Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 2: Chap 10: Spy Game ( Chapter 10 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Spy Game
    The sun glistened over downtown at noon. Amethyst looked around. No one was in sight. The Icelandic grinned. Then she staked through casually.
    But as she staked, Amethyst gained an icy feeling again. She looked around slowly. “Not again!” the girl thought. Someone was following her again. But why? “Konnichiha?” Amethyst asked aloud. No answer. The girl looked around. No one in sight. Amethyst wondered about herself. “Am I Paranoid?” she thought.
    Then, her cell phone rang. Amethyst grew nervous. Who’s calling her now? Umeko? Nope, she rarely calls. Dad? He’s at work now. Jack? No way. So who was it?

    Amethyst slowly picked up her cell phone and answered it. “Moshi-Moshi.” she said. “Jona,” a creepy voice said to her. The Icelandic froze hard. “Who are you?” she asked. “Think back.” the voice on the other line said. Amethyst thought hard. Then it hit her hard! “You’ve been stalking me!” the Icelandic yelled. “Correct!” the stalked said. Amethyst’s anger shot up. “Why the hell are you doing this you asshole?!?” she snapped. The stalked laughed. Amethyst’s anger flared. “I have a challenge for you.” the stalked addressed. “Oh really?” Amethyst asked. “Nani?” “A chase game. I chase you and your run.” the stalker said. Amethyst grew suspicious. “And…” she said. “If you get away, you go free,” the stalker said. “But if I catch you have to tell me everything about the taimu hashi!” The girl’s anger burned. He just wanted the bridge’s secret. Well, he can’t have it! But, the girl was stuck. So now what?
    “Fine!” she growled. “I accept your challenge.” “Good.” the stalker said. “Start running in 10, 9, 8…” Amethyst quickly hung up her phone and staked away.
    Amethyst looked around as she staked. Where to go? This seemed hopeless. She didn’t even know what the hunter looked like. He could be anyone. He could be anywhere. Damn! This was too risky!
    Amethyst’s phone beeped. She pulled it out and looked at it. It was a text message. “I’m coming for you.” it said. Amethyst’s eyes grew big. She quickly staked to her right.
    The chase dragged on. Amethyst found herself trapped like a rat in a sewer. The people wouldn’t understand her. They’d think she’s gone nuts. She was helpless!
    Wait a sec! Amethyst had her wits! She was saved! It just needed some planning. And the Icelandic had to do that quickly. Time was burning away.
    Amethyst sped up. This just had to work. The stalker was tracking her by her cell phone. So the Icelandic shut it off quickly. In case he was desperate, Amethyst shut her translator off as well. She also mapped the city in her head. There were three paths that were dead zones for cell phones and translators. The stalker wouldn’t be able to track though the dead zones. Now, one problem remained: Which path to take? The path through the park was too short. If Amethyst crossed through there and he was waiting on the other side, she’d be in deep trouble. So that was out. That left the alley and the fish market. Amethyst thought hard. Today was Wednesday. That meant the fish market was crowded. If Amethyst went through there an explanation would have to follow. How could she explain the spy-chase game? She couldn’t. But on the other hard, the alley was dark and unpredictable. The upside was not many people were there. Alley or fish market. The answer was clear. Screw the fish market! Amethyst staked down the long alley.
    The alley felt cold and dark. Amethyst wasn’t paying it any mind. She kept speeding up hard. “I have to get away!” the Icelandic thought. She kept staking on and on, not even looking back. “I’m almost free!” she thought. Amethyst staked on.
    Within in hours, Amethyst made it back to her apartment. She was safe now. The spy chase game was over. The Icelandic had won.
    Amethyst shut the door tightly and sighed hard. “Amethyst,” she heard Umeko call out. The girl looked up. “Are you all right?” her guardian asked. Amethyst sighed again. “I’m all right,” she said. “Just exhausted.” “Okay.” Umeko said. Amethyst sighed again. She may have won the game, but the war had just began.
War Begins
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