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Hey, everyone, Here's chapter six!
Chapter 6: Troubles with Panties, Arrows, and Dolls
“There he is!”
“Don't let him escape!”
These were the cries of the female population of Shikon Academy as they chased their target through the hallways.
Happosai had returned and had collected even more panties than he had done the last time he was at the school. The old man laughed joyfully as he continued to dash toward the exit. Before he could go any further, his stash was knocked out of his hands by a stray book. Happosai turned to see that Ranma now had the stash in his hands. Sadly for Ranma, the mob of angry girls quickly assumed that he was Happosai's partner in crime and beat him up. While Ranma was being pummeled, Happosai quietly took his bag and crept away. Sango was able to see him and alerted the girls that the pervert was making his escape. The enraged girls quickly left an injured Ranma in the hallway and continued their pursuit of Happosai.
Happosai had reached the exit on was now outside the school, happy that he was able to get away from the mob. He happily nuzzled the fruits of his labor one by one. The girls were finally outside and saw their target rubbing his face all over their panties. Angry at the site they were seeing, the females ran towards Happosai. Suddenly, the weather started to get very windy. The panties that were in Happosai's sack were all blown away in the wind. The girls closed their eyes as the wind became stronger and Happosai was knocked out. When the wind died down, the girls were disappointed to discover that Happosai was gone and that their panties were raining down all over the place.
Miroku later burst into class telling everyone that the panties were falling from the sky. The boys got up immediately to see if was true but they were all knocked out by the girls
After school, Inuyasha was called into class to discuss something very important. Meanwhile, Kagome was practicing her archery outside the school with Kikyo. Kagome was slightly annoyed as her sister kept criticizing and mentioning every single mistake she was making.
“Kagome, you posture is appalling. How do you expect to hit your target? Kagome, keep your hand steady.”
This went on and on for a while until Kagome lost her temper and shot an arrow. A poor passerby ten feet away nearly met his Maker.
“You missed.” Kikyo said bluntly. She then demonstrated to her sister a perfect bull's-eye. As expected, the arrow hit the desired target and Kagome felt a little jealous.
“Kikyo, we've been doing this for an hour and a half can stop now? Maybe we can rest a bit.”
“Kagome, if you expect to be a master in archery, you cannot be lazy. We are not going to stop until you have hit the target. No matter how long it takes, we will stay here until this task is completed.”
“It'll take forever before I hit the bull's-eye.”
“That's why I said no mater how long. Now let's start over.
Inuyasha is sitting in the classroom.
That bitch is late! Keh, what waste of time! She's the one that she had something important to discuss.
The woman soon walked in and put a mannequin on her desk. When she sat down she started to comb the mannequin's hair. Inuyasha was pissed off. The woman had come late and now she was combing a doll's hair. What the hell was wrong with her?
“Inuyasha, how do you feel about hair?”
“It's okay.”
“Just okay? Hair is the most beautiful thing that has ever graced this earth.”
Great, Inuyasha thought, I'm all alone with a hair fanatic.
“You have such beautiful hair, Inuyasha. May, I have a look at it?”
“Hmm, fine. I can see that you haven't been taken good care of it. Those spilt ends are so depressing to look at. It's crying shame that such beautiful hair is going through such agony.”
“Listen lady, Leave my split ends alone and get on with it!”
“Get on with what?”
“You said that you had something important to discuss with me!”
She slowly sat on top of her desk and placed the mannequin head on her lap.
“You really should take of your hair, Inuyasha. Somehow, I think that should be the least of your worries.”
Suddenly large amounts of hair burst out of the mannequin's head and headed towards Inuyasha. He was able to dodge that attack but even more hair came. Before Inuyasha knew it he found himself being held captive by the hair.
“Don't worry, Inuyasha I'll take good care of your hair. I'll just have to kill you first.
“You fucking bitch!” Inuyasha struggled against his bonds, trying to break free from them.
The woman glared at him with annoyance.
“You are so rude. Then again, you are a half demon. By the way, my name is Yura and I'm going to kill you. Your hair will be such a worthy prize.”
Yura laughed as the hanyou continued to struggle against his bonds. She thought of the other hair she had seen that she wanted to add to her collection.
Thatboywith the gray hair is definitely on my list.Actually, thoseboys with orange hair and the one whose hair is both black and white that are my next targets.Their hair is so perfect!It will only be a matter of time before Naraku gives me all of their hair.
Smiling at her thoughts, she then drew out a sword and hurled it towards Inuyasha. He was still be held by the hair.
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