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Memories Before The Wedding
By: RedHairRurouniFan
Author's Notes: Here's the sequel I promised you! You know, after writing so many authors' notes myself, I have a newfound respect for them. When I was reading Life Of Pi, I actually read the incredibly long Author's Note. Anyway, the title of this fic just says it all, doesn't it? It's Megumi's memories before her wedding. It's pretty obvious who she's marrying since you know that I'm a big SanoMeg fan. This is sort of a continuation of I Can't Forget Him, but the continuation part is in a flashback. On with the story!
Disclaimer: Do I look like Nobuhiro Watsuki? Wait, you don't know what I look like. Well, would Nobuhiro Watsuki be posting fanfics about his books? I think not! Back to the point, I don't own Rurouni Kenshin, so those of you who want to sue me because you think I'm taking credit for the books and the characters; you're out of luck. To make things clear, RK does not belong to me.
The woman sitting in her dressing room wearing a gown of white for her wedding sighed. Her eyes sparkled with happiness and she simply radiated beauty. But, her eyes held an unmistakable look of reminiscence to them. She was thinking of how she and her husband-to-be got to this point in their lives, going to be married in less than a couple of hours. The woman's name was Takani Megumi and her groom was Sagara Sanosuke. It was hard to believe that she had met Sano while he was gambling. He'd saved her life along with Ken-san when they'd just met. She would never forget the burning look in Sano's eyes when he caught the knife she was about to plunge through her own heart. After that, she somehow joined the Kenshin-gumi and here she was now. They'd all been through so much together. The most trying time was Jinchuu. They were all devastated. After that was over though, Sano left Japan on the run from the police.
She had gotten a letter from Ken-san and Kaoru telling me that he'd gone.
(Megumi's POV) (Begin Flashback)
One night when I was crying over Sano's announcement of departure with the letter in my hand, he came in. When I realized someone else was in the room with me, I turned and my mouth dropped open. The only thing I could say was, “Sanosuke.” He merely responded with, “Megumi.” When I realized he saw me crying, I hastily tried to wipe away all traces of my tears. Within seconds, he was beside me and offering me his handkerchief. I was so surprised. I'd never known him to have a handkerchief before. It was then that I took in his seemingly weathered look. He looked like he'd been traveling all this time.
I whispered, “Sanosuke, you've changed,” taking the handkerchief gratefully and looking away.
“Have I,” came his response. It was neither a question nor a wondrous exclamation. It was simply a statement. I suddenly felt shy around this new Sano.
“Yes,” I replied and my anger began rising. “Why did you leave without a word to me? I was worried when I got that letter! I thought you didn't care about me! How could you just drop everything without saying goodbye? Not to me at least!” I was yelling and pounding on his chest with my fists. He gave no response and made no move to stop me.
Finally, he said, “I thought you wouldn't care. Since when have you cared about me Megumi? It's always been Kenshin. He's my best friend, but sometimes it gets tiring to always be overshadowed by your best pal, especially in your case. Actually, only in your case. I don't care about the other stuff.”
“Why did you save my life at Kanryuu Mansion?” I suddenly asked.
His surprise reflected in his eyes and he slowly answered, “Well… I didn't want to see you die. I couldn't let you die. I'm not really sure why, but I think I know now.”
“Why? What do you know about it now?”
“I like you, Megumi. I don't know if you feel the same way. If you like Kenshin better, I won't argue. Who would choose me over him? I think I love you. I've never felt so strongly about anyone before. Go ahead and tell me you don't-“
I cut him off with a kiss and I could sense his surprise. He was my first love. I was so incredibly grateful that he loved me too. When I broke the kiss, he looked at me hazily.
“I love you too, Sano. I've never liked Kenshin better. And if you want to know who would choose you over Kenshin, it's me. I've always loved you, Sanosuke. I'm sorry if I gave you the idea that I didn't care about you, but it's just that I cared too much. I didn't want to lose you as a friend, just in case you didn't like me back.” Sano's grin was growing with each sentence I said.
“I can't believe we didn't realize this earlier. I've always liked you too. Wow, we took longer than Kenshin and Kaoru.”
“Yeah. Sano, why didn't you say goodbye to me?” I only wanted to know, now that our feelings were out in the open.
He sighed and answered, “I didn't want to have to. If there's no goodbye there's no leaving, ne? Mostly, I didn't want to see your face. If you'd told me all this when I was leaving, I probably wouldn't have been able to leave.”
“Sano, do you have any idea how worried I was, and…” I sort of trailed off in saying, “… how much I cried?”
“I think I've got some idea,” he whispered.
That night we simply sat up talking about our relationship. He left again a week later, promising to come back again. He didn't know when it would be, maybe years, but he would be back for me. Three years later, he did indeed come back. I was so happy. So, we set out for Tokyo with plans of our wedding. Kenshin and Kaoru, by then married, were shocked but incredibly joyful. Kenji was tottering around and he wandered over to see the guests. Now the wedding was almost in session.
(Normal POV) (End Flashback)
“Megumi,” Kaoru called out to her friend. “Are you still in there?”
“I'm here, Kaoru,” Megumi called back.
“Well, your wedding's going to be in session in a couple of minutes. If you want to get married, you'd better get out here.”
“Coming!” Megumi answered, with a sweeping look around her room, realizing this was the last time she would be here alone. It was an exciting and frightening thought. She almost dove back into the realm of memories, but Kaoru called out again.
Megumi opened the door and said, “I'm here.”
“Good, your wedding will start in a minute. I've gotta go line up.” Kaoru saw Megumi's tight face and asked, “Meg-chan, are you okay?”
“I'm fine. Just slightly nervous.”
“Well, don't be. Sanosuke loves you and you two will have happy lives together,” Kaoru reassured her.
Megumi smiled back, and walked past Kaoru with confidence. But when she passed, she whispered, “Thanks, Kao-chan.” Kaoru smiled and took her place in line. When the music started, she started walking. When she got to the front, she turned and watched her last best friend walking down the aisle. Megumi reached Sanosuke and they began to exchange vows. With a watery gaze, Kaoru watched Megumi say, “I do,” to Sanosuke. Now, Megumi and Sanosuke were finally pronounced man and wife. The newlywed couple turned to their guests after the kiss and a storm of applause went up. Now all was well.
End Notes: Phew! The sequel is now done. I do hope it was as good as I Can't Forget Him. Not so sure if sequels really match up to the original. I know that in this, everything's changed. Especially Sano. I'm also not so sure if I got the wedding procedures right. Just drop a comment on that if I didn't. Review please! I'd love to hear what you think! P.S. Anyone going back to school tomorrow? I am. Bleh. Ja ne!