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Chapter 9: Something's Brewing
“School was exhausting, Kagome thought as she threw herself on the bed. She never expected that she would actually have to put the archery and miko training to use so soon.
Buyo was rubbing against her leg but she didn't notice. She was thinking about taking a nice warm bath and having some oden later.
Sis really pushed me hard today, Kagome thought. Sometimes I wish that she would just lighten up. Where is she anyway?
Kikyo was in the middle of a bath. The herbs she put inside the water were soaking her skin as her mind drifted off to focus on other things besides her bath. Unknown to her she was being watched
A pale girl with snow white hair stood near a couch. Her eyes bore no expression as she held in her hands, a mirror that reflected Kikyo's image.
“That's enough, Kanna.”
Naraku got off of the couch and went into his room. Images of Kikyo flooded his mind. Three years of waiting would soon be over and Kikyo would be his. Watching from afar had lost its sense fulfillment.
“I just have to take care of certain obstacles, Naraku commented as his eyes fell on the red door in the back of the room.
A dark smile started to appear on his face as he thought of what he had kept behind the door.
“I will take care of them, Naraku declared as he went into the hallway. Waiting for him were two men in black attire. Both men had a mask of a baboon covering their face. One of them held pieces of a red comb in his hand but he quickly gave it to his boss.
Gentlemen,” said Naraku, with a pleased look on his face, “I have another little assignment for you…
One week later
Kagome was rushing to get to school on time since she happened to wake up late. Her sister on the other hand, had gotten up earliest and had left her behind.
“Why did she leave without me? Kagome thought angrily I can't believe her!”
She managed to get near the building but she wasn't looking where she was going. She was too lost in her thoughts to pay attention.
Eventually, Kagome ended up crashing into somebody which caused both of them to tumble onto the ground.
“I'm really sorry, Kagome said I should have been paying attention.” She was slightly embarrassed about the whole thing.
“Don't worry about it.”
Kagome looked at the individual that she crashed into.
His long black hair was held together in the ponytail and his blue eyes were staring into hers.
“Uh, thanks,” Kagome muttered, while trying to hide her embarrassment.
“Don't mention it.” the boy replied.
He helped her up and walked off.
What a guy, she thought before continuing her search for her sister.
She finally found her sister standing near a wall. She started to approach her but swiftly snuck behind a nearby tree when she saw that Inuyasha was with her sister.
“Inuyasha, I'm not interested in you,” Kikyo stated in icy tone, “I've told you that over and over again but you still chose to remain foolishly stubborn.” Her facial expression matched the tone in her voice.
“I really care for you Kikyo, Inuyasha said with a voice full of determination, Why is it so hard for you to accept me? There is no one in this world that I want other than you.”
Is that so?” Kikyou asked in a voice laced with indifference.
Yes. I really mean it.”
Well, I'm afraid I can't help you,” she coldly replied as she walked away, leaving behind a confused Inuyasha and a hurt little sister…
“Kagome, what's wrong?”
Kagome was sitting with her friends at a picnic table outside some time later. Her friends noticed that she looked kind of glum.
“Hey is it that guy you like?” Eri asked.
Kagome didn't answer.
“It's gotta be him” Yuka said in a know-it-all voice.
“I get it," Ayumi said while she in deep thought, “He probably likes someone else.”
“Rejection, that's too harsh,” Eri stated while shaking her head
“Cheer up, Kagome, said Yuka in an effort to console her friend, “we'll help you get over him in no time.”
“Um thanks.” That was all Kagome had managed to say.
Kagome got up and left. Her friends watched her go.
“You really think that she'll ever get over him?
“No way, But it's worth a try.”
Kagome continued to stroll away from her friends. She felt like being alone for a while.
“Hey, you're that girl from earlier.
She turned and saw the boy that she had bumped into earlier.
“Um hey. I'm really sorry about what happened earlier.”
I told you not to worry about it. By the way, the name's Kouga. What's yours?”
“Nice to meet you…again. I'm Kagome.
“Hey Kagome, I was wondering if you were doing anything tomorrow. Maybe we can hang out together.
“Actually, I was…”
“She'll be glad to go.”
Somehow, her friends had reappeared out of no where.
“I will?” Kagome asked in a confused voice.
Of course you will.” Her friends voiced with confidence.
I can't believe that they're doing this to me again! In middle school they kept pushing me to go with Hojou. Now…well, I guess I should give him a chance. Maybe I should forget about Inuyasha and find someone new.
“All right, I'll hang out tomorrow.”
The boy was happy at her answer.
“Cool, what time?
“What time, what?”
Everyone turned to see that Inuyasha was standing nearby with a dark look on his face. He had just seen Kouga with Kagome and wanted to know what he wanted with her. He hated Kouga's guts and he didn't want anyone like Kikyo or Kagome to be near the wolf.
“It's none of your business, mutt. This is between Kagome and me. Kagome, I'll give you a call.
“But I didn't give you my phone number.”
“I'll look it up. Later, mutt face.
Kouga ran off, leaving Inuyasha to growl at his disappearing form.
“What was that all about?” Inuyasha inquired.
“Don't worry about it, Inuyasha,” Kagome replied.
“Just don't, Inuyasha.”
Fine, but don't go near Kouga again. I don't like him.
“Whatever, Inuyasha.” Kagome rolled her eyes at his demand. I better leave before he continuesonwith his pointless interrogation.
She left with her friends but Inuyasha still felt angry about what he saw.
Why the hell did Kouga go near her? What does he want?”
He stood there too lost in his own thoughts to move.
Move, you're blocking the way”
“What the-”
Inuyasha immediately jumped aside and allowed Hana to pass. The black clad girl brushed past him towards the school.
“Creepy girl, he mumbled under his breath.
In the office…
“It's been about one week since Yura wasdisposed of. I hope you two will be able to take care of business. At least, much better than she did.
Naraku stared across the table at his next two employers. These two seemed useful. If they weren't, he could always them eradicated.
“I assure you that my brother and I will be able to satisfy you expectations. Isn't that right, brother?
You, bet. We'll handle whatever you throw our way.”
I want you to keep a close eye on the people on the attendance sheet. The people with the red marks under their names are to be watched more securely.
Kagura will give you each one more thing before you start working here. Goodbye for now.”
Such fools, Naraku thought as the new teachers exited the room. He could use them for a while until…
The sound of the rushing wind came to his attention. He smiled inwardly at the arrival of Kagura and waited for her to come inside. She was to tell him about what she had discovered during the mission he had just sent her on to complete.
It didn't take long before Kagura walked into his office, carrying a small black suitcase in her hands.
“I see that you have returned…and much earlier than I expected.”
Naraku lean back in his chair but kept his eyes on the woman.
“Yes, I was a little surprised that it wasn't a difficult task. I thought there would be more guards over there. Anyway I got what you wanted but I don't understand why you need all of this.
“It will be clear to you soon. But for now,” he said as he leaned forward on his desk with a dark grin on his face, “tell me all the information you've collected on the Sohmas, especially that of Akito.

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