Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ It Could Happen Twice ( Chapter 11 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Once again, Kaoru Kamiya—super-stealth ninja and Sanosuke Sagara's worst nightmare—had infiltrated the men's dormitory. They never stood a chance. The pansies. At least this time she wasn't mad as hell. “Hey, Sano.”
She swung the door open to his room, immediately freezing. This was not happening to her. Not again.
“Miss Kaoru?”
She closed her eyes, backing out of the room. At least he was wearing pants this time...and she wasn't shrieking to raise the dead. It could've been worse. “I really need to learn how to knock.”
Her eyes opened when she heard a soft chuckle and she was relieved to see he'd slipped on a t-shirt and pulled his damp hair back in a loose tail. He smiled at her. “At least you didn't get here two minutes earlier.”
She did not want to think about missed opportunities. No! Not missed opportunities. Horrifyingly embarrassing situations. She swallowed, glancing around the small dorm room in order to avoid looking at him. Just pretend it didn't happen. “Is Sano around?”
She highly doubted the loud mouth would've stayed quiet this long but she needed to fill the silence. His head tilted and a mischievous light shone in his eyes. “I believe he's in the shower. He just go in from practice. If you'd like, the showers are three doors down and on the right.”
Her brain functioning power came to a standstill. For a full minute she could have possibly been considered brain dead. He was suggesting that she... and Sanosuke...shower... When Kenshin raised a challenging eyebrow, her brain kicked into gear. “I have no desire to see Sano naked.”
“I'm sure Sano is relieved. I believe he likes someone else, that he does. You're appearing in his shower would complicate things.”
“I have no desire to see anyone naked.”
Kenshin nodded sagely. “Except for me.”
Yes. Except for—What—“No!”
“Ah, but you've walked in on me twice now in various degrees of dishabille. I'm beginning to think you're planning it, Miss Kaoru.”
Not for the first time since meeting him not all that long ago, Kaoru wished the floor would open up and swallow her. “That first time was an accident and you know it!”
“And this time wasn't?”
Damn! He had to pull a fast one on her. And she walked right into it. Of course it was an accident! “Of course it was! I'm not a pervert.”
His smile was too innocent. “Of course it was. It can happen to anybody. Twice.”
Maybe she should leave before it got worse.
“Whoa! Why didn't you say you were having the Missy over?”
Kaoru spun around, eyes wide. Sanosuke stood just behind her in the hall, a bath towel slipping down on his hips and only staying up by one hand. The other held his dirty clothes. A tiny squeak escaped her and she clamped a hand over her eyes. “Sano! Put some clothes on!”
What? You're in a men's dorm, Missy.”
“That doesn't mean you get to walk around naked!”
Sanosuke harrumphed, brushing past her into the room. She jerked away from the contact, cringing slightly. “Sorry to offend your tender sensibilities, Missy.”
In a moment of—what she could only call later—insanity she dropped her hand from her eyes to glare at him full force. “Just because I don't want to see your naked ass doesn't mean—”
“You may want to close your eyes or leave.”
With no further warning, Sanosuke dropped his towel. Kaoru nearly choked, stumbling backwards. Please, God, strike her dead. “Sano!”
“That was unnecessary, that it was.”
“Welcome to the brotherhood, Missy!”