Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ Rumor Has It ( Chapter 12 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“So, word on the street says that you've seen Sanosuke naked.”
Kaoru groaned, hiding her blushing face in her book. “Please, I'm trying to block the unpleasant experience.”
Misao's jaw dropped and she slid into the seat across from her. “So it's true! I thought it was just one of those crazy rumors going around. Like Himura being an undercover agent for the CIA.”
Kaoru stared over her book at Misao. “Why would he be here undercover? Where on earth do you get these ideas?”
Megumi sniffed disdainfully, pulling out a chair and sitting down with more poise than Misao. “I think she makes it up half the time. It's difficult discerning when it's a myth.”
“I do not!”
Megumi ignored her. “What were you doing in Sanosuke's room anyway?”
Kaoru dropped the book to the table. They weren't going to leave her alone. And she didn't want to have this conversation here. “I'm trying to forget! Why won't you let me?”
Megumi casually brushed her hair over her shoulders, examining her manicured nails. “If you don't tell us why you were there we'll believe the other rumor.”
Misao gasped, aqua eyes wide with disbelief. “Megumi! I thought we weren't going to mention that!”
Kaoru stiffened, dread filling her. Megumi rolled her eyes. “What's the use of blackmail if you don't threaten to use it?”
Kaoru could feel panic beginning to bubble up. There was no way they found out. She destroyed the evidence a long time ago. She was such a moron in high school. “What rumor?”
Megumi shrugged, reaching to pick up Kaoru's book to examine the title. “Oh, just the one that says you're sleeping with Kenshin.”
Kaoru couldn't stop the horrified gasp that escaped. “I am not!”
“Well, we know you're not but with such evidence against you we're beginning to question...”
This was worse than she expected. She could be expelled! “Evidence?”
Misao nodded eagerly. “Yes. You've been seen a couple time leaving Kenshin and Sano's room when Sano's not there.”
Kaoru leapt to her feet, voice rising. “What? That was only once!”
Her heart nearly stopped at the identical looks of surprise that crossed their faces. Shit. If they didn't believe the rumors before, they believed them now. Maybe they'd been bluffing about the rumors... She wasn't sure which was better. It didn't matter anyway now. She told on herself. Megumi recovered her voice first. “Really, Kaoru. You should know to be more discreet. You should've taken the fire escape.”
“Why were you there this time?”
Kaoru sank back down into her seat, covering her flushing face with her hands. “The same reason as last time. Looking for Sano. I need a ride home for the holidays.”
Megumi raised an eyebrow. “A ride home? Why not hitch a ride with Misao?”
“Because she wants something powerful and purring between her legs.”

Three pairs of eyes turned to glare at the newcomer. “No, that would just be you, Sano, since you can't get any better.”
Sanosuke flopped into the chair next to Megumi, wrapping an arm around her waist. Kenshin stood next to his chair, glancing around the table. Kaoru quickly averted her eyes, watching Sanosuke lean into Megumi. “Ow, foxy lady. That was harsh.”
“That was disgusting. Is Aoshi with you guys?”
Kenshin responded since Sanosuke was busy pouting at Megumi. “He had a student stay after class with questions.”
Megumi managed to fend off Sanosuke's advances so he settled with folding his arms across his chest. “What's up, girls?”
Megumi gave a long suffering sigh. “We were having girl talk until you ruined it.”
Kaoru blushed, hoping Kenshin wouldn't notice. Sanosuke wasn't phased by the subtle dismissal though Kenshin appeared uncomfortable. “Maybe we should find another table for today.”
Megumi waved off his concerns. “No, join us. Rooster head here's already interrupted the gossip. So, how's Kagome?”
“She's fine, that she is.”
Kaoru frowned. Kenshin was dating? “Is Kagome in school?”
To her surprise, Megumi answered. “Kagome is in medical school.”
That was a surprise. “I don't think I've met her.”
Kenshin looked uncomfortable. “Miss Kagome is very busy.”
The others rolled their eyes but didn't contradict him. Steeling herself, she ventured to question: “What does she look like?”
Sanosuke chuckled but quickly cowered under Megumi's glare. “She's a very sweet girl. Very studious.”
Misao rolled her eyes. “That's just how I want someone to be described to someone.”
Sanosuke nodded in agreement. “Nothing makes a girl sound sexier than 'she's sweet and smart.'”
“And I suppose you want me to cater to your base nature by describing her as an object?”
Sanosuke scowled. “What's wrong with saying she's got legs a mile long and great boobs?”
Megumi sneered. “Pig.”
Me?” Sanosuke looked insulted. “I'm not the one dating her!”
All eyes turned to Kenshin who reddened at the sudden attention. “Miss Kagome is very pretty.”
Kaoru's breath caught in her throat but no one was paying attention to her. Sanosuke rolled his eyes, giving Kenshin a playful punch in the arm. “Call her what she is, man. She's babelicious!”
Megumi suddenly pushed back from the table. “If the conversation is going to continue like a men's locker room, I rather not be present.”
Sanosuke leapt up to follow her. “Megumi, baby—”
“I am no one's baby, Sano.”
They swept out of the cafeteria and the rest of the group exchanged resigned looks. Sanosuke forever seemed to say the stupidest things. Misao sighed. “She's always so dramatic. I'll catch you two later. Aoshi's bound to be finished by now.”
Kenshin and Kaoru watched her flounce out the door. Suddenly left by themselves, Kaoru had no idea what to say. Finally, unable to handle the drawing silence, Kaoru ventured. “I really don't understand that relationship.”