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Second Chances

Chapter 17 - Lip Service

By Lord Archive

Ranma 1/2 characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Viz Video, and several other companies and are used without consent. Oh My Goddess characters belong to Fujishima Kousuke, AnimEigo, and others- also used without consent. I'll return them... I just need to get Urd to send them back into time....

"Ranma!" Akane yelled and grabbed a man with red hair.
He looked at her, confused. "Oro?"
"Kenshin! Who is she?!"
"You're not Ranma." Akane let go of him.
"Oops, over did it. Bye." Urd left 19th century Japan.


"It's so cute!" Akane stared at the fluffy bunny that sat in a creature catcher crane game. That would be perfect. "I've got to get it." She plunked her money into the game and positioned the crane over the stuffed bunny. Pressing the button, the crane landed on the bunny's head and almost held onto one of its ears as the crane lifted back to the top. "Darn."

Ranma moaned. He suspected Akane wouldn't be easy to deal with for a while if she didn't get it. "Let me try it." He went over to the controls, put his money in, and made his attempt. He didn't even touch the bunny. Ranma growled and tried it again.

Ranma fished around in his pocket for anymore coins. He looked at Akane who then wordlessly handed him some coins.

After twelve attempts, the bunny was lifted into the air by its tail and was deposited in the prize chute.

Ranma handed the bunny to Akane.

"Thank you!" Akane chirped as she hugged it. She then started to lean towards Ranma.

"Come on, Akane! Let's skate!" Yuka, with help from Sayuri, grabbed on to Akane and dragged her toward the skating rink.

"But, but...." Akane flailed in an attempt to stop Yuka and Sayuri, and was surprised by their apparent strength.

Ranma scratched his head. "What was all that about?"


"Why don't you join the skating team?" Yuka asked.

Akane glanced at her. "I'll be too busy."

"Our school could really use you." Not to mention get Akane away from her fiance. Yuka understood that Akane should spend some time with him, but not every waking moment.

"Sorry." Akane looked over at Ranma again and frowned. He was eating alone. Hiroshi and Daisuke should be with him, but weren't they? Had she done something to prevent them from being friends? She hoped not.

The door to the cafe opened and Akane grimaced. She casually kicked the stuffed bunny towards the isle.

"George!" a girl squealed.

Akane looked bewilderedly at the girl hugging the stuffed bunny Ranma had won. She couldn't understand why Azusa named it George. Akane stood up and tried to get her bunny. "Hey! That's mine!"

Azusa expertly dodged Akane's attempts. "No he's not. It's my George, and I won't let you have him. Eek!" The stuffed bunny was plucked from Azusa's hands. "Hey! Give him back!"

Mikado handed Akane the bunny. "Yours?"

"Yes." Akane edged away from him after taking the bunny.

"Forgive my companion's rudeness."

"That's okay. Thanks."

Azusa then attacked Mikado. "Give me back George! Give me back George!"

Mikado ignored her while he explained her tendency to collect things. The entire time Azusa upped her attacks. Before she was about to use a table, he had had enough. "Will you cut that out, you idiot?!"

Azusa sniffed. "I challenge you!"

"You want to fight with me?" Akane smirked.

"'Fight?' How nasty. My challenge is to a skating match. If I win I get my widdle George back!"

Sayuri gasped. "Aren't they Kolkhoz High School champion freestyle skating pair?"

"I'm Shiratori Azusa."

"And I'm Sanzenin Mikado."

"Akane, you shouldn't try to out-skate these two," Yuka warned.

Sayuri added, "They're the best of the best."

"So what? They aren't much."

Azusa glared cutely. "You really should heed their advice and back down."

"Why should I back down from a thief?"

"Widdle George? Mommy Azusa will wait for you. When you're mine I'll hug you, and squeeze you, and love you!"

Akane growled. She had forgotten how annoying the skater was. "There's no way I'm going to lose to a nut like you!"

Ranma shook his head trying to figure out girls, and failing.

"I'm sorry. My partner has caused you trouble." Mikado leaned toward her. "By way of an apology...." He skillfully guided Akane's face and was about to kiss her.

However he was interrupted by a bowl filled with food smacking him in the head.

Akane looked at Ranma and smiled.

Mikado walked over to the pig-tailed martial artist and pulled a fish cake out of his hair. "Your message of challenge has been received. The match will be at Kolkhoz High in one week from today."

"OH! That is so cuuuuute! Francoise! Francoise!" Azusa leapt trying to get the fish cake from Ranma.

"The match will be pair skating. Is that acceptable."

"Whatever you want." Ranma got up and left.

"Gimme Francoise!"

"You twit! You ruined the dramatic tension."

Akane shook her head. "The broth dripping from your hair did that."


Akane watched Ranma as he walked on the fence. How was she going to kiss him before tomorrow's practice session? She had spent most of the past week depressed from using her new technique. Then situations had prevented her from kissing him.

Ranma broke the silence. "Ya know I didn't do that because I was jealous or anything like that."

"Right. You couldn't let a pervert like him get away with that."


"Though you didn't have to stop him."

"What?!" Ranma hopped off the fence. "Don't tell me you wanted to kiss him?"

"Don't be silly. If you hadn't stopped him, I'd have sent him to a hospital."


Before Akane could take advantage of Ranma being so close, he jumped back onto the fence and continued walking.

"Idiot," Akane mumbled under her breath.


"Come on, Ranma. You've got to know how to skate before you can compete."

The red-haired skater looked up at her partner. "What am I suppose to do?"

"At least stand up. You look rather ridiculous."

"Hey! I just haven't done this before!"

