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Papa's Back
Chapter 3
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“Seriously, you guys, stop crowding me!”
Makoto sighed, turning back towards the path she was walking, as the other Senshi and moon cat advisors followed her. It wasn't that she didn't want to introduce them to her Father—well, she didn't on the point she knew for a fact how lonely these girls were, and her mom's comment about Usagi as a step-mom was still fresh in her memory—it was that they were hovering around her like they expected her to just grab random strangers and suck their life force.
“But Mako-chan,” cried Usagi, “what if he really is a demon out to suck your soul and replace you with a pod person?”
Makoto stopped, grabbing the bridge of her nose. “Usagi, for the last time, he's been in a demon dimension for over sixty years from his perspective. Yes, this means he might read somewhat demonic.” She turned to her dumpling headed friend, dropping her voice so only they could hear. “And the last thing you should be doing is questions stories told by dead mothers from dream worlds.”
“Besides,” she perked up, indicating Usa, “he received the best recommendation on his intentions.”
“Yes-sir-re!” chirped Usa. “Just don't get on his bad side. Dad always thought that the reason Wiseman attacked when he did was because Sensei was back on the Hyurn Dimension to take care of a few coup attempts.”
They all stared at her. “Um,” asked Makoto, “is the Hyurn dimension where he's been for the last fourteen years?”
“I thought he was gone over sixty,” said Minako.
“Time moves faster in some dimensions than others. Sometimes, when a doorway is used in the right way, it can sync the time rates of the two universes,” said Setsuna, trying to keep a cheerful face.
“Yeah,” agreed Makoto, still not trusting the Time Senshi on her reaction to seeing Ranma Kino. The Outers aside from Hotaru were not known for a “ask questions before shooting” approach. “For him, it was over sixty years. For us, it was fourteen. Now, Usa, about the Hyurn...”
Usa nodded. “Yep. That's the name of their world that he was on. I think he was a King there or something. It had something to do with customs and killing the guy in charge, I think.”
Blinking followed, which was soon completed by Usagi running wild with her imagination. “WAH! Mako-chan's dad is a blood thirsty dictator!”
Makoto was soon moving her hand from the bridge of her nose to her forehead, feeling a migraine approach. “Usagi...stuff it!” she growled, before twisting on her heel and walking off, as the others ran to catch up with her.
As she opened the door, Makoto was about to yell out that she was home, when she saw a note.
I'm catching a nap. Red tape and bureaucracy is worse here than in Hyurn—the dimension I was in. Wake me up at 3:30 if I'm not up unless it's raining. Cookies on the table. Made enough if you have friends over.
Love, Dad.
PS: If any of them are guys or lesbians, don't let them poke me. I'm asleep in my girl form.
Sighing, she realized she was given a mixed blessing. As Mamoru was still out of town at university, she was relieved of anything that embarrassing happening that might ruin little Usa's birth.
However, that left at least two Senshi who wouldn't hesitate to try and see if her Dad's breasts were real. She turned back to the group. “Okay, my Dad's sleeping in his girl form, so be quiet and no poking, or no cookies.”
She led them to the cookies in the small kitchenette, as the group stared at the sleeping redhead on the couch. Ami kept quiet, but got Makoto's attention and pointed between the hair on her head and that on Ranma's. Makoto held up her hand indicating them to wait, and disappeared into her bedroom, coming back out with a photo of her father in male form and her mother, indicating it was her mother that she got her hair color from.
She didn't miss the looks of longing on some of her friends' faces seeing her Father's male form, nor did she miss that same look on the two Outers currently staring at her Father's female form.
“Now that's a guy I think I can get behind,” murmured Haruka, earning her an elbow to the ribs from Michiru.
Seeing the time, she moved over, wanting to wake up her Father. “Dad, time to get up. It's 3:30.”
The eyes of said person fluttered open. To those who would wonder, the girls should have been glad it was Makoto who had woken her up, as the land of Hyurn was not known for peaceful wake-ups...if you woke up. Early on, Ranma's Sleep-Fu that his father had beaten into him was soon taken to new levels, when enemies had no problems with killing you in your sleep, or sending animals to do it for them.
But Makoto was family, and Ranma would always trust his/her daughter with their life. It would be some time before he trusted anyone else near him like that. “Hey, Mako-chan.”
“Dad, I'd like you to meet my friends.”
She sat up, stretching to get the kinks out of her back, reminding herself she really needed to start looking for an apartment or house here in Juuban, as her daughter's couch was really not good in the long term. Better get a futon for tonight. Can't have muscle knots for the shoot tomorrow.
She didn't miss the increase in eye size from two girls; one with short blond hair and one with aquamarine hair. Nor did she miss the glances of insecurity and jealousy that passed from several of the other girls.
