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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Starcatcher: Hello, I'm Starcatcher, you're host here at Anime Deathmatch(echo).

Vulpes: And I'm everyone's favorite co-host, Vulpes!

Starcatcher: For today's fight-!!! (Is cut off by a sword barely missing her head) What the-!?!

Kouken: DIE STARCATCHER!!! (Swings again, but misses)

Vulpes: NO!

Blade: You can't kill her!

Andy: (Sarcastically) No…stop…

Ridge: Why would you want to kill Starcatcher!?!

Kouken: Because SHE put MY Trunks with that know-it-all Sailor Mercury!!! (Swings again, but misses again)

Ridge: Where's Kat when you need her?

Vulpes: She's still fighting with Chibi Chaos over Blade in the reviews section.

Blade: I don't think Chibi Chaos knows it yet though…

(In the reviews section…)


(Back in the announcer's box…)

Kouken: YOU WILL PAY!!!

Starcatcher: HOLD IT! HOLD EVERYTHING!!! I didn't have anything to do with Trunks and Amy getting together!

Kouken: (Skeptic look) Suuuuuure…

Blade: It's the truth!

Kouken: (Slightly convinced) Well…if YOU didn't do it, then who did?

Starcatcher: It was that stupid, no-good brat, Cupid! He ALWAYS does stuff like this!

Kouken: Really? So HE'S the one who made MY Trunks fall for Amy?

Everyone: (Nods)

Kouken: Well…it looks like I'll just have to have a few…words with him then…(Leaves)

Everyone: (Heaves a sigh of relief) *WHEW!*

Vulpes: At least that little love affair is over with…

Blade: Speaking of which…hey, Vulpes? How was your date with Tenchi?

Kat: Yeah! How did it go?

Ridge: KAT!?! When did you get back? I thought you were fighting with Chibi Chaos in the reviews section?

Kat: She never showed up…SOMEBODY forgot to tell her to show up there for the final showdown!!!

Andy: (Whistles innocently)

Starcatcher: Oh brother!

Sparky: (Pops up out of nowhere) Yes?

Blade: Uh…anyways, what about your date, Vulpes?

Vulpes: Tenchi? Well, we went to this nice restaurant. He said he had to go to the bathroom, but he never came back...maybe he forgot which table I was at?

Ridge: (whispering to Starcatcher) Shouldn't we tell her that...

Starcatcher: (shakes her head) Don't even bother...

Kat: (whispering) What DID happen to Tenchi anyway?

Ridge: (shoots a glance at Vulpes and whispers) He joined the Vulpes Obsession Protection Program. I heard Ryoko was seen with him…

Blade and Kat: Oh...

Vulpes: Guys? What's wrong?

Others: Nothing!!!

Vulpes: Oh...but at least I've finally found the perfect guy for me!

Kat: Let me guess…(pretends to think really hard) is it…Kafir?

Vulpes: Nah…I've found someone else!


Vulpes: HELL NO!

Melvin: (Pouts)

Ridge: Then who is it?

Vulpes: It's that cutie, Eros!

Blade: Eros? You've fallen in love with EROS!?!

Kat: Well…who better to fall in love with than the God of Love himself?

Starcatcher: I can't wait to see how Zpan Sven is going to react to this! (Smiles evilly) I can just see the wedding now…(Thought bubble appears of the wedding.)

(Inside the thought bubble…)

(It takes place in a synagogue, where Starcatcher is the pastor, Sparky plays the organ, Eros is dressed in a tux and is being held in place by Kat and Blade. Vulpes begins to walk down the isle, but instead of "Here Comes the Bride," Sparky plays "The Taps.")

(Back outside the thought bubble…)

Ridge: Don't you think you're being a little too harsh?

Starcatcher: (Thought bubble disappears) Hey, if he IS that stupid God of Love that's been causing most of our problems, then he deserves whatever he gets!

Blade: Man…poor, poor Eros…having to deal with an angry Kouken and a love-sick Vulpes…

Vulpes: But I thought that Cupid was that little naked baby angel?

Kat: Oh well! Who's fighting today, anyways?

Vulpes: Our fight for today is: Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo VS Marin from DBZ!