Akane felt something slam into her side. She let go of Ranma as she fell onto the ice. "Azusa! Why you?!"

"Oh, sorry." Azusa wasn't really paying attention to Akane. "Your friend is in some trouble."

Akane's head snapped back to see Ranma sliding away uncontrollably. A shiver ran down her spine as Mikado picked up her female fiance.

"Are you all right?"

"Mikado?" Ranma looked at the skater in surprise.

"Have we met? That's odd. I'm sure if I met a girl as cute as you, I'd never forget it." Mikado moved in for a kiss.


"Thank you," Akane whispered seeing Azusa knee Mikado in the face.

"Please do your girl-chasing later. We have to practice the 'Assault of a Hundred Foes.'"

Mikado placed Ranma into Akane's arms. "You two stay out of the way. It wouldn't do to have you get hurt."

Once signaled, a hundred men in hockey gear charged Mikado and Azusa. Nine seconds later, the skating pair were the only ones standing.

"Whoa." One of the men groaned from where he lay. "No wonder they're called the 'Golden Pair' of martial skating."

"Martial? This is going to be COMBAT skating? We can win! If it involves fighting, there's no way we can lose."

"Sure. Once you learn how to skate."

Azusa skated over to Akane. "So where is my widdle George?"

"It's not George, it's B-Chan and it's at my home!"

Azusa pouted. "But I have such a nice collar for George."

Akane let go of Ranma, and the red-head landed on her ass. "You stupid klepto! Ranma and I will cream you in our match!"

"I'd like to see you try." Azusa leg swept Akane.

Mikado was about to help the red-head, but ended up catching Akane. "I must apologize for Azusa again." He leaned down and kissed her.

Akane stiffened. She was prepared to stop Mikado from kissing Ranma, but she hadn't expected Azusa to attack her or Mikado to help her. She hadn't planned on dealing with this. That kiss was for Ranma and he stole it.

Ranma was stunned when she saw Mikado kissing Akane. That lasted all of a second. Then there was rage. She scrambled to the side of the skating rink that had some tables set up. As she got to the rink's wall she saw what she wanted. Her hand darted and grabbed one person's steaming cup of tea.

After splashing herself with the tea, Ranma shouted, "Get your hands off her." He did not notice Akane was looking at Mikado with absolute hatred or that her hands were balled into fists. He didn't see the aura of angry chi around her. All Ranma could see was a pervert holding his fiance.

Akane landed onto the ice and saw Ranma's fist planted into Mikado's face.

"That's my fiancee you kissed, ya lousy prostitute. I'm going to break every bone in your body." Ranma followed up his words with an axe kick that missed Mikado but made an impressive crack in the ice. Fortunately Akane had already moved out of the way.

"Fiancee?" Mikado scuffed. "Such bonds are fragile and easily broken. However, damaging the sacred rink means you must die."

"It won't be my funeral, dick for brains." Ranma launched a punch and ended up sliding past Mikado and into a wall. "Damn it." Saotome launched himself into the air and crashed into rink since Sanzenin dodged easily.

"The fool, trying a suicidal maneuver like that." Mikado turned and barely dodged Ranma's kick. The pig-tailed martial artist fell to the ice and did the splits, while martial arts skater's sweater and shirt were ripped.

The men watching grimaced thinking Ranma should be in pain.

"I usually don't use this technique on an amateur, but I'll make an exception in your pitiful case." Mikado raised his arms and one leg and began to spin.

"Shiryou no Bonodori," Akane whispered. The dance of death was nearly unbeatable. True, Ranma had defeated it before, but it was still a powerful technique and Ranma foolishly jumped into it. The combatants became a blur of motion, but eventually Saotome was hurled from it and Mikado stopped spinning.

Seven hundred and forty nine? Geez, Ranma was pissed. Akane couldn't help but smile a little at that. She skated over to him. "Are you all right?"

"Ah, yeah." Ranma flipped trying to land standing up, but ended up knocking himself unconscious.

"It looks like a draw, hmmm?" Azusa noted.

"Ranma won."

"What do you mean by that?" Azusa looked over at Mikado who was beginning to lean. He then crash to the ice, but didn't otherwise move.


"Hey, Akane, are you okay?"

"I should be asking you that." Akane didn't move from where she was sitting in the dojo.

Ranma fidgeted with a few of his bandages. "I've had worse. But you seem upset."

"Well, that's because I am upset! Mikado shouldn't have been able to kiss me."

"Um, was he your first kiss?"

Akane looked over at Ranma and saw him blushing. "No, but as far as I'm concerned, this one didn't count either."


Akane sighed. "I've been kissed a few time, but never in a way that meant anything."

Ranma scratched his head. "What do you mean by that?"

"The only time I initiated a kiss was during a play, and we used duct tape to prevent our lips from touching. The rest were all the guy's idea, not mine. I'm not going to count it unless I wanted to be kissed."

"And you didn't want to be kissed by Mikado?"

"Of course not. He's a sex crazed deviant."

Ranma turned and walked away. He wanted to ask her a few more questions, but wasn't sure he wanted the answers.

Akane listened as Ranma's footsteps grew lighter and lighter. When she could no longer hear them she punched the floor. "Damn it!" She had wanted her first kiss in this life to be to Ranma, but Mikado took that away. She still had to kiss him soon or Shampoo would be his first kiss. But how was she supposed to approach Ranma and kiss him? This had been her best chance and she had missed it.


Author's Notes:

Hoped I surprised you with the changes in this.

Don't worry, Ryoga will show up again soon. He just doesn't have much reason to be at the Tendos currently.