Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 2: Chap 13: A New Path ( Chapter 13 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A New Path
Amethyst recapped three days ago. The government agents caught her for the bridge's secret. She was lucky to have escaped with it all last time. There could not be a next time. So, what to do next?
The obvious answer would be to stop going. But, she didn't want to do that. “I still have plans in Kita Tokyo!” she thought on her bed. “I can't abandon them now.” Then, an idea hit her. Her eyes widened fast.
There's got to be another way there!” she thought. So, Amethyst started to think. A smile lit up her face. She slowly sat up on her bed. The girl deepened her grin.
Of course there has to be another way!” she thought. The girl planned to find that way. Amethyst packed up her backpack and quietly left her room. She looked around in the clear.
“Umeko,” the girl said in a whisper. “You up yet?” No answer came in return. Amethyst smiled to herself, wickedly. “Perfect!” she thought. The girl crept down the hall. She made it to the front door. Once outside, Amethyst began her new quest.
As she staked along the street, she drew a map in her head. The main route wasn't safe for the time being. So what to do from there? Amethyst shut her eyes for a moment. “Come on, genius!” she thought. “Think!” Amethyst began to skate as she thought.
The girl made sure she never made eye contact with anybody. Those agents could be anywhere, watching her closely. “Keep my eyes low,” she thought. Her eyes began to scan the area for an escape. She noticed a little path way between a fish shop and empty building. Amethyst began to relax. “Good enough!” she thought. The girl skated right across the street to the alley.
As she skated through the darkness, Amethyst felt her body getting lighter, as if she was breaking down into tiny particles. A buzzing filled her head. She could feel herself rising.
Oh yeah!” she thought. “I found another way to Kita Tokyo!” Amethyst sped up through the alley and disappeared through the condensed space.
Well, it was a passage to Tokyo in the past. But…
Amethyst looked all around her. She saw no building or people. In fact, the girl was standing in an empty space of green. A forest to be exact. Next to a farm. In middle of nowhere. A puzzled look came onto her face.
Where… am I?” Amethyst thought. “This isn't Kita Tokyo!” *Sweat drop on her head* Where the devil was she now? And how will she get to Kita Tokyo and back home again?
To Be Continued…