Sparky: ...Over who's the REAL dumb blonde!

Everyone: SPARKY!!!


Kat: SEE?!! Now look at what you've done!!!

Sparky: Fine! I'll leave! But one of these days, I'll create an undead army and take over the WORLD!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Starcatcher: Uh...don't you mean the studio?

Sparky: Oh, wait...yeah, you're right! But one of these days, I'll create an undead army and take over the STUDIO!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Audience: (Sweat drop)

Everyone: (skeptic look) Uh-huh...sure you will....


Sparky: FINE!!! (Leaves)

Starcatcher: (groan) Guys! We just lost 50% of the audience! What're we gonna do?

Vulpes: Why don't we have a fight between you and Sparky?

Starcatcher: Shh... (Quietly) Don't give the fights away! That was supposed to happen later in the series...that is, IF there still IS a series!

Blade: I know! Why don't we have Marin and Mihoshi fight in their bathing suits?

Kat: You PERVERT! Blade! I can't believe you! Who would want to see two girls trying to kill each other in their BATHING SUITS!!!


(Everyone looks at Blade, shocked. He just smiles.)

Kat: Well...I expected many weird things to happen, but not THAT!

Ridge: Somehow, I'm not surprised…

Vulpes: So what are we gonna do?

(The phone rings. Starcatcher picks it up.)

Starcatcher: Hello? ... Oh! It's you, sir! What's going on? ... Really? ... So, you really want that to happen? ... Okay. If that's the way they want it. (Hangs up)

Ridge: Who was it?

Starcatcher: It was the producer...most of the fans are going wild about the idea of Mihoshi and Marin (mainly Marin) fighting in their bathing suits!

Kat: So...what're we going to do?

Starcatcher: We're going to do what the producer said and give the audience what they demand...although I know that somehow...I'm going to regret this later.

Sparky: Oh, well!

Kat: Sparky? Since when did you get back?

Sparky: Since sis said that she was going to regret something, and I know it's something I don't want to miss! So hurry up and do what you're going to regret!

Starcatcher: *Sigh* Ladies and gentlemen, our fight today will feature Mihoshi and Marin...*sigh*... Wearing their bathing suits!

(Audience goes wild; mainly the men because the women are disgusted.)

Starcatcher: But to make it up to the ladies, next time, we're going to show a fight between Spike and Shiro Armada...neither will have their shirts on.

(Now the ladies in the audience are going wild. The men don't seem to care.)

Sparky: That's just disgusting!

Kat: HEY! If the guys get two girls fighting in their bathing suits, then the ladies will get two guys fighting without their shirts on! Compare the two, and it still seems that the guys get more out of it then the girls!

Sparky: I don't care! It's disgusting!

Kat: And yet, you think that watching two idiotic but beautiful girls kill each other in BATHING SUITS is cool? Oh, come on!

Sparky: There's a HUGE difference!!!

Kat: Uh-huh...then why don't you tell me what that difference is?

Sparky: might as well have Andy fight Melvin...without their shirts on!

Melvin: (pops up) Hi, Vulpes!

Vulpes: Are you CRAZY?!!

Ridge: Umm...shouldn't we get on with the show?

Starcatcher: Fine! Let the match begin!

(Nothing happens.)

Starcatcher: Ahem...Now let the match begin!

(Still nothing happens.)

Ridge: Huh?

Vulpes: What's going on?

Blade: Yeah, why isn't there fighting own there?

(Shoot to arena. There, Andy is too busy oogling over Marin and Mihoshi to start the fight.)


Andy: SHUT UP RETARD!!! I'm getting a closer look at these two pretty ladies...say girls...why don't we go out to dinner sometime...

Mihoshi & Marin: *Giggle, giggle, giggle*

(Back up in the announcer's box.)




Vulpes: Someone do something!!!

Kat: I've already taken care of it...(using the loud-speaker) Hey, Mihoshi! There's a wanted criminal in the audience! He's about to KILL YOU!!!

(Mihoshi screams and starts shooting randomly. She misses everyone, but finally hits Andy and he falls unconscious. But since the gun was set on stun, he wasn't killed.)

