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Chapter 10: A Series of Events
The sound of the phone caused Kagome to rush to her receiver. It had been hours since Kouga had promised to call and since then she had been waiting near her phone for his call.
I wonder if I'll act anything like this if Inuyasha was the one calling me for a date, she thought. Kagome quickly realized her mistake of thinking about the golden eyed boy and shook the thoughts out of her head.
That was not important right now. What was important was that she would get the call without anyone else in the house finding out. Especially, Kikyo.
She finally picked up the receiver and said “Hello,” with a calm voice.
“Hey, Kagome,” replied a loud obnoxious voice on the other end of the line.
“What are you having for dinner tonight?”
“Inuyasha, why are you calling now? I can't believe you called for something so stupid!”
“There is nothing stupid about food! Besides, I hate being stuck here all the time with this stupid old hag!”
“Don't call Kaede that! She is the one who offered you a home after…you know what I mean.”
“That's true,” Inuyasha's voice was somewhat sullen and Kagome couldn't help but feel guilty to arouse that feeling once again in her friend.
“Inuyasha I am s-”
“Is Kikyo there? I need to talk to her right now. She underst-”
Kagome slammed the receiver down angrily. Here she was trying to comfort him from the bottom of her heart and…he calls for Kikyo. Kikyou, Kikyou, KIKYOU! Geez!
The phone rang again and Kagome picked up the receiver angrily, thinking that Inuyasha was on the other line.
“I have had it with you! Leave me alone!”
Hey, Kagome, did I get you at a bad time?”
She slowly felt this terrible feeling of embarrassment as her ears picked up the sound of Kouga's voice on the other line.
While, Kagome was recovering from her outburst on the phone, things were going amuck at the Sohma mansion.
“Master, please calm down!”
The servants frantically tried to calm down that master temper but their efforts were futile. The head of the Sohma's was not to be comforted.
“I will not calm down! Why hasn't he made any contact yet? Why?” Akito threw another cup against the wall.
“Causing another big scene, eh Akito?”
Don't you dare make fun of me, Shigure!”
Shigure shrugged and took a tray from one of the frighten servants. Akito watched him carefully while thinking about other matters.
That stupid fool! Has he forgotten what we discussed? Akito angrily thought with a frown but it was soon replaced with a smirk.
However, it wouldn't hurt if I sent someone to check up on him Akito thought with a chuckle, which is why I chose to send …”
The scene changes from the Sohma household to the front of Shikon Academy where a tall dark hair man was just leaving the school. He silently brushed his long bangs aside to cover his left eye since he could barely see out of it.
…you, Hatori.”
Meanwhile, Naraku had just finished his tea in his room. He had had the most interesting day in quite a while. He had gotten information on the Sohmas and enjoyed and had the pleasure of meeting one of them.
That Akito must be trying to check up on me, he thought with amusement. The man's name was Hatori and he appeared to be a doctor. A Doctor with secrets, mused Naraku as he looked over the file.
He already had the information that Akito wanted. There was nothing interesting about that brat. She had lost both parents and now lived with those two boys. The bait was being prepared; all he had to do was wait. He also had another plan that Akito wasn't suspecting and he already had completed the first part. The Sohmas were not his only interests, no not at all. He needed some new mind slaves to be at his mercy. That long braided brat would have done nicely if he hadn't reminded him of a certain silver haired pest. Speaking of that pest, he still needed a way to get rid of him. Yura had failed and she had been gotten rid of- permanently. These new teachers would most likely fail but it was amusing to let them think that they were able to defeat his enemy. He couldn't help but smile. Everything was all coming into place. A knock on the door caused him to frown but he opened. Standing at the door, was Kagura with an unconscious form lying down near her feet.
“Good work, Kagura.” His eyes gleamed with malice as he watched over the unconscious body that lay on the floor. Yes, he thought, everything was coming into place.
Naraku was up to something that none of the others could detect and it would shock them if there had an idea of any of his plans. However, no one is concerned about that. Ranma and everyone in the dojo watch over the unconscious Happosaisi waiting for him to wake up. Well almost everyone…Genma and Soun were celebrating around the house as tears of joy and relief poured down their faces. Their master's unconsciousness was a much needed relief.
Kagome was preparing for the date she was going on that night. There was no school the next day so there was less pressure for her studies but…
“What am I going to wear? I have nothing!” she shouted in frustration.
“What about this?” Kagome whirled around only to find her older sister holding an emerald colored sweater in one hand and a black leather mini skirt in the other.
“Where did you ge-”
“In my closest, Kikyo interrupted with a firm tone, “you left it there for safekeeping.”
Oh…thanks, sis.” Kagome slowly took the items from her sister.
“It's hard to believe that my little sister is going out on her first date.” The comment seemed out of the blue to Kagome. Probably since those words came from such an unlikely source: her sister.
“I did go out with Hojou, you know.”
Oh, please, that was nothing more than a pathetic little play date. This is the real thing. Enjoy it while you can.”
After that comment she left the room, leaving he little sister staring after her with a somewhat freak out expression on her face.
“Who was that? That couldn't have been Kikyo, she thought. It just couldn't! She never smiles at anyone!
Kagome decided to think that whatever was the case, her sister was up to something but she wasn't going to think about for the time being. She had a date to go on.
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