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Papa's Back
Chapter 2
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Makoto slowly sat up in bed, an intoxicating smell of pancakes reaching her nose, causing her stomach to rumble.
Smiling, she stretched, feeling off.
Looking at herself, she saw why.
She was small. She was...a child? Wait. Was it all a dream? If it was... “MOMMY!”
The chibi-Makoto raced off into the kitchen, hoping against hope that the person behind the counter was the one woman she had always prayed to see again.
Turning a corner, she saw the object of her desire, setting a stack of pancakes on the counter, before the woman turned to her, bowing to her knees, and holding her arms out.
“MOMMY!” Chibi-Makoto launched herself at the woman, arms encircled, and head buried in her chest, crying. “Mommy! You're alive!”
The woman smiled, picking up the little girl, and cradling her to her body. “It's okay, Mako-chan. Mommy's here.”
The little girl pulled her head back, tears still flowing down her face. “I had a bad dream, Mommy. You were gone, and Daddy disappeared, but he came back, and... But it was all a bad dream and you're still here and...”
The woman took a deep breath, before setting the crying girl on the counter top, never losing her grip. “Mako-chan, that wasn't the dream.”
“Huh?” Makoto could feel her heart seizing up. No, this had to be real. If it wasn't...
Seeing the fear in her daughter's eyes, Nabiki Kino decided to stop it. “Honey, I'm visiting you, just like Queen Serenity does on occasion to Usagi.”
Makoto's fear didn't shrink.
Seeing the paling of her daughter, Nabiki elaborated. “No, I'm not a monster. I'm just here in spirit. But, it takes a lot of effort, so I don't have as much time as I would like. Do you understand?”
Seeing the sniffling girl nod, she continued. “Now, I know Ranma came back. I want you to inform your friends, because I doubt your Father would enjoy being blasted by the trigger happy Senshi.”
Makoto nodded. “Why haven't I seen you before?”
She sighed again. “Perception is key to stuff like this, Mako-chan. Usagi could never be with her past mother like this until she accepted the reality that she did exist. And until Ranma came back...”
Makoto knew now. “I couldn't accept the fact that you could still exist.”
Nabiki nodded. “Normally, I should have returned to the... Well, let's just call it a place where souls go to, to be reborn. But, I wanted to guard you, until I saw if you were going to be great. But, then things kept shifting badly for you, you moved to be by yourself so Kasumi and Tofu wouldn't lose their practice, then you became a Senshi...”
Taking another breath, Nabiki smiled. “I'm proud of the hero you've become, even if you do it flashing your panties at the enemy.”
Nabiki ruffled her daughter's hair. “You've always tried to do what's right, and I am proud of that. Though I want you to try and do this Crystal Tokyo thing a little differently. Obviously by the Black Moon family, things weren't done right the first time. And building this place on so many dead is wrong. See if you can find a way to restore life to your world, so you can evacuate survivors.”
“Okay, Mommy.” She felt like she was being scolded with how her Mother had phrased that.
Nabiki nodded. “Also, tell your Father I am not expecting him to remain a monk. If he can find a new love, then he should go for it.”
“Dear, I know I can't be replaced in either of your hearts. But I saw what happened to my own Father after my Mother died. I want Ranma to find happiness again, without feeling he is betraying me.”
“Okay, I'll tell him.” She looked towards her Mother's eyes. “Is that really Daddy? He looks so...young.”
“Yes, it is. The curse slows his aging in a way, plus he does know a few techniques to slow it further. To tell the truth, I wouldn't be surprised if he outlives Sailor Pluto. So, I think it'll be safe to assume some of your friends will be after him. Do you think Minako would make a nice step-mom?”
“MOM! I am not letting my friends date my Father!”
Before she knew it, Makoto found herself in a squeezing hug. “Mako-chan, you have no idea how long I've wanted to hold you again, to talk to you, to tell you everything would be all right.”
The two women sat crying for a long time, but even dreams have to end, so reality can begin.
“Honey, I've got to go.”
Makoto's tears grew anew. “No, I don't want you to go again!”
Nabiki held her daughter's face, her own tears coming as well. “You have to wake up soon. Your Father's cooking breakfast and you still have to tell your friends before they think he is some new enemy, or their newest future spouse.”
Makoto's face turned to a scowl. “No way am I letting them anywhere near Daddy!”
“Well, his girl form's red hair could explain how Usa has pink?”
Makoto turned green for a moment. Usagi...as her step-mother...
She was brought out of her musings by a kiss on her forehead.
“Now, I don't know how often I can do this, but I'll try and often as I can. Heh, maybe I can build up to doing this every night. I've got all the time in the world.” She picked up her daughter for one more hug. “Goodbye, Mako-chan. Until I see you in your dreams again.”
Before Makoto could cry out to beg her to stay, the dream fell away.
Makoto slowly padded her way towards the kitchen, the smell of pancakes still present; a woman's humming echoing in her ears.
Turning the corner, she saw the source. It was a redheaded woman, wearing the same clothes her Father had worn last night, flipping another pancake onto a plate.
