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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
In the DBZ universe...

In the evil Babbadi's evil lair, on the evil third stage, after Gohan's evil fight with
the evil Dagora was evilly brought to an evil halt when the evil Dagora made an evil discovery of
an evil person with in the not-so evil group with an evilly evil heart that could evilly be
turned evil...evilly...AAAARGH! SCREW THIS!!!
Anyway, Dagora left to tell Bobbity that Vegita could be turned evil, while Goku, Gohan,
Vegita, and the Supreme Kai were on the third stage, waiting. Vegita was passing the time by
making fun of Gohan for being weak and not winning the fight sooner...

Vegita: You're a lazy, no-good excuse for a warrior! I can't believe you have even a drop of
Saiyan blood inside of you! You're a disgrace! It's because of you that Piccolo and Krillin are
still stone!

Gohan: Hey! I'm not the one planning on spending my whole life trying to become better than
someone who it's impossible to be better than!

Vegita: WHAT?! How DARE YOU!!! I'm the strongest Saiyan! Not Kakarot! And I'm definitely
stronger than you!

Gohan: Face it, Vegita! My dad's stronger than you. He'll ALWAYS be stronger than you!

Vegita: How do YOU know?

Gohan: He's the hero, DUH!

Vegita: Well, I'll kill him and become the hero! Then I'll be the strongest!

Supreme Kai: You can't do that!

Vegita: Why not? I came close to killing him before!

Gohan: That was while you were evil. All the evil people ended up almost killing him!

Vegita: I'm stronger than them! I'll fight him and I'll win! Then I'll be the strongest warrior!

Gohan: Uh...that won't work...


Supreme Kai: I don't think he's listening to you...

Gohan: (slaps his forehead) Give me a break!

(Suddenly, a whole chorus of people enters the room.)


(Vegita gets mad and looks as though he is about to blast them. The chorus people scream
and run away.)

Gohan: MAN! You are out of control. (Turns to Goku) DAD! You're the strongest fighter! Do

Goku: Hmmm...listening to that song made me hungry...

Gohan: DAD! Can we PLEASE focus here?!

Vegita: Shut up you little <BEEP!>

Goku: Don't call him names!

Vegita: Shut UP!

Gohan: Don't tell him to shut up!

Goku: And you really should calm down.

Gohan: Who?

Goku: Vegita! You need to watch your blood pressure.

Vegita: SHUT UP! My blood pressure's fine (a chart appears showing that Vegita's blood pressure
is too high) and you're as weak as he is! (Blasts the chart)

Supreme Kai: I don't believe this...I'm surrounded by idiots!!!

Gohan: You think that's bad? Imagine spending almost all of your life with them around.

Supreme Kai: must have it tough.

Gohan: That's not tough. Tough is having a mother who makes you study all the time, even when
the world is in danger!

Supreme Kai: Whoa...that IS tough!

Vegita: THAT'S IT! I'm sick of waiting! (Powers up) I'm gonna blast through the floor!

Supreme Kai: YOU IDIOT! A blast like that can release Majin Buu!

Vegita: I don't care!

Supreme Kai: He's murdered thousands of innocent people!

Vegita: I don't care!

Supreme Kai: He can destroy this world in less than a second even if he's not at his full power!

Vegita: I don't care!

Supreme Kai: He's indestructible!

Vegita: I don't care!

Supreme Kai: That'll completely mess up the whole plot of this stupid story!

Vegita: I don't care!

Supreme Kai: You're getting annoying!

Vegita: I don't care!

Goku: Vegita! Power down and shut up! I swear! If I hear you say that you don't care one more
time, I'll teleport you out of here and you'll miss the rest of the fights!

Vegita: (small voice) ...I'll be good...

Gohan: Uh...Dad? Why don't you just use Instantaneous Movement to go down to where Babbadi is
and destroy him before he gets a chance to do anything else?

Goku: Uh...just because...and it's INSTANT TRANSMISSION!!!

Gohan: It was Instantaneous Movement in the Japanese version.

Goku: Yeah...but we were also depicted as some sort of freaks-if you know what I mean-in the
Japanese version as well.

Gohan: ...Uh...Instant Transmission will work!