“I'm Ranma Kino, sorry about this.” The classics are still the best.
It was 3:59pm when a heavy rainstorm had just moved in, soaking any plans for Makoto to receive her first lessons today.
Now, however, it was closer to dinner, and the storm had not let up one bit, so the girls sat in the living room, enjoying some light snacks, as Ranma prepared them a dinner.
Lucky he was rich, as it was likely he would have to buy new supplies tomorrow just for breakfast, unless the storm stopped and they went shopping tonight.
Little in the way of Ranma's past or current status was discussed. It was usually a bit of chapter, followed by Ranma being stuck on the phone for several hours trying to get some more of his paperwork through so he could access his bank accounts.
This brought them to now...setting down for dinner.
Several of the girls were drooling at both the smell and the taste of the food, wondering if whoever taught Makoto to cook had done likewise for her Father.
It was after dinner that Setsuna began her questions. “So, what are your plans now, Ranma?”
He stared at her for a bit. “Why would my simple life interest a chrono-mage?”
The others blinked, as did Setsuna. “How...?”
He smiled. “Magic's pretty common on Hyurn. After a while, you can pick that stuff up in a person's aura. Saves time when you have people deciding their paths in magic.” He turned towards several of the girls, pointing. “She has an affinity for ice magic, that one seems to rely on love charms, she has fire, that girl needs to work harder on pretending to be a guy if she's not going to bother hiding the fact she has no Adam's Apple, those two have massive magic reserves”—this was said towards Hotaru and Usagi, “she's from the future judging by how her aura seems somewhat out of sync with the normal flow of reality, and the aquamarine girl has a mild gift for scrying and water. Shall I go on?”
“No, that's quite good,” said Setsuna, reassessing her level of consideration for the man in front of her.
“My interest is in how your plans might affect those of our little group, of which you daughter is a part of.”
Ranma nodded. “Well, assuming you're not trying to take over the world through action or inaction, then we won't have a problem. For right now, my plans are to get to know my daughter, take care of a few family problems before they pop up, get back to modeling, and train my daughter in the family's style.”
“Setsuna, can I see you in my bedroom for a moment?” asked Makoto in a sweet voice, though many could tell she was faking it.
“Of course,” Setsuna said, also maintaining decorum. “Please excuse me, we'll be back.”
As the door shut, Makoto turned slowly to Setsuna, her eyes now focused and dark, staring at the Time Senshi. “Setsuna, you had better have a damn good reason for the way you're acting.”
Setsuna stood her ground, arms folded across her chest. “He is an unknown as far as I'm concerned when it comes to Crystal Tokyo. You heard Little Lady about how strong he is. Even Serenity doesn't have the power to wipe out a sun.”
She walked closer to Makoto. “He may be a threat to everything we've worked hard to achieve, and if he is then we—”
Her final comment was cut off by a hard slap from Makoto, knocking her onto the bed.
Makoto glared at her. “Don't you dare threaten the only parent I have left, Setsuna. He got clearance from Usa to be okay, and I'll be damn if I let your paranoid ass cost me my Father. If even the future says he is a good guy, then you better damn well listen to it for once, instead of dreaming that the worst case scenario must be coming.” Her tone dropped even further as she approached Setsuna, yanking her to her feet and staring deep into her eyes.
“Now, I'm going to ask you a question, and so help me, that if you don't give me a straight answer, I'll make you wish Usagi left you dead after Galaxia. Do I make myself clear?”
Seeing the nervous nod, she continued. “Did you know?”
Seeing her confusion, Makoto elaborated. “Did you know about the attack that cost me my Mother beforehand and do nothing, or learn of it afterwards and keep it quiet.”
As Setsuna paused to gather the ways to phrase the words, Makoto tired and lifted the Senshi up by her dress coat, her legs dangling. “I'm waiting...Setsuna.”
Licking her lips, she decided for once...to give a straight answer. “I didn't learn of the attack until afterwards.”
Setting her back down on the ground and allowing her to catch her breath, Makoto took a step back. “Explain...now.”
“I was in a state of hibernation at the Gates when it occurred, and couldn't be pulled out until either someone tried to alter the past, or Beryl's prison weakened and she began to make her moves. It wasn't until you defeated Beryl that I began to look into what made you the people you were then.”
“Why wasn't I told?”
Setsuna snorted. “What good would it have done? If anyone of our enemies had offered you a chance to see him again, would you have betrayed us for it?” Seeing the doubt play on Makoto's face, she continued. “The knowledge would have done nothing. Maybe...MAYBE, Neo-Queen Serenity could have opened a portal to go find him, but for Usagi to even try and attempt would be to invite her own death, and you know damn well she would have tried.”
