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Title: Forever Bound
By Max-chan

The Ranma characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and co. and I'm just borrowing them so don't sue me. I don't have any money anyways.[I'm just a cute fanfic writer!]

Authors notes: Okay, this is my first fanfic so don't go too hard on me. I don't know where this idea came from (where do ideas come from?). I always liked fanfics about Ranma and Akane in the future and what would happen if they meet again. Especially, if they had kids with them to raise...(Shut up! Your going to give the whole story away!) Okay, just keep on reading and see if you like it.

Forever Bound
By Max-chan
Prologe, Mistakes

Ranma grabbed another pile of silk shirts and pants and stuffed it in his bag. His hand grabbed onto a familiar looking shirt and he stared at it. He brought the shirt up to his face and let the memories comfort him. He could almost swear he could still smell *her* scent on it. She had only worn it once and it was over a 3 months ago, yet it seemed like he could never forget. When Akane had worn it, he had thought she was dead after the fight with Saffron, but she wasn't, and she came back. She came back to her family, her friends, she came back to...to him. Ranma choked back a sob as he felt the now familiar hot tears invade his eyes, but he willed them away leaving only a blank look in his blue-gray eyes. *No! Guys arn't supposed to cry! Crying was showing a weakness! At least that was what Pop always taught him...never show a weakness*

He threw the shirt into the bag with the rest of his stuff. * He was leaving after all, no use in dwelling in memories* At that he smiled a sad, empty smile. *Memories* that's all they were to him now. It seemed like just yesterday he would have 4 fiancees (that he knew of), endless amounts of rivals and opponents, and a kawaiikune tomboy that malleted him for the littlest things. Yes, those were the good times. Ranma's smile suddenly turned grim and bitter. Then, only over a week ago, Shampoo and Cologne had entered the Tendo living room and destroyed his life. He suddenly had no more fiancees, his rivals found no point in fighting him anymore since with his leaving, their purpose was served, and his kawaiikune tomboy of a fiancee wouldn't even look at him. His father couldn't even look at him and moved in with his mother. Mr. Tendo didn't cry this time, or do a demon head, he just stared at Ranma with sad eyes and told him to leave. Kasumi just smiled obliviously like she always did, but this time there was a disappointed look in her sparkling eyes. *Maybe she isn't so oblivious, after all* Ranma thought.

Nabiki had kept her expressionless mask and plaintively ignored any existence of Ranma Saotome at all. Ukyo flattened him with her spatula and was crying in her resteraunt. Kodachi was instituted into a mental hospital in the U.S and Kuno just laughed at the fact that his view on the foul sorceror Saotome was correct and decided that this was the best time to help the fair Akane Tendo from the depression spell of the wicked Saotome. Ryoga was the one that surprised Ranma the most. When he found out what happened, he didn't laugh, he wasn't happy, he wasn't angry, he was disappointed. He confronted Ranma and this time instead of his regular "Ranma, Prepare to DDIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!" he just shook his head at him. He told Ranma that he always considered Ranma a friend as well as an opponent, a rival as well as an ally, because nomatter what happened he always held a respect for Ranma. Then he laughed bitterly and said, "...but I was wrong Ranma...so wrong...so wrong yet again. I'll leave you alone now Ranma. You don't deserve a fight with me." With that he left and no one has seen Ryoga since.

Finally, Akane...she was the one that really mattered...at least to him anyway. He could handle Nabiki's coldness, Ukyo's anger, and though difficult, even Ryoga's disrespect, but what Akane did hurt the most. *That was the pathetic part...* he thought painfully *she did *NOTHING* Anger he could deal with, but what she gave him was simply a dull empty depressed reaction. He wanted to see the fire back into her eyes, wanted her to insult him, and even wanted her to mallet him into low orbit, just like she always done. Yet, she didn't, she didn't cry or laugh, just emotionless...so emotionless that she would have made Nabiki seem overemotional.

Ranma flung his bag over his shoulder and made his way down the stairs and out the Tendo doors. No one was here to wish him good-bye and cry at his departure, he hurt them all too badly. He took one last longing look at Akane's window and saw her lean there staring sadly at him. She whispered a final word, "Aishiteru" before she closed her curtains and disappeared from his life possibly forever. Ranma felt a tear roll down his cheek as he turned around and mumble softly, "Aishiteru, Akane, Aishiteru" Ranma ran out of the Tendo home and left the life of crazy life of Ranma Saotome behind towards his new life as Ran Mae, son of the Amazons, husband of Shan Pu.

Akane slumped down by her window wracking sobs of pain and suffering. Her first tears since that fateful day Shampoo and Cologne entered the Tendo home, but not her last. Her thoughts rambled on and on in a jumble, but one phrase stood above them all *Why Ranma? Why did you have to get Shampoo pregnant?*
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Author's notes: Soooooooo, how'd you like it? Don't worry Ranma and Akane fans out there, this is only the *prologe*, be patient and everything will be explained in time okay? This is my first fanfiction so go easy. Oh, yeah I guess I should also tell ya that I am a faithful Ranma and Akane forever fan! Please send all comments, critisism, flames, ideas, compliments, and anything you'd liked to say to silverflame_maiden@hotmail.com.
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