“Daddy?” she asked questionably.
The woman turned to face her, a bright smile still on her face. “Glad to see you didn't forget about your old man.”
“Why are you a girl now?”
Ranma blinked. “Well, for some reason, I always preferred to cook while female. One of two things I seem to enjoy better as a woman than as a guy. Kinda weird, huh?”
Makoto nodded, not really getting it herself. “And the other thing?”
Ranma smiled. “Golf.” Ranma turned to see her daughter now face-first on the ground. “Oh, did you trip?”
Makoto slowly raised herself up, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous her Father...um, Mother...um, Mama-Papa—I need to stop spending so much time listening to Hotaru talk about the other Outers—had just sounded. “You reminded me a little too much of Auntie Kasumi just now.”
Ranma smiled. “Well, I try to follow her example. But sometimes, an ass-whooping helps more for some people.” Setting the trays on the table, the two sat as Ranma handed out the food. “So, Mako-chan, could you tell me why your aura is saturated with magic?”
Makoto blinked; her bit of pancake inches from her mouth. “Um...”
Ranma sighed. “Just tell me when you're ready, dear. But be careful. I know my aura is saturated with demon energy from where I've been for the last sixty years. I'd hate for someone to attack my little girl simply because they mistook her for a witch or demon.”
That made Makoto freeze. If he could tell by her aura she was a magic girl, then the moment he met the other Senshi, he'd know they were magic girls as well. “I...I have to ask my friends before I tell you. It has to deal with them as well.”
Ranma nodded as she began to eat her pancakes, eating at speeds that would have surprised people who had known her when she was younger: she was eating at a normal speed. “I understand. I figured I might go and practice in the park near here. I haven't been in normal sunlight for decades.”
Makoto blinked.
Ranma smiled. “It may be a dimension, but it still needs a sky. And I'll take a deep blue over puke green any day.”
Seeing her nod, she resumed her breakfast.
Steeling herself, Makoto decided to start a conversation she'd never thought she would have. “Dad...Mom talked to me in my dreams last night.”
That caused her Father's fork to stop, the woman slowly turning her eyes towards her daughter. “I...see. And what did you two talk about?”
Makoto fidgeted against the expressionless glare her Father was giving her. “She...she says she's okay and still watching over me. She says she's glad you came back, and hopes you eventually remarry if you haven't already. She also told me to inform my friends about your...unique...nature, so that they don't start trying to kill you.”
She nodded. “I expected as much. Well, I know why she wants me to move on. Her own Father...he lost himself after her own Mother passed on. But I think I'd rather spend time with my daughter right now than dating.” She resumed eating. “So, does that mean you and your friends are devil hunters of some type?”
“S-s-s-sorta,” she nervously replied.
“Calm yourself, Mako-chan. I won't pry until you're ready. Just be home before four, so we can spar and start your training.”
Makoto felt a smile forming on her face. “Training?”
Like Father, like Daughter. “Yes. I need to start training you to fight stuff like that. Revised Anything Goes would really help.”
Revised Anything Goes is the school founded by Ranma Kino after he left the Saotome clan. As its name states, it is a revised version of the Anything Goes school, which was mostly a school of deceit, misdirection, and trickery, which any moderately skilled opponent with an IQ higher than an average Eighth Grader could overcome. The revised school was one designed to be honorable, but also dangerous. It was meant to be used against just about anything: humans to demons, Gods to pets, friendly to mortal combat. It was the first project the new husband/wife team had done, and aside from Makoto, it was their greatest accomplishment.
“So, what are you going to teach me?” she asked, excitedly.
“Depends,” Ranma said, finishing her portions and taking the dishes to the sink for cleaning. “I need to find out where you stand. Worst case, it'll take you two months to start roof-hopping.”
That caused his daughter to blink in surprise. You mean a normal human can roof-hop like a Senshi? If I can do that as my normal self...and the Senshi powers magnify your natural physical abilities...
Ranma had to smile as her daughter began to laugh with joy at the prospect of what she could learn.
Not to say Ranma wasn't frightened when that laugh started to twist to more resemble a maniacal chuckle. Man, she really needs to get out more.
The girls had all gathered at the Cherry Hill Temple. Rei and Usagi were still fighting over manga, Ami was still studying, even though she had aced her entrance exams to Tokyo U, Minako was looking at cute guys in a new magazine, Hotaru and Usa were chatting, Michiru and Haruka were cuddling on the couch, and Setsuna was sitting in a chair, drinking her tea.
Makoto stood up. “Okay, I called this meeting to tell you all something important.”
Usagi jumped for joy. “You finally found your old sempai!”
Makoto blinked. “Uh...no.”
Minako chimed in. “You have a date this weekend? And you didn't get one for you kind friend, Minako. I thought we were friends!”
“No, I don't have a date.”
“Well, what is it then?” asked Rei, now hiding her mangas under her pillow.
Taking a deep breath, she simple talked in an even voice. “I found out what happened to my Father and Mother, and my Father returned back to this world last night.”