She then looked solemn, her face loosing much of the fire it once held. “If I couldn't go back and save the Moon Kingdom, if I couldn't go back and save one hundred and sixty seven billion people, what makes you think I could go back and save your Mother?”
“Don't give me that!” spat Makoto. “You could have warned the—”
“I couldn't have done anything due to Queen Serenity's doctrine, which forbade me from informing her about future events unless they were natural disasters. The only reason I can do that for Usagi is because she hasn't forbidden me from doing it. Why the hell do you think the Black Moon Family was able to attack? It was because she activated that doctrine again, and I had to watch as her stupid ideals nearly cost us Crystal Tokyo.” She sunk more into the bed. “So don't tell me what my duties are and what my responsibilities are. I know them all too well.”
If Makoto was affected in any way by her story and response, she didn't show it. “I don't give a damn what your reasons are. From now on, if I even suspect you want to eliminate my Father in some way, you won't have those responsibilities anymore; you'll be plummeting into Jupiter's atmosphere without Senshi magic. Understood?”
Setsuna nodded, and the two entered the dining area once again.
After the group had parted to head home, each thanking Ranma for making the meal, the Kino family had left to purchase a few things and restock the pantry.
“Dad, if we need to, we can always move.” She smiled a bit, watching her father setup the futon on the floor. “Maybe we could get our old home back?”
He shook his head. “Kasumi told me another family moved into it about a decade ago. I won't reclaim my old family home and steal another's from them.” He turned to her smiling. “At work, I'll check the housing agencies and see if we can find a two or three bedroom for rent or purchase.”
She nodded at that. While shopping, he had discussed with her exactly how much had been in her trust account, not really knowing that her Mother had set things up very well for them all. Even now, she'd never have to work...even as long lived as Senshi were. Hell, she could afford a private army to do her Senshi work for her. So she knew her Dad would have no trouble finding them a home. “Try and find one with a dojo. This rainout for practices isn't very endearing.”
He smiled. “My thoughts exactly. We can go check some places out after school tomorrow. My shoot should end before two, anyway.”
She nodded, preparing to head to bed and wish him good night, when she found herself held in his arms, triggering a flashback.
“Yeah!' screamed chibi-Makoto as her daddy picked her up, using some ki to lift them off the ground, and float them to her room.
As he finished tucking her into bed, she smiled up at him. “Daddy, can you teach me to fly too one day?”
He smiled down at her, kissing her on the forehead. “Sure thing, Mako-chan.” He looked around, before bending back down to whisper into her ear. “In fact, how about I take you flying this weekend? Just...don't tell your Mom.”
She nodded enthusiastically, before snuggling with a stuffed dog, before drifting off to sleep.
Makoto returned to reality once again, as her father finished tucking her in. “You never got to take me flying.”
He stopped for a moment, before the memory returned to him. The next night was when Happosai had attacked. “I'll still teach you how to fly, if you want?”
She nodded, wondering if he would still take off like a rocket when she had seen him doing it before.
He smiled, turning out the light, and watching her sleep for a moment, before heading to the living room to do the same.
Sitting in a chair, however, it was what he ended up doing, before he took the photo Makoto had shown the other girls, and ran his fingers over the image of his late wife. “Keep watching over us, Koi. I didn't fall apart like your Dad before, and I won't now.”
Setting it back on the table, he changed his clothes and went to sleep, knowing it would be a slightly restless one now.
While he dreamt, the moon came from behind some clouds, illuminating the room slightly. In the beam of light stood a woman with brown hair, smiling at him, before she turned to the picture, and lovingly running her finger of the male's image. I will always watch over you, Anata. Just be there for her now.
And like that, she faded from sight, just as the moon was once again covered by clouds.
In an apartment on the other side of the District, another person was preparing for bed, looking at her apartment, boxes still everywhere.
Her son was staying with her Father. She hadn't been able to secure the lease soon enough for them to have moved everything in. Sadly, her son would miss his first day of classes.
But, her Father would be bringing him over tomorrow, and they would finish moving into the apartment. The only reason she was here early was because she had a job to start at Juuban High the next day as the new drama teacher; a great boon for her, considering that since Tatewaki had taken over as principle at Furinkan, she couldn't wait to ditch that job.
At the start of the school year, she would begin a new job away from Nerima, away from kendo-spouting fools, away from homosexual ex-husbands. Tomorrow, she would begin teaching drama to a new class that wasn't centered on martial arts.
“Soon, all the students will cheer for their new teacher: Akane Nakamura!” she exclaimed, her long blue hair flapping in the movements.
Neither she nor a certain daughter of a pigtailed martial artist knew they would meet tomorrow, and neither knew what sort of problems this would entail.