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Hello, Everyone! Here is chapter five!
Chapter 5
“Saotome, Ranma you will pay!”
Inside a classroom, Kuno was challenging Ranma to another pointless fight.
“I, Kuno, Tatewaki shall vanquish you and finally…”
*Kuno's imagination*
Akane and the pigtailed girls are running to him with Tears in their eyes with those happy bubbles and stars in the background.”
“Kuno, you did it!” exclaimed the excited girls
“Yes, now you can both go out me!
Akane and the pigtailed girl hug him with a look of delight on their faces while Kuno laughs arrogantly.
Kuno was still laughing when Yuki and the others walked in. They quickly noticed the disturbed looks that Kuno was getting from everyone. Kuno was finally silenced when a stray book hit him on the head and knocked him out. A girl with short hair came and dragged Kuno out of the classroom.
“Come on, Kuno you've disgraced yourself enough today, let's go to our class now.”
“What the hell was that all about?” Kyo asked in a confused tone.
Tohru was still recovering from her faint so she couldn't answer him. They sat in their seats, waiting for the teacher to arrive. Uo and Hana noticed how tired Tohru looked and asked her if she was all right.
“Oh I'm fine, really I am!” Tohru answered in a timid voice.
She didn't feel too comfortable to tell her friend about the tiny man who “attacked” her.
“Good Morning, Class! Sorry, I'm late.”
The teacher walked in with a smile on her face and went to her desk to put her suitcase down.
After some time, as the students were doing a reading assignment, the teacher was silently watching them.
Her attention focused on the boy with long silver hair sitting in the back. Her eyes soon drifted towards Kyo and Yuki. They didn't know what was coming to them. It would only be a matter of time before she will get what she wanted.
“Inuyasha, why was that woman staring at you?” Kagome asked.
Inuyasha shrugged since he had no idea that he was being watched. He turned to study the face of the girl sitting next to him. She looked exactly like Kikyo…well almost.
Kikyo is prettier Inuyasha thought.
Kagome looked into his eyes and sighed. He was thinking of her sister…again. Why couldn't he think of some one else besides Kikyo? Why couldn't he like her?
Her thoughts were soon disrupted by a loud slap. She turned to see an angry girl with a large boomerang next to her, giving a pony tailed male dark looks.
“Sango, I was only…”
“Save it! I've had enough problems with perverts like you for one day!”
“What are you talking about?” Miroku asked while rubbing his pained cheek.
Sango started to describe how Happosai was under her desk staring at her panties during biology.
“The little creep was so small, I didn't notice he was there until…”
Sango felt something on her leg and look down. To her dismay, there was a tiny little man humping her leg. She let out a scream and slammed her leg against her desk, causing the old man to be unconscious. In her wrath she went to the back of the room to get her weapon only to come back to her seat and find the pervert gone.
“So,” Miroku said after hearing Sango's tale, “You let didn't notice that guy until he humped your leg?”
Great, an old guy is getting more action than I am.
“What are thinking about, Hoshi?” Sango looked at him in an inquiring gaze.
“Oh…nothing.” Miroku stated with a sigh.
“So, you want me to watch him?”
A pair of crimson eyes was focused on a large screen. The camera was focused on a boy with gray hair and violet eyes.
“Yes, Mr. Hisahide, that's exactly what I want.” The person gave a slight smirk at the red eyed man sitting at the desk.”
“I'll have to keep an eye on the others as well. Don't worry I know how to deal with the “problem you mentioned earlier.” Naraku had a dark smile spread on his face.
“Yes, that must be dealt with as soon as possible.”
“You can't rush these things; I'll take care of it. I have other matters that need to be handled.” Once again, Naraku looked at the screen only now it was showing Inuyasha talking with his friends.
“I see. I'll come by at some point to see your progress. It's been a pleasure working with you.”
Hana was getting things out of her locker. After she was done, she started to go look for Tohru and the others. When she passed by the principal's office, she felt strong elective waves coming from the office. One was Naraku's and the other felt familiar somehow. She continued to ponder about it as she walked down the hall, not really noticing a pair of scarlet eyes watching her.
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