“WHAT?” screamed the others, the most surprising being Setsuna.
Makoto nodded. “Apparently, an old pervert summoned a demon lord who killed my Mother, and my Father was taken when he forced the thing back into its own dimension to keep it from killing me. Somehow, he killed it there, and was just now able to find a way to return home.”
Setsuna paled. “He...he can't be back.”
Makoto directed a glare to the Time Senshi. “Oh, he's back, and don't you dare start to pull some shit that he's a threat to Crystal Tokyo, or so help me, Setsuna, I'll beat your ass...assuming he doesn't beat it for me.”
“Setsuna-mama,” asked Hotaru, “what's wrong with Makoto's Father?”
“Yeah, Puu,” said Usa. “He's a nice guy; I don't see what your problem is?”
“What?” she asked, turning to the two. “You mean he's in Crystal Tokyo.”
Usa nodded. “Sensei's been teaching me on occasion when I go back home. Heck, he's even helped us on occasion.” She got a small gleam in her eyes. “And now I get to see what he can really do! He's so subdued about his skills in my time. I mean, how am I supposed to believe he can blow up a star unless I finally get to see it!”
“A STAR!” screamed the others.
“Wait a moment,” said Ami. “How can he be alive in Crystal Tokyo?”
“Well,” Makoto said, “he is kinda immortal thanks to some techniques to slow his age and his curse.” Makoto took a deep breath, knowing she had to be absolute in her resolve, or they would find a weakness and attack. “And none of you have permission to date my Daddy!”
The girls all turned to her, even as she looked towards Haruka and Michiru. “And that goes for you two. Just because my Father changes to female because of his Jusenkyo curse, doesn't mean you have my permission to seduce him!”
Soon afterwards, the meeting degraded into chaos as Setsuna was determined to get some answers from Usa, and the other girls were trying to find out about Makoto's Father.
All in all, a normal Senshi meeting.
Ranma sipped from his tea, looking at the woman across from him. “Thanks for the help, Kasumi. Didn't know I'd have to go through so much trouble to prove I'm still alive.”
The woman smiled. “Oh, it was no trouble, Ranma-kun. I'm just glad you finally made it back.” She set her cup down. “At least now I won't have to worry so much about Mako-chan being alone. I know she has a lot of friends, but she's still a child in many ways; let alone, in my eyes.”
He nodded. “So, judging from her lack of knowledge, I take it the damn tomboy is still holding her grudge?”
Kasumi's eyes saddened a bit. “Yes. Akane...she just couldn't accept things, even after all this time.”
Ranma snorted. “Hating me and Nabiki for marrying is one thing, but to hold the grudge against her own niece...especially after what happened thanks to the old lech.”
“I know, Ranma,” she said, her hand reaching out to take his. “When Mako-chan came to live with us, Akane became bull-headed again, claiming that I was dishonoring the family by accepting her.” Kasumi shook her head. “That girl...sometimes, I think it would have been better had she not returned from Jusendo. At least then, we would have had happy memories of her. Not this...wretch she's become now.”
It hurt him to hear that almost as much as it hurt her to say that. “I'll have to have a talk with her. The last thing I need is her to find out I'm back and try ruin my daughter's life.”
Kasumi nodded. “She'll know soon enough, especially if you begin modeling again.”
It had been the career that had kept his family going. After they married, Nabiki set him up as a model for a few companies. It was great money. It had paid for their college, their first home, and even had been enough to keep Makoto well off after their...last moments. “Yeah, I have a few shoots tomorrow: new bikini line they want to see me in.”
Kasumi giggled, returning to her tea, and releasing his hand. “I still find it funny you do that as “Ranko” as well.”
He smiled. “No reason to be ashamed. Nabiki made me see that I'm the same, no matter what form. I just have to maintain “feminine modesty”, or I might end up on the internet again.”
The two shared a laugh.
“So,” said Kasumi, her voice shifting to a serious tone, “has she told you...”
He shook his head. “She said she had to check with her friends first. Hopefully, she'll tell me.” He wasn't surprised Kasumi had picked up on the massive amounts of magic in Makoto's aura. After all, she was a student of Tofu. But like him, she wouldn't pry; only let Makoto know that she was there for her.
“Well then, I better get back to the clinic. Anata gets so lonely without me to watch over him, and I have to keep an eye on Betty. I think that skeleton is jealous of us.”
He chuckled a bit. “Be careful, Kasumi. Betty always was able to win him over with her dancing abilities.” He stood up, leaving some money. “Thanks for putting my stuff in storage. I'm hoping to get the room ready before Mako-chan comes home.”
As he left, he stopped, casting a glance towards a roof top. I thought I sensed something...something...familiar.
Shaking his head, he continued on. Must be getting too paranoid.
On the roof top he had been looking at, a spirit shed a single tear. “Be careful, Anata. I have a feeling that Hell is riding in after you. Guard Mako-chan.” With that, she faded from even ethereal view, returning to where spirits sleep.
Omake by DhampyrX2:
Taking a deep breath, she simple talked in an even voice. “I found out what happened to my Father and Mother, and my Father returned back to this world last night.”

