Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 3: Chap 16: Samurai Girl ( Chapter 16 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Samurai Girl
Today's super important. Amethyst set her alarm clock early this morning. The ringing almost woke up Umeko.
“Amethyst!” she yelled as she pounded on the girl's door. “Get up! You have to go!”
“Coming!” her ward yelled. The door flung open. She already had on her uniform. Umeko looked her up and down.
“Well now,” she said. “Eager to go, huh?”
“Yeah!” Amethyst shouted. “I'm going to kick ass today!” Umeko frowned at her language.
“Watch your mouth,” she said. Amethyst waved her off.
“I know,” she said.
“Ready to go?”
“Hell yeah!”
“Sorry. Yes.”
Umeko gave her a nod. “Get going.'
“Yes!” Then, Amethyst headed on her very way.
“Have a good match!” her mentor called. Amethyst waved again. She picked up her practice sword and headed out the door.
My first kendo match!, she thought. Hell yeah! She signed up for kendo six weeks ago. Over time, the Icelandic grew to love her class. Surprising to see many foreigners in the dojo. Fifteen students and eight of them were natives. Not to worry, Amethyst enjoyed the class. Gave her an outlet to unwind from crossing the bridge from time to time. Plus, she enjoyed competing with the other students. Now to test out her new skills in combat.
Amethyst put her hand to the dojo door. She breathed heavily in as she tried to catch her breath. Calm down, she thought. I must center myself before I kill! She took another few seconds before going inside.
Ten of her classmates had already suited up for the match. Amethyst gave them a little wave.
“Hi everybody!” she cheered. “Let's do our best today, okay?” Only half-asleep mumbled greeted her. The girl only shrugged. Guess it's too early…, she thought. Amethyst set down her bag and suited up with her gear.
The bell rang and class began. The students waited as the instructor walked inside.
“Good morning class,” he greeted them.
“Morning sensei,” the students replied. The sensei pulled out his battle chart.
“Okay,” he said. “First up, Amethyst and Tobi.” The Icelandic and the skinny Japanese girl stood up. Amethyst smirked at her opponent. Tobi had been studying kendo for two years. But, she had been off for six months due to back surgery. However, Tobi had been practicing to keep up. But, how would they stand up against each other?
“Take your places,” the instructor said. The girls prepared to attack. The instructor rose up his arm.
“Fight!” he commanded. Tobi took the first blow. Amethyst nearly fell backwards.
“Whoa!” she cried as she used her sword to block the attack. Damn!, she thought. That girl's fast! Tobi attacked again. This time, Amethyst fought back with a block. Her opponent had the look of Satan in her eyes. Oh, it's on now!
Amethyst moved in to attack. Clack! Tobi blocked her without a thought. Amethyst leapt back and attacked again. Block!
The duel lasted about twenty minutes. The instructor finally stood up.
“This match is a draw!” he declared. Amethyst and Tobi sat down, breathless. The Icelandic girl smirked to herself. A draw, huh?, she thought. Fine with me. I will win next time! Just like Tobi's eyes in the battle, Amethyst had a grin of the devil.