Blade: (takes Andy's place in the ring as Kat rushed over to the side of the ring) Now...On your mark, get set...GO!!!

Marin: Uh...what were we supposed to do again?

Mihoshi: Take this! (Sets gun and shoots Marin, killing her.)

Kat: HEY!!! The rules clearly stated that there are to be NO FIREARMS unless we say it's okay to!!!

Mihoshi: Oops! Sorry!

Master Roshi: (from the audience) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh...poor, poor Marin...she was so sweet...

Ulie: (in the audience) And stupid!

Mia: (sitting next to him) ULIE!!! That is no way to talk about someone who was just killed!

Master Roshi: ...she died...

Rini: (also in the audience) Uh...isn't that a good thing?

All the men in the audience: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!

(All the men in the audience start clobbering Rini. Hercule sees this and it causes him to laugh. Then he starts choking on a pretzel. Videl punches Hercule's back, causing the pretzel to come flying out of his mouth. It's bouncing off different areas of the arena and ends up flying through Vegita's hair, leaving a hole through his hair.)

Everyone: (Stares)

Blade: You've got to be kidding me…not even a laser could slice through and all it took to cut Vegita's hair was a PRETZEL!?!

Ridge: Talk about irony…

Vulpes: Wow!

(The pretzel then flies towards Blade, who pulls out his mallet and swings it like a baseball bat. The pretzel then shoots into Andy's heart like a bullet, killing him.)

Andy: Man...Who'd have thought I'd die THIS way! (Dies)

Vulpes: Oh, my God! Andy's DEAD!!!

Starcatcher: WOO-HOO!!!

Vulpes: You don't like him very much, do you?

Starcatcher: Nope.

(Back to the arena.)

Blade: YES!!! Blade: 2 Andy: Noth-IN'!!!

Mihoshi: (fiddling with her gun) Did I set it right? (Pulls the trigger, a laser beam goes shooting trough Blade, and he falls over, almost dead.)

Vulpes: O-o-okay...I guess Mihoshi's the winner!

Blade: The hurting...the hurting...

Ridge: Uh...what should we do about Blade?

Melvin: O-o-h! That's gotta hurt! Think it could happen to me?

Vulpes: If you bug me enough, then yah! It could happen to you!

Melvin: (faints) Ooooooh!!!

Kat: Don't worry, there's the Anime Deathmatch Official Rescue Team.

(The Anime Deathmatch ORT brings a stretcher. They put Mihoshi on it and take her away.)

Mihoshi: Hey! I'm not hurt!

Vulpes: Uh...they never were really accurate...

Kat: Poor guys...they've been this way ever since going insane after being chased around by Vulpes.

Vulpes: Hey! ...Well...they were cute!

Starcatcher: Oh, brother...

Sparky: Yes?

Starcatcher: It was just a figure of speech!

Sparky: Hmph! (Leaves)

Starcatcher: looks like we'll have to take Blade to the hospital, ourselves. Oh, well...Catch us here next time on Anime Deathmatch(echo).



Heero: …

Duo: Would someone mind telling me why WE'RE here?

Quatre: Well…the original crew couldn't do it because they had to take Blade to the hospital, so we have to do the closing for them.


Trowa: …

Duo: Uh…so…what do we say?

Serena: Maybe something along the lines of "The anime characters featured in this story belong to their original creators so you can't sue the cast of Anime Deathmatch?"

Amy: And please review or else they will be fired and the show will be cancelled, and none of us want that!

Duo: But you're just saying that because the cast kept Kouken from killing you!

Amy: (Glares)

Serena: Well…that's new!

Wufei: Weak onnas.

Girls: WHO ARE YOU CALLING WEAK?!!! (All gang up on Wufei and beat him to a pulp.)

Wufei: Ow…

Duo: (In sing-song) Wu-man got beat up by giiiiirrrrlllls!

Girls: (All turn to face Duo) AND WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY THAT?

Duo: Eep! (Starts running, being chased by the Sailor Scouts)

Quatre: Uh…any input guys?

Heero: Hn.

Trowa: …

Wufei: Uh…(falls unconscious)

Quatre: (sweat drop) Uh…fine then…I guess that's it! Goodbye!