Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Forever Bound ❯ 7 years and a memory ( Chapter 1 )

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Forever Bound
Chapter 1, 7 years and a memory

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (7 years later)(Paris, France)
Akane looked up from her mirror as she heard someone knock on her door. "Who is it?" she asked.

She heard the motherly voice of her maid say, "Miss.Akane, Mrs.Kasumi and Mr.Tofu is here." Akane sighed, after 7 years she was still trying to get Narnia to stop calling her Miss, Narnia was like family after all.

"I'll be down in a minute, Nar-nar,"Akane yelled as she heard Narnia's footsteps fade down the stairs.She sighed and tied her long, thick blue back hair into a loose ponytail with a light blue ribbon. She stood up and straightened out her formal leather skirt and vest. She wiped a smudge of lipstick from a corner of her mouth and smiled. Akane laughed dryly *If Nabiki could see her now...*Akane opened her large oak doors and felt a small, strong little 6-year old girl glomp her. She picked the little girl up and carried her towrds the large marbel staircase.

"Mommy, Mommy! Auntie 'sumi and Uncie Tofu's here! Yay! Don't I look pretty in my new dress, mommy? Look, Mommy! Look! It's pink and purple..." Belldandy said happily as Akane smiled and listen to her daughter ramble on. The little girl's name fit her perfectly, for she was a goddess. Her angel gold hair and milky green eyes brightened up her young mother's darkest days. *Such beautiful eyes...only one other pair could compete...* Akane always thought.

As Akane reached the large living room she saw Kasumi and Tofu smile at her and she smiled back. She sat down and let Belldandy run and climb into Kasumi's lap. Kasumi just gave her a warm, motherly smile as she let her little niece snuggle blissfully in her arms.
"So, how are things at home, 'neechan? I talked to Nabiki last month and it seems she's doing pretty well, huh? I'm happy for her and hope she's happy with...Kuno," and at that Akane accidentally let a giggle escape. Kasumi just gave a small frown.

"Akane, please come home. Daddy misses you. We all miss you. I-"

"No, Kasumi! I'm not going back. Dad disowned me when I told him I didn't want the dojo and wanted to take up an acting career..." Akane interrupted, then added softly with a voice filled with grief, "...he wouldn't even accept little Bell, his own granddaughter. I'm sorry Kasumi, but I can't abandon little Bell."

Kasumi's bottom lip trembled and Dr. Tofu wrapped his arms around his wife to calm her.
"But Akane..."
"No, Kasumi!"
"But, Akane! Daddy's dying!" Kasumi cried out leaving a deathly calm.
"W-what?" Akane fearfully asked.

Kasumi calmed down and said, "Daddy didn't want me to tell you, but he's dying, Akane. He forgave you for not taking over the dojo, for leaving home, and even for having a daughter without a husband. He just wants you back and he wants to see his granddaughter."

"O-okay 'neechan, I'll come home. I'll call my agent and tell him to get me a job in a theatre in Nerima, okay?" Akane sniffed out feeling guilt wash over her as Kasumi smiled a little bit and the two sisters clung to each other and cried. Dr. Tofu knew this was their moment so he slipped quietly out of the room and carried Belldandy into the yard to play with her. It always amazed him on how Belldandy was nothing like Akane. She had blond hair and green eyes and Dr.Tofu concluded that it must have came from her father's side. Yet, you could tell she was Akane's daughter for behind her eyes of green was the fire that always burned in Akane. That and the fact that whenever angry she always pulled out a small pink mallet. Akane was the only one that could stop the wrath of the mallet and make it disappear. Wonder why?

After awhile Akane stopped crying and called her agent. Dr.Tofu brought Belldandy back into the living room and sat talking with his wife. Soon, Akane walked back into the room and smiled, "I ordered 4 tickets for me, Bell, Tofu-sensei and you Kasumi for tomorrow morning. My agent said he got me a day job as a kindergarten teacher and a night job at a local theatre. I'm going home, Kasumi." Kasumi got up and hugged her sister as they sat down and talked. *Oh Akane, your finally going to be with family...where it won't hurt anymore* Kasumi thought wistfully.
Akane waved good-bye as Dr.Tofu's car drove off. She picked up Belldandy's sleeping form and headed upstairs. She opened the door to Belldandy's blue room and laid her down in bed. As she kissed Belldandy's forehead and whispered good-night, she heard Bell ask sleepily, "Mommy, where are we going to this time?"

Akane smiled sadly and whispered back, "We're going to Nerima, Tokyo, honey, where Auntie Kasumi, Uncle Tofu and your Granpa lives."
"Is Nerima pretty, mommy?" Belldandy asked.

Akane suddenly had flashes of the dojo, the koi pond and garden, Furinken High, and finally the bridge. "Very, Bell, Nerima is very pretty."

"Why's that Mommy?" Bell asked as she drifted off to sleep.
"Because it's home," Akane whispered before she closed the door and walked towards her own bedroom leaving her little angel to dream of lollipops, and elves, and a place where all children know, but most adults forget.
Akane stood looking out at the beach on her balcony. Her hair and cream nightgown blew as the waves hit the shore. She stared past the moon and the stars, past the waves and the sea, to a large house with large gates, to a lovely garden with a calm pond, and to the poeple who do and did inhabit the house. Her body stayed where it was but her heart and mind drifted back to her crying father, back to her brother-in-law Kuno, to Ryoga her confidante, to her best friend Ukyo, and to all those that were there for her and wouldn't abandon her. Then, as it always did before, it went back to *him*, the one that did abandon her. The one that left and hurt her. Yet, this time their was no sadness, or pain, or bitterness towards him. She reflected him as only a fond memory now, of what her mind decided she couldn't and never could have had. The tears did come this time, but not beacuse of the usual ache or pain, but because she felt a light chance at happiness. Her body and mind had let him go a long time ago but her heart refused. Now...now she could feel her heart giving in and the pain fading. *Maybe I'm finally growing up and...and ready to let him go*

She smiled at the thought and climbed into bed drifting into a peaceful dream. A dream of happiness, family, and fulfillment. A dream that all adults know and love, but children yet to experience.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Author's notes: So what didya think? Remember all e-mail to silverflame_maiden@hotmail.com. In case you didn't know I got the name Belldandy from the anime Ah!My Goddess but it has nothing to do with it. I am still a Ranma and Akane fan so don't worry. I really can't write a tragedy where someone ends up unhappy, but I'm also not one of those people that says, (x) falls in love with (y) and (u) falls in love with (t) so all problems are solved. Life is eldom like that and my story is gonna be complicated, but you won't get lost if you pay attention. I don't know if this is considered angst? Maybe not? All well. :p