Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Switching places ❯ Truth revealed. ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: Truth revealed.

        The week seemed to pass exceptionally slow. Sano came by every day for his free loading and had the same reaction that Yahiko did we he tasted Kaoru's cooking. Yahiko was getting more and more suspicious each day mainly because of little mistakes here and there. Like the other day when Yahiko tripped `Kaoru' she squealed `oro'. Or the way that only `Kenshin' got mad when Yahiko called `Kaoru' ugly. Sano noticed the change in the two as well.

Yahiko's POV

        `Hmmm...Kenshi n really gets mad when I call Kaoru ugly, and Kaoru's been a lot more happy lately I wonder what's up? Oh! I got it!'

        “Hey ugly!” Yahiko called out running towards them. They were in the dojo polishing the wooden swords to a shine (AN: I have no idea if they do that or not so just play along please.). Kaoru looked over at Yahiko.

        “Wha t is it Yahiko?”

         220;I finally figured out why you to have been acting so strange lately.” Yahiko said with an evil smile on his face.

        Kaoru and Kenshin gulped. `Oh no! Did he really find out that we've switch places?!' They both thought in union. They started to sweat bullets when...

        “You two comfiest that you love each other right!?” Yahiko said with hope and a big grin on his face.

        Kaoru and Kenshin visibly relaxed “Oh is it that uh obvious?”

        &# 8220;Well yeah! It's written all over your faces!” Yahiko teased.

        Kaoru and Kenshin just laughed nervously saying now that the cat was out of the bag. Later when the two were alone after dinner they met up in the training hall to talk.

        Normal POV

        “Kaoru I don't know how long we can keep this a secret. Sano and Yahiko already think that we're acting really strange and I feel like if we keep this from them then things will only get worse for us.” Kenshin admitted looking slightly worried.

        Kaoru sighed, “I know Kenshin but how do we tell them? They may just think that we're crazy.”

        R 20;Well if that's the case then we'll just have to get Megumi to tell them herself. Though I'm sure that if they're the friends that we've come to know and love then they'll believe us.” Kenshin reassured her holding her hand and looking deeply into her eyes.

        Kaoru gave a small smile and asked, “So when do we tell them?”

        Kensh in put on a bright smile full of love happy that Kaoru agreed with him. “How about we tell them together after I get back from the market and make lunch?”

        Kaor u nodded the small smile on her face growing just a bit. Then she yawned and said her goodnights to Kenshin as he gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

        Kenshin's POV

        Morning soon came and he got up and quickly and changed into one of Kaoru's yellow kimonos and he put his hair into a high pony tail with one of Kaoru's green ribbons then he made breakfast. Soon after it was ready Kaoru and Yahiko came in.

        “Hey Kenshin why is it that you've suddenly started to sleep in?” Yahiko had wanted to ask that from day one but thought that maybe Kenshin had just over worked himself and need more rest and that he wouldn't be like this for more then a day or so but after a week well he wanted to know what was up.

        Kaoru started to sweat when the next question came, “And ugly why is it that you've been getting up so early and suddenly stared to make non- poison food?” Yahiko paused for a bit and then got an I-just-realized-it look.

        Yahiko's POV

        `Kaoru's acting the same way she was when she thought that Kenshin purposed to her that time he gave her a ring from a cat fish. So that must mean only one thing...'

        Kaoru's POV

        `Oh no he's figured us out! He knows that we've switched bodies (AN: sound familiar?)!'

        ̶ 0;Kenshin you purposed to ugly didn't you!?” Yahiko yelled with a big smile on his face. Kaoru and Kenshin fell down (anime style).

        `Boy is he ever jumping the gun!' Kaoru thought. “No Yahiko I haven't purposed to miss Kaoru that I haven't. Do not worry everything will be explained after lunch when Sano will be here that it will.” Kaoru said trying her best to say something that Kenshin would say. She couldn't hide the blush that stained her cheeks at that moment though.

