the school.
“He's getting away!”
“After him!”
The mob of girls was stopped by a young woman in a red suit.
“Girls, You need to go back to your classes, I'm sure the school will take care of him. You can't leave the school during school hours.”
The mob understood that what she meant although they really wanted to capture that dirty little man. Reluctantly, the crowd dispersed and went to their various classes.
After the crowd had disappeared, the young teacher noticed that two people were on the ground in the other hallway. One was Tohru and the other was the so called leader of the Kaibara High's Student Defense Force and both were out cold.
“Are they going to be all right? she asked them with a voice filled with concern.
“Yes, thank you so much for your concern.” Yuki said in a polite manner.
The woman stared at Yuki, Kyo and Hatsuharu, noticing for the first time their significant hair color.
How uniqueshe thought to herself.
She bowed respectively and excused herself, leaving the children there in the corridor.
Some time later…
“You must be Miss Konakushi.”
“Yes, I came here because you said you have something for me.”
Yes, I do. I want to give you a teaching job. You will get a good pay and anything that your heat desires… on one condition.”
“What's the condition?”
The man turned on a screen behind him. The screen showed a classroom filled with students but the camera was focused on a certain boy with silver hair.
“I want you to take care of him.”
The woman observed the boy and gave the man a confident smile.
“Don't worry, I will.”
“Good, we'll talk about what your rewards are later. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, Miss Konakushi.”
“Likewise. I'll see you later, Boss.
“Please, call me Naraku.”
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