Goku: I thought so...(turns to the Supreme Kai) By the way; Dagora mentioned something about a
new recruit. Do you have any idea what he could have meant?

Supreme Kai: I have no idea what he's talking about...Oh! Of course! The new recruit must be


Gohan: (Nelson laugh) Ha! Ha!

Vegita: Why me?

Goku: Well, think about it. I pretty much have a pure heart. Gohan is my son, so he has a pure
heart. The Supreme Kai not only has a pure heart, but he's sort of weak-

Supreme Kai: -HEY!

Goku: -And Babbadi hates him and wants to kill him, so he wouldn't take the time to turn him

Gohan: Plus the fact that the last episode already revealed that you would turn evil AND on the
Internet, THEY said you'd turn evil.

Vegita: Who are they?

Gohan: I dunno...just they.

Vegita: Oh...

(Just then, Babbadi uses his magic to try and turn Vegita evil.)


Supreme Kai: Vegita! You have to fight it! You can't let Babbadi control you!

Goku: Don't give in, Vegita!

Same Hispanic guy from The Water Boy: You can do it!

Gohan: (sarcastically) Yeah...fight it, Vegita...fight...

Goku: Gohan! You're not being much help!

Gohan: Well, what he said earlier really hurt. And there's the fact that he's gonna turn evil
whether we bother to cheer him on or not, so why bother?

Goku: 'Cause he's our friend!

Gohan: No he's not. He just wants to fight you to prove he's stronger!

Goku: He's our comrade!

Gohan: But he was our enemy since long before then.

Goku: He's helped us out a lot!

Gohan: But he got us killed more often than he's helped us.

Goku: He helped you win in the fight against Cell.

Gohan: But he was also the one who allowed Cell to become so strong in the first place.

Goku: Uh...well...uh...

Gohan: Face it, Dad. You're out of ammo.

Goku: Aww...nuts!

Babbadi: (from where he is) Do you two mind? I'm trying to gain control of his mind right now!

Goku & Gohan: Sorry!

(Babbadi is continuing to turn Vegita evil.)

Gohan: How long is this gonna take?

Goku: Man...Babbadi sure likes to take his time...

Gohan: HEY! HURRY IT UP!!!

(One of the red-colored lasers hits Gohan.)


Goku: GOHAN!!! Are you okay?


Supreme Kai: I don't get's THAT supposed to be torture?

Goku: Maybe it hurts Vegita because he doesn't have a pure heart? (Under his breath) Or maybe
it's because he's weak...


Goku: Eep!

Babbadi: Uh...if you all are done talking, I'd like to finish this already!

Everyone: Sorry!

(Vegita falls to the floor.)

Goku: Vegita?

Vegita: (face-down on the floor) *groan*

Goku: Don't worry...we're going to find some way to return you to normal!

Gohan: What do you mean WE?!!

(Goku takes a step towards Vegita.)

Supreme Kai: (stops him) Don't! It's too late!

Goku: There has to be some way to change him back!

Gohan: Do we have to? I think he likes being least I like him being evil...then it
gives me a good excuse to hurt him.

Goku: You'd better be careful. Babbadi might try to turn YOU evil too!

Gohan: No he won't! It's not in the storyline!

Supreme Kai: (going on as though none of them had said anything) Vegita is now under Babbadi's
control. He'll do anything Babbadi tells him to. And it seems that Babbadi is going to use him to
destroy us!

Babbadi: Gee...what was your first clue?

(Vegita groans and stands up, revealing an M on his forehead as he laughs evilly.)


Gohan: What's with the M on his forehead?

Supreme Kai: It's Babbadi's insignia. It shows who is under his control!

Gohan: Okay...and what's with the stupid laugh?

Supreme Kai: I dunno. I guess it's supposed to show that he's evil...not that we didn't already
know that fact!

Goku: It's a villain thing.

Vegita: NO! It's supposed to make me sound COOL!!!

Gohan: Face it Vegita. You were NEVER cool!

Vegita: SHUT UP! (Powers up)

Supreme Kai:'ve got a big mouth, you know that?

Gohan: Well that happens when you have a bossy mother who won't let you have a life, and a
brain-dead father who gives in to her decisions too easily.