        Yahiko looked slightly disappointed to hear that they we're not let engaged like Sano and Megumi are but anger and annoyance soon over took this emotion. He wanted to know now not later what was up. “Grr...Why do I have to wait till the rooster head shows up?!” He yelled at them.

        “Becau se this way we don't have to repeat it twice.” Kaoru said still in Kenshin's body. The word `because' was in italics (AN: for lack of better words) out of pure annoyance. She quickly shut her trap realizing that Kenshin would not speak to the boy this way. Seeing the hurt on Yahiko's face she quickly apologized. She should not have spoken that way to him even if it was how they would normally act had she been in her real body after all he was just a boy.

        Kenshin seeing the uneasiness start to come up in Kaoru decided to change the subject. “Kenshin I'm going to go to the market to get food for lunch today would you mind making sure that Yahiko does his training along with his chores while I'm gone?”

        While Yahiko was turned to who he thought was Kaoru complaining about why he should to his training if she didn't have to, the real Kaoru gave Kenshin a grateful look for helping her out of the whole she had dug.

        Kenshin's POV

        Kenshin watched Kaoru train Yahiko from across the yard and decided that it was time to go to the market. So strapping on one of Kaoru's wooded swords to his side he left.

The market was about a thirty minute walk from the dojo and about twenty minutes into it he noticed that some sleazy looking men—three of them to be exact—started to follow who they thought was a harmless women who carried around a wooden sword to look tough.

Kenshin took a sharp left hoping to loose them in the crowd but they we're persistent and continued to fallow him with lustful eyes. `How dare they look at my Kaoru's body like this! Well they try anything and I'll put a stop to it.' `Though being able to beet the shit out of someone they think is a harmless women—my women—might be kind of fun.' Kenshin's darker side thought. The other half of Kenshin couldn't help but agree.

Kenshin took a right into an empty ally way hoping that they would follow so that he could ask a much-needed question. And like he predicted they did.

“Is there some reason you three are following me?” Kenshin asked sounding really annoyed.

“Well yes little lady there is a reason.” The obvious leader answered a devilish smirk popped onto his face.

`Oh these guys have a death wish.' Kenshin thought arrogantly practically begging for them to give him a reason to attack (AN: I know that Kenshin doesn't normally like to fight but come on! His girlfriends is practically about to get hurt so please work with me here.).

“Why don't you come with us? We have a nice place not to far from here where we” The leader said with other intentions.

`Talk huh?' “I'd rather not.” Kenshin spit back.

“Oh but I think you do.” He said pulling out a hidden dagger the others showing their hidden swords just enough to let Kenshin get the point.

“Well I think I don't” Kenshin said back pulling out his barrowed wooden sword and making the others laugh before the leader signaled the other two to grab who they thought was a weak women.

Before they could tough her she disappeared into seemingly thin air.

“Boo.” Kenshin whispered into one of their ears. They turned around in anger and shock that he—I mean she—could move so fast. Even in this restricted amount of space thanks to the kimono Kenshin was still able to use a certain amount of his god-like speed.

“You bitch!” Cried the one on left as drew his counseled sword and did a thrust attack on Kenshin. Kenshin easily dodged the first attack and used his wooden sword to hit the men in the side first and thin on the head knocking the men out cold.

`Thank you so much for giving me a reason for fighting you scum bags.' Kenshin thought evilly.

The second drew his sword and tried to side slash Kenshin but Kenshin jumped and brought the wooded sword down on the men with enough force to knock him unconscious as well.

After those two were down Kenshin looked up to see the leader. The leader seemed more shocked and agree then mad but still very ticked.

“Did you want to try your luck?” Kenshin mocked.

“You frickn' bitch! How did you do that?!” He yelled as he ran forward with his dagger. Kenshin sidestepped and hit the men so hard over the head that he broke the barrowed wooden sword.

Kenshin just stared at the now splintered off edge of the wooden half sword with eyes popping out of his head. Kaoru was going to kill him for this and he knew it! All three of the men were now on the ground knocked out the third one lucky to be alive.

