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The Magical Portals
By: kaibafan1

Chapter 1


Once there was a princess who lived in a place called the Moon Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom was on the moon. The princessís name was princess Maria. Her mother was Queen Serenity. The princess had five guardians. They were Thunder, Lightning, Mystic, Silverbolt, and Nightstalker. Thunder was a werewolf with magical powers. Lightning was Thunder's brother who too had magical powers and was a werewolf too. Mystic was a unicorn with sparkling wings, a rainbow horn, and had many different magical powers. Silverbolt was like an eagle and a falcon but bigger. He has great magical powers too. Nightstalker was a cross between a lion, a tiger, a panther, a cheetah, and a leopard. His eyes are green.

Mystic is probably the most important of the five guardians. She has the strongest bond with the princess. The five guardians protect the princess from all evil. The Queen always had parties, wonderful ones. They were actual balls. The princess thought the Moon Kingdom was boring. She was always sneaking down to earth. She had other guardians they were known as the sailor scouts. They were Sailor Mars (Rei), Sailor Venus (Mina), Sailor Jupiter (Lita), Sailor Mercury (Amy), Sailor Pluto (Setsuna), Sailor Uranus (Haruka), Sailor Neptune (Michiru), and Sailor Saturn (Hotaro). Sailor Mars was the Sailor Scout of fire. Sailor Mercury is the Sailor Scout of ice. Sailor Venus is the Sailor Scout or goddess of love.

Sailor Jupiter is the Sailor Scout of thunder. Sailor Pluto is the revolution warrior or the keeper of time. Sailor Uranus is the Sailor Scout of light. Sailor Neptune is the Sailor Scout of water. They scold her for going down to earth by herself. The princess sneaks down to earth to see the earth prince. The earth prince is prince Anumbus. They are in love. The warriors that help him out are the warlord of Illusion Daise, the warlord of Venom Sekhmet, the warlord of Darkness Cale, the ronin warrior of Wildfire Ryo, the ronin warrior of Hardrock Kento, Cye of the torrent, Sage of the Halo, and Rowen of Strata. They help the prince out. They love to see the princess. They teach her how to fight. She can transform into the legendary Sailor Scout of the moon, Sailor Moon.

In this form she can fight using her tiara, moon scepter, the moon wand, and the gorges wand. She has more power probably then anyone but they donít know it and neither does she, yet. One day while visiting earth on the path through the woods she ran into Daise

"Hello," she said.

"Hello," he said, "Prince Anumbus wishes for you not to come to the palace today, but to go to Moonlight Lake."

"But that is near the mountains my mother the Moon Queen does not want me near unless I have an escort or the Spirit Dragon is there," the princess said.

"I can fix that, I will escort you there if you would like me or I could tell him to send the spirit dragon if it would please her," Daise said.

"No you escorting me should be fine the Spirit Dragon doesnít like being bothered a lot unless it is an emergency," She said.

"Alright then lets get going," Daise said.

They reached Moonlight Lake by noon. They found Prince Anumbus in the small valley right next to the lake.

"Over here," he said.

The princess and Daise came over to him.

"What is that?" Daise said. He pointed to a middle sized glowing ball.

"I donít know, I know I have seen it in a book before," he said.

"I know what it is," the princess said. They looked at her. "Itís a portal."

"A portal!" Daise said.

"Then I have seen it before," the prince said. "In the book of portals made by someone from your kingdom."

"Lets check it out," said Daise.

"We canít, we donít know where it goes or if we do will it disappear and leave us stuck in whatever place it takes us without knowing how to get back," the princess said.

Just as they were talking the portal was getting bigger and closer to them. The portal shot a beam at them. Prince Anumbus jumped in front of the princess with his weapon outstretched and Daise pulled out his shield. But it was no use they were lifted into the beam and disappeared into the bright light. Every thing going dark is the last thing they saw.


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