Read Or Die Fan Fiction ❯ A Birthday Nenene Will Never Forget ❯ Maggie Comes to the Rescue! ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 4: Maggie Comes To The Rescue.
While Michelle and Anita were finding ways to get food for Nenene's birthday, Maggie was just walking around the city, moping about what just happened and what could happen if Nenene found out.
“Oh my God, what am I going to do? Nenene will be totally mad at me. Then she would probably break up with me!” When that thought came in her mind she burst into tears, and since the wind had picked up some speed, the tears were steaming off her face. While she was still walking down the street, she heard a distressed woman screaming.
“Help, help! Somebody just stole my purse!” an old woman frantically cried. Her purse got stolen by a thin young man who couldn't be any older than 21. As soon as Maggie heard the scream, she ran as quickly as she could to the area. While she was running to the scene, she spotted a man who was running towards her, carrying a purse. She figured that must be him, however as soon as she spotted him, he spotted her as well. The thief probably figured out that Maggie was there to stop him but he wasn't going to let that happen, so he quickly pulled out his gun. Luckily for Maggie, she was near a newsstand so she quickly grabbed a magazine from off the shelf and prepared for the worst.
Not surprisingly, the man pulled the trigger and the bullet sped towards Maggie's head. With Maggie's cat-like reflexes and her extraordinary defensive Paper Magic skills, she blocked the bullet using the magazine. It stopped only a few inches from her face.
For a while the man thought that the bullet went through the magazine and hit Maggie, but he was shocked to see Maggie still alive after she dropped the magazine and showed her face. He realized what he was dealing with and said out loud, “Oh my God, you're a Paper Master!”
“Yes I am,” Maggie responded calmly.
The amazement quickly faded and the thief replied to Maggie rather arrogantly, “Well that don't mean shit to me. I doubt you can catch me!” After he said that, he started to run away from Maggie as fast as he could with the purse still in his possession. Using the same magazine, Maggie created a leopard “puppet” to chase after the thief.
However, the newsstand clerk could care less about her heroic actions. “Hey I don't care if you're the Toilet Paper Master, I want you to pay for that magazine you've just destroyed!”
Maggie couldn't believe that he was more concerned about her not paying for the magazine but she told him immediately, “I will pay you back later.”
The clerk didn't like her answer so he quickly approached Maggie and in a threatening manner told her, “You're going to pay for the magazine right now, toots, or I'm gonna make you.” He foolishly followed up with a small push to Maggie's chest.
Maggie was not the confrontational type but she wasn't going to let him intimidate her, so she grabbed him by his shirt with one of her hands and picked him up about a foot above the ground. She harshly growled at him, “I told you I will pay you later, do you understand?”
The now-nervous clerk reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. Maggie dropped him and started to chase after the criminal. The leopard puppet was already ahead by a good block and was about half a block close to the thief. On the next block there was a small bridge for a driveway. It was about 18 feet high and could be fatal if one jumped over the bridge, but the thief jumped over it nevertheless, thinking that the puppet wouldn't be able to get him. He landed on his feet but stumbled a bit. Miraculously, he didn't get seriously hurt but the pain he got from the landing lingered for a while, so he was limping while still trying to evade the puppet.
Unfortunately for him, the puppet jumped over the bridge as well and was able to “sense” where the criminal was at. That could be thanks in part to Maggie spending time with Yomiko in improving her Paper Magic skills after her battle with Sonny Wong. The puppet didn't have far to go to catch the thief after the jump. Maggie knew where the criminal and the puppet were since she was close enough to see them jump over the bridge. It took her a while to get there but when she arrived she saw the puppet on top of the thief, leaving him incapable of escaping. Maggie had the man turn over to lie on his chest and put both of his arms behind his back. She then had the puppet turn into a pair of handcuffs and placed them on the man while taking the purse away from him.
Maggie held the thief in position until the cops arrived. They were Sergeant Suzushiro and Sergeant Kikukawa, two cops who regularly worked in this district of Tokyo and were familiar with Maggie. In the past, Maggie and her sisters had helped both sergeants in capturing law-breakers. Riding along with them was the old woman who had her purse stolen.
“Thanks Maggie-san, we've been trying to catch him for a while.” Sgt. Suzushiro said.
“Yeah, he's been known to break into homes and steal purses from many old ladies.”
“Well you're welcome, anything to make Tokyo safer,” Maggie replied with her usual blush.
When Maggie spotted the old woman, she quickly walked up to her and gave her the purse.
“Here's your purse. Everything should be intact. You can check it yourself.”
“Oh, I'm sure everything is in there. Anyway, before the incident, I saw you crying. What happened?”
The birthday came back into Maggie's mind and tears were starting to form again.
“I planned a birthday party for someone special in my life and it all went wrong. My sisters ate all the food, including the cake, and I have no money to buy more food,” Maggie answered as tears started to run down her face.
“Oh my, that's so sad. I wish I can give you some money to help you buy all the food again, but I have no money since I used it all to get some groceries. However, I do have this.”
The old lady dug into her grocery bag and took out a chocolate-frosted cupcake. Maggie didn't know whether to laugh or get angry when she saw it.
“That's all I can give you.”
“That's not a problem. Thank you anyway,” Maggie said with her usual modesty. Unlike Anita, she was always respectful of other people's feelings. After that, she left the scene and headed back to apartment, cupcake in hand, knowing full well that she would have to do some serious explaining to Nenene.