Goku: HEY!

Supreme Kai: What's YOUR problem?

Gohan: I've decided to show my anger at my parents by being as difficult as possible.

Supreme Kai: How are you gonna do that?

Gohan: I dunno...maybe I'll become a Goth...

Supreme Kai: You already look like one.

Gohan: I do?

Supreme Kai: It's 'cause of the black suit-type-thing and your black hair. All you need is for
your face to be paler with some black on it and you'll look like a real Goth.

Gohan: Oh, I see...maybe I'll get a job at Skinny's instead?

Supreme Kai: That might work.

Gohan: Why don't you say anything about how I shouldn't do anything like this to my parents?

Supreme Kai: Because I hate my parents too.

Gohan: Cool! We have a lot to talk about. Maybe I should start doing drugs? That'll really get to
my mom!

Supreme Kai: Nah...the drugs will hurt you more than they will hurt anyone else. It's not worth

Goku: (to the audience) Remember kids! Stay in school and don't do drugs! (Everyone gives a
thumbs up sign.)

Gohan: Well, I did hear about this web site that shows kids what terrible things to do to their

Goku: Wait 'till your mother hears about this!

Vegita: Leave them alone, Kakarot. I hated my parents too! That's how they ended up dead!

Gohan: Whoa! Vegita's cooler when he's evil!

Babbadi: *Ahem! * Can we return to the matter at hand?

Everyone: Sorry!

Babbadi: Now! I will transport them to a more fitting location for their battle!!!

(Babbadi uses his evil magic to teleport them somewhere else so they don't accidentally
release Majin Buu, but when he tries, there's a weird red light and a bunch of sirens go off.)

Goku: Huh? What's going on?!

Supreme Kai: Is Babbadi trying to transport us somewhere else?

Gohan: Nope. Babbadi has lost control and we are fixing to be teleported to a random place for no
apparent reason.

Goku: How do you know?

Gohan: Well...that weird portal that just appeared out of nowhere is a good clue!

(The others look and see a big black-hole-type portal-thingy.)

Goku: AAAAAAH!!! We're being slowly sucked in!!!

Gohan: we're not.

Goku: We're not?

Gohan: No, Dad.

Goku: Oops! I said my line too early!

Vegita: You idiot!

(NOW the portal begins to get bigger and starts to suck them in!)

Gohan: ...

Supreme Kai: ...

Vegita: ...

Goku: ...

Gohan: DAD!

Goku: What?!

Gohan: NOW you say it!

Goku: Say what?

Vegita: You say your line, you dolt!

Goku: What line?

Gohan: You're supposed to say "AAAAAAH!!! We're being slowly sucked in!!!"

Goku: Oh...okay...AAAAAAH!!! We're being slowly sucked in!!!

Vegita: Well it's about time!

Supreme Kai: (to Gohan) Is he always like that?

Gohan: Yeah. And if you think that's bad, you should see him when he eats!

Goku: HEY!!!

(Just then, they all get sucked into the portal and disappear! Meanwhile, another portal
appeared in the room that Babbadi was in. He, Dagora, and all of Babbadi's other minions get
sucked into that portal as well. A few minutes later, the DBZ fighters find themselves in a
weird, dark place...)

Gohan: Are we at the tournament?

Goku: It can't be! Unless it's night...

Supreme Kai: We're inside somewhere...

Disembodied Voice1: Uh...Excuse me? Would all of the weird-looking people down there please exit
the arena and return to your seats?

(A bunch of lights turn on to reveal an arena surrounded by tons of people.)

Gohan: Where are we?

Disembodied Voice2: You're at the ANIME DEATHMATCH (Echo) show!!!


Disembodied Voice2: DUH! That's what I just SAID!!! Now would you all mind leaving the ring?
We're in the middle of a good fight!

(That's when they notice three other people in the arena with them. One was hidden in the
shadows so whoever it was couldn't be identified. The second was a little boy wearing an orange
coat that was so tight, that his voice was muffled. The third was inhumanly ugly!)

Vegita: We want to fight!

Disembodied Voice2: Well, too bad! Right now, we have Kenny VS They. You'll have to wait until
next time!

