Read Or Die Fan Fiction ❯ A Birthday Nenene Will Never Forget ❯ You Bet Your Sanity ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3: You Bet Your Sanity!
Anita was a quick and bright girl who can come up with ideas in a minute but for some reason she couldn't think of anything to help get some food for Nenene's birthday. She thought that maybe her girlfriend Hisami might help her out on her predicament, so she went to Hisami's house hoping that Hisami would be there. Unfortunately for her she wasn't, and her mother told Anita that Hisami went to Ashiti TV station for an interview on her latest book. Knowing that she didn't have much time to spare she went straight to the station hoping to find her. When she got to the station entrance they wouldn't let her go to the studio where Hisami was being interviewed, so she had to find another way. She saw a long line of people who were trying to be contestants for a game show. That gave her an idea - she could stand in the line pretending to be one of the contestants and when none of the guards were paying attention, she could sneak in to see Hisami.
Anita joined the line thinking it wouldn't be too hard to sneak by and go to the studio that Hisami was in. However it wasn't long after she joined in the line that the executive producer and his producers came out to survey the line for potential contestants. The game show only took four contestants per show and there were over 100 people in the line waiting. Most of the people waiting in the line were doing crazy things to impress the producers so that they could be picked. Somehow Anita didn't had a good feeling about it, and judging by the way the people were acting in line, she had a feeling that the game show was silly, ridiculous and humiliating. Anita was a girl who had a lot of pride and was very conscious of her self-appearance, thus being in that type of game show was not cool with her. What she didn't know at the time was that she was the only young teenager in the group, which made her stand out from the crowd.
While scanning through the crowds, one of the producers noticed Anita because of her youth and thought that she would make a good contestant. “Hey Takemashi-san, I think I found a contestant!” he exclaimed as executive producer Fukimoto Takemashi was examining other potential contestants ten feet away.
Takemashi was in no hurry to examine the producer's pick, thinking that it was just an ordinary potential candidate. When he finally got to Anita, he was surprised that someone so young would want to be one of the contestants.
“Well this is a little one all right,” he said with a small smirk on his face.
“I'm not little! I'm fourteen-years old, you jerk!”
Takemashi was taken back a little by her feistiness but it only made her more of a potential candidate in his mind. “I think we found one of our contestants,” he said. “Looks like you might have a chance of being at least one million yen richer!”
When she heard that she would win one million yen it made any doubts of participating in the game show go away. It would be more than enough to get a birthday gift for Nenene if she wins so she enthusiastically agreed to be a contestant for the game show.
She and three other candidates followed the producers to a small green room in the studio. The executive producer told them that he would be back in ten minutes. Those ten minutes seemed like an eternity to Anita, who was lost in her thoughts about being in the show. `I hope I'm doing the right thing being here. I hope no one watch this.'
Then the executive producer finally returned and addressed the selected contestants.
“Welcome to Majide, the craziest game show in Japan.”
Now Anita was really surprised. `Oh no, not Majide! Of all the games shows I had to be on... now I so wish that I was not here!'
Takemashi went over the legalities to the contestants so that they wouldn't be able to take any legal action against the show in case anything went wrong.
“Unless the injuries received on the show are fatal, any injuries incurred on the show will not be paid for or reimbursed in any way by the show or by Ashiti TV. If you object to this, you can freely go now.”
This was Anita's moment to leave but the image of one million yen was in her mind, so she decided to stay, thinking it wouldn't be so bad. She was about to find out how wrong she was…