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Chapter 8

They ate breakfast then headed for Burnt Tower. When they reached it there was a man in front of it.

“The legend says that three legendary Pokemon perished when this Tower burned down and were reborn by a rainbow Pokemon, it also says they are rumored to live in this tower,” after the old man said this he left.

They went inside, just as they walk inside near their feet a floorboard fell in.

“We’ll have to be careful theses floorboards could fall out from under us any moment,” Brock said.

As they were walking forward the floorboard under Maria collapsed and she fell in.

Anumbus spun around and jumped to the edge, his hand shooting out and grabbing her wrist. He tried to pull her up but slipped and she fell to the bottom floor.

“There are stairs over there leading down there,” Brock said.

Maria woke up to find a blue glowing Pokemon next to her.

“You saved me,” Maria said.

“Yes,” the Pokemon said. “I am Suicune, the legendary dog of water and ice, two other pokemon appeared.

“I’m Entei, the legendary dog of fire,” said the first Pokemon.

“I’m Raikou, the legendary dog of lightning,” the second Pokemon said.

She was about to thank them when Anumbus puling his weapon out came running towards them with the others. Seeing them the three Pokemon ran off.

“Wait!” Maria called to them.

“Are you alright,” Anumbus said. She nodded her head and then looked in the direction the three Pokemon had run.

“Those were the legendary Pokemon,” Ash said.

“Yes,” Maria said softly.

“Maybe we should leave because this place is too dangerous,” Brock said.

Daise looked at the floorboards then spotted blood on Maria’s ankle.

“Your hurt,” Daise said.

Maria looked then hid it from view, seeing the look on Anumbus’s face she said, “It’s not that bad, just a scratch.”

They left Burnt Tower and went to the gym. When they went in a guy was standing on arena.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m Morty the leader of this gym.”

“I’ll be fighting you first,” Ash said.

“Okay then lets go,” Morty said.

The battle lasted for a long time but Ash came out as the victor.

“I’m next,” Maria said.

“Lets do it,” they said at the same time.

“Go Gastly,” Morty said. “Go Umbreon,” Maria said.

“Gastly, Zap Cannon,” Morty said.

“Umbreon, Smoke Screen, then use Shadow Ball,” Maria said.

Umbreon’s smokescreen made it so Gastly’s zap cannon couldn’t hit Umbreon and then was hit with Umbreon’s shadow ball.

“Gastly, Psybeam,” Morty said.

“Umbreon, Reflect,” Maria said. Umbreon reflected Gastly’s Psybeam and Gastly was knocked out with his own attack.

“Go Haunter,” Morty said.

“Umbreon, Psybeam,” Maria said as soon as Haunter was sent out and not giving time to retaliate. Haunter was knocked out quickly.

“Go Haunter,” Morty said sending out another Haunter and Maria did the same thing.

“Go Gengar, Reflect,” Morty said and Umbreon who was doing the same was knocked out with its own attack.

“Go Espeon, Agility,” Maria said and Espeon was not hit.

“Espeon, Psybeam combined with a Shadow Ball, Maria said. Espeon’s combination knocked Gengar out.

“Here is the Fog Badge,” Morty said.

After the battle they went to the Pokemon Center and stayed there for the night. In the morning they will head to Olivine City.

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Well that's chapter 8. Sorry it took so long, but i have had a lot of family problems, trouble with school and other problems. *sighs* And i haven't been able to get to a computer for a long time.