“WHAT?” screamed the others, the most surprising being Setsuna.

Makoto nodded. “Apparently, an old pervert summoned a demon lord who killed my Mother, and my Father was taking when he forced the thing back into its own dimension to keep it from killing me. Somehow, he killed it there, and was just now able to find a way to return home.”

Setsuna paled. “He...he can't be back.”

Before Makoto could comment on Setsuna's reaction, the green haired Senshi shot to her feet. "It's much too soon. How could I have run out of time so quickly? My hair's a mess, and my nails...oh kami-sama I look horrible! I need to head to the salon. I'll see you all later," Setsuna fretted before teleporting away.

Makoto, meanwhile, saw a shade of red even deeper than her face had achieved as she growled and shouted, "Get back here Pluto! There will be NO Senshi attempts to seduce my Daddy! That includes YOU, you DESPERATE OLD WOMAN!", before running out of the shrine to hunt down the green-tressed hussy before she tracked down her father.

"Um, does this mean Mako-chan's father is worth the risk, or should we just stand back and be afraid if Setsuna's been waiting on him like that?" Minako asked as every eye turned toward Chibi-Usa.

"Don't look at me. I learned a long time ago to stay far away from anything to do with Mako-chan, Ranma-ojisan, and Puu's need for nookie."
Omake by GaelicDragon:
Makoto had been in a blind panic for the past five minutes. Once she and her friends had revealed the fact that they were "Sailor Senshi" to him he had this look in his eyes that made her want to run.

Her instincts were correct when he hit a point on her back that had paralyzed her and took a photo album out of his weapons space.

She wanted out of the room...

Hell, she wanted to be out of the damn city.

It was horrible, her beloved father had brought out the thing that children had hated and despised since the invention of the camera....

Her father had brought out the embarrassing baby pictures. Now where to find a place to dig a small hole and bury herself in it.
Omake by Typhonis:
Makoto out of the house and over with her friends. Check

Take out box with enough food to feed a small army located in stuff space. Check.

Killer outfit on with high heeled shoes. Check.

Edible underwear. Check.

Setsuna Meio grinned evilly and rang the doorbell to Makoto's apartment.

Finally I'll be able to ride the wild horse. Hope he is as good as Nabiki said he was.