Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 2: Chap 11: I Know You're Secret ( Chapter 11 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

I Know You're Secret
It all got worse in two weeks. The latest came in an e-mail. Amethyst was checking her morning mail when she saw an unfamiliar address on her screen. She looked at it confused. “Huh?” the Icelandic girl thought. “Who is” ; A nasty feeling came into her gut. What if it was… Nah, it couldn't be, could it?
Against her better judgment, Amethyst opened the message. She read on for a few seconds. Her eyes widened in shock. This what she read:
I know what you hiding. Give me what I want or I'll tell everyone about your bridge!
No name, of course. Amethyst became freaked out. Her stalker had returned. How did he know about the bridge? What did he want? Oh, this was bad. Really bad! So what to do now? Amethyst tried to think about it for a moment. A knock on her door brought her back earth.
“Amethyst!” Umeko called on the other side. “Should you be gone by now?” That really kicked in for her. The Icelandic girl looked at her clock. It was eight already! Her eyes widened in surprise.
“Oh shit!” she mumbled. “She's right!” Amethyst turned to the door.
“Uh yeah…” she said. “I'll be out in a second!” Amethyst shut off her laptop, packed up for school, and headed out.
The whole day, she kept her guard. The threats didn't stop in the morning. All day, Amethyst kept getting threatening e-mails. She tried to ignore them at first. But, they just kept on coming. Amethyst didn't know what to do. She sat back in the chair in the computer lab and sighed. What was up with this guy? Why was he so interested in her? What did he want with the bridge?
“What bridge are they talking about?” someone asked behind her. Amethyst sat up right away. She whipped around to see another student looking over her shoulder, reading the e-mail. The Icelandic girl panicked and closed up everything.
“Uh… nothing!” she lied. “Just a fun internet game I'm playing!” The classmate didn't look convinced at all. In fact, he kept staring at her screen. Amethyst kind of glared at him. “Okay, go pisses off now!” she thought. The student didn't do that. He just kept staring on at the screen. The Icelandic girl became pissed off. Time to make this guy disappear. The girl loudly cleared her throat.
“Excuse me!” Amethyst hissed. “Is there a reason why you are still standing over me?” The boy quickly shook his head.
“N-No, no!” he said. “In fact, I was just leaving!” Amethyst glared at him.
“Good,” she said. “Now go away!” Her classmate walked away as fast as he could. The Icelandic girl sighed and turned back to her computer. She brought up the e-mail again. This was really bad. She didn't need people prying into her problems as well. Best to keep this low to herself. But how to fix it?
The threats became worse and more frequent as the day wore on. The stalker even started sending text messages to Amethyst. “How did they get my number?” she thought. The girl thought about tossing her phone about twenty messages later. But, Amethyst couldn't part with the gift from her dad before she left Iceland. So what could she do?
As she walked home for the evening, the crisis escalated. On the busy evening street, Amethyst's phone. At first, she didn't want to answer it. “What if it's him?” she thought. He was texting her all day after all. It wouldn't be wise to answer after that. Never the less, she answered the phone.
“Hello?” she asked.
“Look above you!” a Satan-like voice hissed on the other line.
“Huh?” Amethyst asked as she did so. Then, it all went black…
Oh No!