Supreme Kai: Who is that, anyway?

Disembodied Voice2: You came to see the show, but you don't know who WE ARE?!!

Everyone: Uh...nope!

Goku: Where are you anyway?

Disembodied Voice1: Up here!

Disembodied Voice2: In the announcer's box!

(That's when the fighters notice an announcer's box where two girls can be seen.)

Disembodied Voice1: I'm Starcatcher, the announcer of Anime Deathmatch (echo)!!!

Disembodied Voice2: And I'm-

Vegita: -OH MY GOD!!! IT'S JENIS!!!

Everyone: Who?

Jenis??? : Uh...I go by VULPES, here.

Starcatcher: (turns to Vulpes) What's the weirdo babbling about?

Vulpes: *sigh* He's my brother...

Sparky: Hi!

Starcatcher: She didn't mean YOU!

Sparky: Awww...(leaves)

Starcatcher: (to Vulpes) He's your brother! That loser-freak, Andy-like, fight-loving,
people-hating, Hercule-immitating, mama's boy is YOUR brother?!!!

Vulpes: ...Half-brother...

Starcatcher: (looks back and forth between the two a few times) I can see the resemblance.

Vegita & Vulpes: HEY!!!

Vegita: NONE of that is true about me!

Lady from the audience: Be quiet!

Vegita: Yes, mother.

Vegita's mom: And have you cleaned your room yet?

Vegita: I'll do it as soon as this fight's over!

Vegita's mom: Those clothes of yours look dirty. When was the last time you washed them? And when
was the last time you took a bath?

Everyone: *snicker, snicker*

Vegita: MOM!!!

Starcatcher: has to be tough to have a mom like THAT!

Vulpes: That's MY mom!

Starcatcher: You poor, poor thing...

Vulpes: I am SO gonna hurt you!

Starcatcher: You can't hurt me! I'm in charge here! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Supreme Kai: I thought he said he killed his parents?

Starcatcher: He did! We just used the Dragon Balls to bring his mom back to life!


Starcatcher: To annoy you! But I didn't know she was Vulpes's mom too! That's just an added

Vulpes: HEY!!!

Vegita's (and Vulpes's) mom: Don't yell, sweetheart.

Vulpes: Yes, mom.

Vegita: Can we get this fight started now?!

Vulpes: We already have a fight in progress!

Vegita: I DON'T CARE!!! I want to fight!

Starcatcher: You see those other guys in the ring?

Vegita: Uh-huh...

Vulpes: The kid in the orange parka-thingy is Kenny. The mysterious, shadowy figure is THEY.
Those two are fighting right now!

Goku: What about the other one?

Vulpes: Who?

Goku: You know! The seriously ugly guy.

Andy: HEY!!!

Starcatcher: That's Andy. He's our referee.


Starcatcher: Anyway, we're in the middle of a match here, so you guys will have to wait.

Vegita: NO! WE are going to fight NOW!!!

Vulpes: You can't just come in here and start bossing us around!

Vegita: Yes I can!


Vegita: Make me!

Vulpes: (strangely happy) OKAY!

Starcatcher: S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y!!!

Vulpes: Aww, MAN!

(Suddenly, a teenage boy and girl both dressed in Security Guard clothes appear in the

Girl: What's up?

Starcatcher: Kat, those guys are interrupting the fight and refuse to leave! DO SOMETHING!!!

Vulpes: (pouting) Why can't I take care of them?!

Starcatcher: ...Do I really need to tell you?

Boy: Can I use my mallet?

Vulpes: I dunno...(turns to Starcatcher) can Blade use his mallet?

Starcatcher: Sure. Why not?

(Just then, a portal appears in the announcer's box. Bobbity and Dagora enter through it,
followed by Babbadi's other minions.)

Dagora: How did we end up here?

Babbadi: I have no idea...they should have been teleported to the tournament and we should have
stayed in the control room.

Starcatcher: ...Uh...okay...this is getting too weird! Wait a minute! (Stops. Turns to Vulpes)
Have you been messing with the Inter-dimensional Tractor Beam AGAIN?!!

Vulpes: look)

Starcatcher: (slaps her forehead) I can't believe this!