Later Kenshin bought the needed food items and left to go back to the dojo where a very agree Kaoru would be once she saw her new half sword.

As Kenshin predicted once Kaoru saw the broken wooden sword so was very, very mad. Though sense they still had to act like they were in their normal bodies only Kenshin could sense just how high Kaoru's aura was. Kenshin used the excuse of going to cook lunch to get away before Kaoru lost it.

Standing in the kitchen chopping up vegetables Kenshin couldn't get his mind off of what Yahiko had said this morning about marring Kaoru. `Well I guess I should I mean I love her so much and we have known each other for two years now and we have already made love so maybe I should ask Kaoru. But would she say yes?' Pausing for a moment to think about it Kenshin finally decided that she probable would if he asked her in a deep rumbling voice and looked deep into her eyes (AN: well I'd say yes to that!) but thin that would lead to another question, `Where would a get a ring? Hmmm I guess I could ask Tea-dono for a small weekend job after we get back to our normal bodies that is.' It was thin that Kenshin nearly cut his finger off from not paying attention to where he was cutting.

It wasn't to long until the food was ready and Sano, Yahiko and Kaoru came in to eat. Kaoru and Kenshin decided that it would be best to tell the two about their secret after lunch was over.

Lunch was filled with much laughter after Kaoru made Kenshin tell the other two why it was that she had a new half wooden sword. In Kenshin language of course by saying `Kaoru why is it that your wooden sword was broken in half when you walked back from the market?' By the end of the story all but Kenshin was rolling in laughter.

“Damn missy! I feel pretty bad for those guys!” Sano remarked.

“Oh men I feel bad for them to now! I know what it's like to be on the other end of ugly's wrath!”

Yahiko thin noticed that Kaoru and Kenshin still hadn't told him why they we're acting so strange lately so he voiced this to them.

“Yah Kenshin why exactly have you been acting so weird lately?” Sano Asked.

Kaoru and Kenshin looked at each other and Kenshin cleared his throat and began to speak when he they we're both lessoning. “Well something happened to the both of us about a week ago when Sano proposed to Megumi-dono that it did.” Kenshin spoke in his normal voice throwing the Yahiko and Sano way off.

“Whoa your voice! What happened missy?”

“I'm not missy Sano I'm Kenshin. Dew to your lack of baby-sitting skills a lot of Megumi-dono's potions were mixed together and when Megumi-dono put one of them in Kaoru's and my sake the night that you proposed to her Kaoru and I switch bodies over night it seems. Though we still have the same voices for some reason.”

Yahiko and Sano sat silently for a moment before...

The closes dojo to theirs POV

“WHOA! What's that noise?! It sounds like someone's laughing but where's is coming from?! The next dojo from here is nearly two miles away!?”

Back to Kaoru and the gangs POV

“This isn't funny!!!” Kaoru yelled hitting Yahiko over the head with her fist.

“Yes it is! Come on say something else!” Yahiko batted Kaoru finding it really funny that Kaoru's voice was coming out of Kenshin's mouth. Sano was doing the same to Kenshin finding it equally as funny.

“Maa maa... ok now that you two know you've got to keep quiet about this because if one of my enemies attracts me while Kaoru is in my body it could be very bad that it could. So lets keeps this between us.”

“Alright Kenshin I'll keep your secret if you do something for me.” Sano said an evil grin on his face.

:gulp: “Sure what is it Sano?”

Sano took Kenshin out side to ask him in privet. Once out of earshot he asks Kenshin “You taken a bath sense you've been in that body right? Well how big are Kaoru's—“He never got to finish his question because Kenshin (in Kaoru's body) suddenly got golden eyes and Sano never saw what hit him.

Kenshin walked back and when Kaoru asked him about what Sano wanted He just told her with a Rurouni grin that he just wanted to eat here for free for a week. And as if to prove what he said he looked over to Sano and said “Isn't that right Sano?” Sano just grumbled a yes and left to go gambling.

End chapter 3.