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I am so tired. It took me a while to type this. Please enjoy.
Chapter 8: Yura of the Hair part 2
Tohru Honda was wondering the halls, searching for Kyo and Yuki. All three of them were supposed to go home together. After having no luck of finding them, she decided to go to her locker.
Momneeds some fresh air,” Tohru thought as she drew nearer to her locker.
Tohru had left the frame picture of her mother in her locker. She had almost lost the picture earlier in the day so she decided that she could keep it in her locker for safety. At least her mom was watching over her locker.
When she finally opened her locker, she went into a full blown panic attack. Her mom was gone.
While Tohru was suffering from shock, Ranma was searching the school for Akane.
He finally found her in an area near the baseball field.
“There you are!”
But she didn't respond.
“Hey, stupid are you listening?”
Very slowly, Akane turned to face him. She had a blank expression on her face and she was carrying that hammer of hers.
Without warning, Akane swung her weapon at Ranma but he was easily able to evade the attack.
“Is that your best shot?” Ranma asked with smirk on his face.
Akane only responded with a series of hammer attacks aimed at him. Luckily for Ranma, he was able to avoid getting hit by them.
Finally after the last attack, Akane started to ascend into the air. Three more students appeared behind her. They also had a vacant look on their face and carried weapons in their hands.
What the hell's going, Ranma thought as Akane and the students prepared to attack.
As Ranma prepared to take on Akane and the three students, Inuyasha was still dealing with Yura. Yuki, Kyo and Haru were trying to find a way to escape but the situation was turning hopeless. It also didn't help them that Haru was starting turn black. Yura was getting ready to eliminate her first victim.
“Stay still, puppy. I want to get a clean cut.”
After saying so, she lunged at him with her sword drawn, prepared to slice of his head with one swift move. She caused the hair to grow tighter around his wrist so he would be able to escape.
Just as she was about to attack him, a purifying arrow appeared out of nowhere and struck the sword. The impact caused Yura's weapon to shatter in her hand.
She isn't paying attention, Inuyasha thought. “Now's my chance.”
He broke loose from his restraints and leapt towards Yura. When he was near enough, he plunged his claws into her chest.
Yura fell back in pain but was able to take out a red comb. Using the comb she was able to bring about more hair to use. The hair swept around Inuyasha and shoved him to the ground.
How Dare you! You had the audacity to put your hands in my chest? You will pay. After I'm done with you, I'll start with boy with the mixed colored hair.”
In a dark room…
Naraku is watching everything on the screen. The door opens. A girl with chrisom eyes come into the room.
“You sent for me, Naraku?”
“Yes. I want you to relieve Yura from her duties.”
“Why? She's taking care of the hanyou and those boys. Isn't that what you wanted?”
She's no longer useful to me. She's already fulfilled her purpose.”
“You mean… she was just… an experiment?”
“What else will she be?
The girl kept quiet for a moment.
“Kagura, use this with your fan.”
He gives her a red comb with a dark spider print on it.
“Bring her here. I'll have her taken care of.”
Kagura left the room but not before taking a small bundle that was sitting near the door.
Kikyo and Kagome had soon reached the baseball field.
“Kagome, shoot.”
Kagome fired another arrow. It didn't go near Yura but it cut through one of the main hairs. With that gone, Yuki, Kyo and Haru were free…for the time being.
Yura quickly noticed Kikyo and Kagome. Just as she was going to go near them, a heavy gust of wind swept across the field. The wind was so strong, that the strands of hair were easily cut through. Inuyasha landed on the ground after the strands holding him were cut.
What's happening to me? Yura thought. I can feel my body grow weaker by the minute. Is it because of the wind?
Yura sunk to the ground, unable to move a muscle.
She could feel her body being taken away but did not know where it was going.
When the wind finally died down, most of the students that were under Yura's control were lying down on the ground unconscious.
“Hey, where did that crazy bitch disappear to?” Inuyasha asked.
He looked and saw that the boys were also unconscious so he set out to look for Yura on his own.
She probably went inside the school.
“Inuyasha are you all right?”
Inuyasha looked around and saw Kagome and her sister coming towards him.
What are they doing her? Wait…those arrows! It was them.
“Um yeah,” he replied. “What about you? Are you-”
“Let's go look for Yura,” said Kikyo, cutting him off, “She's definitely inside the building.”
Then, she walked past Inuyasha and headed towards the school. Her sister and Inuyasha soon followed.
At the same time, Ranma was sitting near Akane. He was fighting her and three other students not long ago. The other three were easy since they were boys but Akane was a different matter. No matter how macho or tomboyish he thought she was, Akane was still a girl and he really didn't want to fight her. He just dodged most of her attacks in the fight. In the middle of their fight, the wind came. Akane collided into him, causing them both to fall on the ground.
“Come on, Akane. Wake up.”
Her eyes soon started to flutter. Ranma brought his face closer to hers to see if she was going to open her eyes.
The next thing he knew, a strong fist socked him in the jaw. Ranma held his cheek as Akane opened her eyes and sat up.
“Why did you that, Akane.”
Come on, we have to go back inside.”
Without anther word, Akane ran to the school. Although he was confused, he soon followed after her.
In the school…
Most of the hallways were empty. Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Kagome searched around for any slight sign of Yura. They finally reached a hallway near homeroom. There, they noticed Akane and Ranma at the end of the hall.
“Excuse me,” Kagome asked, “Have you two seen a woman with black hair come by?”
“No,” Ranma answered, “the only short haired girl I've seen all day is this macho chick right here.”
Ranma once again received a blow to the face.
Where the hell is she? Inuyasha thought angrily.
“If you're looking for Yura, you're not going to find her.”
Everyone looked and saw Kagura leaning against the nearby lockers.
“Why is that?” Kikyo asked.
“She's been taken care of. Don't worry about it. By the way, I believe this belongs to you.”
Kagura threw the small bundle on the floor. Two dizzy eyes soon appear on the small thing. The bundle turned out to be really Happosai but he was out cold.
While the others stared at the little guy, Kagura took her leave. Only Kikyo noticed her departure.
At the office…
Naraku was waiting for Kagura at his desk when she walked in.
“Yura is at the house. I'll deal with her later.”
“I see.”
“Did you bring it?”
“Yes, but I don't see why you need it.”
Kagura takes an object from her kimono and give it to Naraku.
“You'll eventually,” he said with a slight smirk on his face.
He looks at the object in his hand.
It shows a woman with light brown hair with a big smile on her face.
“You'll know soon enough.”
I'm exhausted. I really wanted to wrap up Yura so I can move on. She really creeps me out! I made her a little creepier but she would have done the same thing if she was in that school. I'm really good at writing action. In fact this is a new thing for me. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I may revise this in the future.
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