(Meanwhile, Kenny rushed over to They. Since THEY wasn't paying attention, Kenny kills THEY.)

Stan: (from the audience) Oh my God! Kenny...killed...THEY!

Kyle: You...bastard?

Vegita: THERE! The fight's over! Now Kakarot and I will fight!

Starcatcher: Look, we only have 1 fight per show. You'll have to wait 'till next time!

Vegita: WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT NOW!!! (Shoots a blast that's aiming for Starcatcher, but it
bounces off the glass)

Gohan: Whoa...that's some pretty strong glass!

Vulpes: That's the special reflectant glass. It's designed to block anything and everything, EVEN
energy blasts! I invented it myself!

Starcatcher: HEY! I'M the one who invented it!

Vulpes: Yeah...but I invented the idea to steal your invention and say I was the inventor who
invented it when I invented the idea to sell the invention over the Internet!

Starcatcher: I am SO gonna hurt you!

Vulpes: Yeah RIGHT!

(A few minutes later...)

Starcatcher: O-o-o-okay...apparently, I'm gonna need a substitute co-host!

Vulpes: O-o-o-ow!

Starcatcher: Oh, wait! Never mind...

Vegita: ENOUGH WAITING! WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT NOW!!! (Powers up, but unfortunately, Kenny's too
close and ends up being thrown across the arena. He slams into a wall, and dies)



Vegita: (gives them an evil look)

Stan: Uh...never mind...


(Vegita blasts Kyle.)


(Vegita blasts Stan.)

Eric: (Nelson laugh) HA HA! He killed Stan! Way to go, you bastard!

(Vegita blasts Eric.)


(Vegita blasts Andy.)


Starcatcher: WOO-HOO!

Vulpes: You didn't like him very much, did you?

Starcatcher: No, DUH!!! (Sees Vegita powering up for another blast) AND ENOUGH WITH THE BLASTING

Vegita: Kakarot and I are going to fight NOW!!!


Babbadi: Hmmm...Dagora?

Dagora: Yes, Master Babbadi?

Babbadi: If we took over this place, then we could get more than enough energy for Majin Buu!

Dagora: Hmmm...Good idea!

Babbadi: All we have to do is get rid of them! (Gestures to Starcatcher, Vulpes, Kat, and Blade)

Starcatcher: Hold it! We are NOT just going to hand over our jobs to you freaks!

Vulpes, Kat, and Blade: YEAH!

(A few minutes later...)

Starcatcher: I can't believe they took over our show...ON THE FIRST EPISODE TOO!!!

Kat: AND they kidnapped Melvin so he could create a machine that will steal the energy from the
audience members in order to revive Majin Buu!

Vulpes: Don't's not like it's the end of the world.

Blade: Uh...Vulpes? If Majin Buu is set free, it WILL be the end of the world!

Vulpes: least things can't get any worse!

(Meanwhile...back at the studio...)

Babbadi: All right! I'm your new host, Babbadi!

Dagora: And I'm the co-host, Dagora.

Babbadi: And this is ANIME DEATHMATCH(echo)! And WE are in control! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Back to the original cast, who are watching this from a TV at Starcatcher's house.)

Kat: It looks like things just got worse...

Vulpes: What are you talking about?

Blade: Vulpes, if they are actually LIKED by the fans, WE'LL be out of jobs! And I worked hard
for that position! We have to do something!

Starcatcher: Hey! I have an idea!!!

Annoying-announcer-guy: Will the original cast of Anime Deathmatch be able to retake control of
the show? Will the fans ever get used to Babbadi and Dagora? Will Melvin be able to find some way
to save himself and the entire world? Will Goku be able to win against Vegita? Will the Supreme
Kai and Gohan do be able to stop them on their own? Will the original cast loose their jobs? Will
Majin Buu be released? Will Earth be saved?

Starcatcher: Will that annoying-announcer-guy PLEASE just SHUT UP before I decide to turn him

Annoying-announcer-guy: Uh...yeah...okay, fine. Tune in next time folks to find out!



I would just like to take this time to remind you all that I don't own any of the characters
from any of the anime, but I am the original creator of the Anime Deathmatch Cast...well...except
for Melvin. He's from Sailor Moon.

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