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This story takes place in an alternate version of the original series. It does, however, contain many of the same characters and themes, along with a few original characters and some surprise guests. I hope you all enjoy reading this.
Episode 01: Planet Calisto, part 1
Meryl walked through the Calisto docking station, full of various shops and restaurants. Usually, she didn't work jobs alone, but her old partner injured his leg badly and had to be moved to a desk job.
For now, she was working alone. On a very unsavory mission, no less! She had to find and collar a man known as the “Human Typhoon”. There was no serious information about him, facts were never consistent.
What was known was that he wore a red coat, was tall, and an infamous womanizer!
She shook her head, trying to dismiss the idea of the Human Typhoon trying to bed her- as was suggested by a tactless female co-worker. She blushed darkly, her crimson cheeks framed by short dark locks.
Calisto was nice place, lush and green- with oceans and lakes. The last place she had been was like a desert.
Still, when she was here, looking for the infamous man, she couldn't help but shake the feeling as if this had happened before- but she had never been to Calisto!
He was also known as “Vash the Stampede”. At any rate, he had to found and made to curve his destructive habits. No one had heard of the Human Typhoon on this planet, and that was all the better.
“I have my whole life ahead of me.” Vash thought as he walked into the station, passing under the arches. “I finally have a chance to do things differently, as fresh start!” He thought.
He then spotted a café. “I hope they have donuts.” He remarked. He set out for the café, not really watching where he was going.
Meryl went through the files again. She had to keep an eye out for him, he would be here soon. “He must be extremely cunning,” She thought. “I'll have to try hard to outwit him, it's not like he'll just be dropped right in front of me!” She thought.
Meryl's table was now overturned and a hapless man was lying face-down in her lap!
“Ahh!” The insurance girl screamed.
The blond looked up at her. He took on a very professional tone. “I'm aware that this must seem a little odd to you, but if you just thought about how `funny' this is then—“
He was cut off when she slapped him in the face. “Lecher!” She screeched, red faced. “Go! I'm busy!” She yelled.
Vash scooted away.
Meryl straitened her suit out and looked around. She was thoroughly flustered by this and had to hastily move on. “I'd better start looking for him.” She thought as she left the café.
“Well, that wasn't the most elegant entrance.” Vash commented as he gathered up his things. He then looked over to his side to see that there was a briefcase sitting next to him. “Uh oh.”
Meryl huffed as she walked along. Nothing looked suspicious yet, but she wouldn't let her guard down. She reached for her briefcase, only to realize that she no longer had it on her person. “Oh no, where is it?” She exclaimed.
At the other end of the pavilion, a tall blond looked around frantically for the owner of the briefcase. “This is awful.” He pouted.
The gunman looked around for a while, unable to pick the form of the girl out of the crowd. He frowned, recalling her. Her height certainly would make spotting her difficult, but he was not willing to get stuck with someone else's possessions.
He briefly bumped into a man in a dark blue suit. Vash caught the glint in his yellow eyes, noting that his hair matched the color of his suit. “Have I seen—“ He wondered, but then noticed a familiar (and decidedly short) form in the distance.
Meryl stopped when she felt as if she was being watched, and the fact that there was a tree-like shadow being cast upon her. She looked up at the tall form beside her. “You again?” She groaned. He was ridiculously tall, and dressed in a pair of brown pants and a white shirt, with a large pack sling over his shoulder.
“You left this in the café.” He replied, handing her a dark brown leather briefcase.
“Oh,” She replied, somewhat in surprise. “Thank you.” She then added, trying to seem sincere.
“Sorry about earlier, I wasn't watching were I was going.” Vash conceded, trying to smile demurely.
The Insurance Girl shook her head. “Don't worry about it.”
“Not be rude, but what are you doing here, in the port, by yourself?” Vash asked.
She smiled. “Can you keep a secret?” She then asked after a moment. After seeing him nod, she went on. “I'm on a stake-out, looking for Vash the Stampede.”
“Who's he?” Vash asked with a smile.
“A super dangerous gunman, he left Gunsmoke and came here, I was hired to find him and keep him in line.” She explained.
“Sound dangerous.” He remarked gravely.
“Yes, this man is very dangerous, and he is also a shameless womanizer- but he won't get the better of me, I've got my eye out for him.” Meryl explained proudly.
“Maybe I should stick around for a while, in case this `Vash' shows up.” He offered.
Meryl smiled. “Thanks, I guess.” She paused. “I didn't catch your name.”
Uh oh, I wonder what will happen next. And what is Vash up to?
Thanks to Saraki and Hope-is-4ever for reviewing my story. The next chapter should be up soon.