S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ HOLD ❯ Miss thoughts and tragedy ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter three:

“If you won’t answer then I will…” Ryuhou said as he finally got closer to Mimori’s face, their noses were touching at this point. “Then I will…” he repeated again as their faces were so close.

But before Ryuhou could touch her lips, he remembers that any means of showing Mimori that he has feelings for her would break his internal motives. So he backs away from Mimori while saying nothing to her. He looks at her, at her eyes that were starting to get watery. He tries to say something but nothing comes out of his mouth. He then sees that Mimori is starting to walk slowly towards him. He reacts to this by moving backwards to the door. As he gets closer to the door, he searches for the door knob while looking at Mimori as she was still walking slowly towards him. After he has found the door knob with one of his hands, he grips on it and turns it. Mimori stops walking towards him knowing that if she continues it will be in vain. Ryuhou still looked at Mimori with his almost sadden face. He thought of what would happen if he had just let himself give in to his feelings. That he would be happy to be with her at all times no matter what. But he knew that it was impossible for him because he had other duties that must be complete. So with that thought still in his head he turned around making his back face Mimori and walked forward passing through the exit door of the room into closing it with Mimori still inside.

“Ryuhou” thought Mimori as she saw that Ryuhou has left the room. “Why did you mean by that? She said as she looked at the ground again. “I wonder what will happen to us if this keeps up. If you keep distancing yourself away from me” thought Mimori as she started wiping her face from crying. “I rather not dwell with these thoughts right now for it would cause me more pains. Besides I have other things that I have to start which is why I came to this room for” she thought again as she started getting out some chemicals from near cabinets to start her search for cures to some diseases in the Development Area.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------
Meanwhile back at Kazuma and Ayase…

Kazuma and Ayase have already gotten to the city of Lost Ground. Already they were trying to find a place where to sleep for the night.

“Kazuma are we going to find a place to sleep for the night?” she asked as she looked at Kazuma.

“Well we are going to have to sleep outside since we have no money to pay for a room” said Kazuma as he looked at Ayase.

“Well it’s fine by me” she said as she looked away from him. “I’d rather sleep outside than those fancy hotels” she said as she looked up to the sky.

“Hm…” said Kazuma as he looked at Ayase with a face of suspicion.

“What?” asked Ayase with confusion on her face. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well it seems like you would like to sleep in one of those fancy hotels” said Kazuma in a sneering way as he looked at Ayase.

“I don’t see why you think that way” said the almost-annoyed Ayase as she turned around. “Besides its better that we sleep outside than inside one of those polluted-air hotel rooms” said Ayase as she started walking away from Kazuma.

“I know that she wants to sleep in one of those fancy hotels” thought Kazuma as he still stared at the young brown-haired female already distancing herself from him as she continued walking. Then as Kazuma thought “I have an idea that might make her admit that she wants to sleep in those fancy hotels” with thought in his head he started walking faster to catch up to Ayase.

----------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
Meanwhile back at Mimori and her team of doctors…

It was afternoon already and Mimori and the other doctors have arrived to their destination and had started to search for the sick people in the Lost Ground. As for Ryuhou, he left the team as he wander around the village with a look that seemed to other villagers that he was looking for something that he might have either lost or intended to find it here. Back at Mimori and her team as they continued on working as hard as they could to help those in need. Mimori had been busy with curing some people with the medicines that she brought from Hold. As daytime turned to evening, she had finished her last patient. She walked outside and told one of the doctors that she would be out for the rest of the evening. The doctor agrees as he would take over for her. She considerately gave thanks to the doctor as she started walking away from the village to a place that was nothing but rocks and rocks. As she continued walking, she didn’t realize that she was being followed by someone very familiar. She continued walking with her thought’s about the village the afternoon had already turned into the darken sky with a few grayish-color clouds. Mimori didn’t pay attention to the sky as she thought abou this village’s surrounding. The surrounding of this village seemed nothing but endless of small and big mountains that protected it from intruders like herself and her team. But knowing that, she would put that thought to rest as she found her sitting spot. Which it was a big rock that had a very straight-flat surface on the top. She sat on it as she started looking at the bright-night sky.

“Wow the night is so beautiful” commented the young raven-haired as she still looked at the sky with amazement. “I wonder if he’s looking at the sky as of right now” she thought out loud as she continued to look at the stars.

As Mimori continued to look at the starry-night sky, she hasn’t realized that someone was watching her from behind the shadows. A young emerald-haired man was watching from behind the shadows. Still observing her every movement that she had or about to make from her sitting spot.

“Mimori why can’t I tell you my internal feelings to you?” the emerald-haired man thought as he still looked at the raven-haired women that was still observing the darken sky.

He looked at her with million thoughts still running through his head. Some of thoughts were on how much he wanted to go where she was. Go to her and tell her how much he feels for her. To embrace her with all his might never letting go of her. That once he told her his internal feelings for her, he would be the happiest man alive. That he wouldn’t have to be cruel to her whenever she was present. That he would be with her in mornings for breakfast and even in the night to leave her to her room or tent to give her a passionate-goodnight kiss. Just be there for her on special days that meant it was special to them. But he can’t. He can’t give in into his feelings because of his motives. His motives are what make him be all cold-hearted to his beloved. So with still many thoughts still running through his mind he continues to observe the young raven-haired women.

“There are so many stars today” finally said Mimori as she broke the silence that was surrounding her or the young man that was hiding in the shadows still watching her. “I wonder” she said again out loud. “If I can pick the right star and make a wish on it” she said as she started searching through the starry-night sky for the right star.

“Which star are you going to choose Mimori?” thought the young emerald-haired man as he continued to look at Mimori.

“Aha” said Mimori as she looked at her chosen star that was above her in the darken sky. “Now I can make my wish” said the young raven-haired as she got her both hands together and put them both below her chin as in a praying way. “I wish “she started saying.

“What are you going to wish Mimori?” thought again the young emerald-haired man as turned his attention away from Mimori. Many thoughts had again started running through his head. He felt like that wish that Mimori was about to make might be the one that he doesn’t want to hear. The one wish that can come out of her mouth is the one that can definitely make his heart break. He knew that he has been the cruelest person in the world to Mimori. He knows that he has been the worst best-friend to her already. So from all his thoughts, he came up to the conclusion that Mimori’s wish is in fact the wish that she had never met him in her life. He knew that it was definitely her wish because she has said it once on that same day. He knows that hearing her say it will break his heart. He stopped dwelling with his thoughts and turned around as he again started looking at the young raven-haired women. He also was prepared with his all his heart’s might to endure what she was about to say. He was getting ready to endure her mistaken wish.

“I wish “Mimori said again as she still looked up in the darken sky.

“Say your wish already Mimori” thought the young emerald-haired man again as he was growing impatient knowing that his heart had already started to feel pain.

“I wish that Ryuhou and I at least can spend time together and finally be happy in the distant future” Mimori had finally said her wish as she closed her eyes still holding her hands below her chin.

“What did she just say?” thought the young emerald-haired man as he looked at Mimori in shocked from what he just heard. “Did she say what I think she just said?” he thought again as he continued to look at her. After hearing her say that, he felt as if his started pain in his heart had disappeared already. He felt like he had already received the opposite pain that he thought he was going to have. But he also thought that he was the most ungrateful man alive today. He felt the like that because Mimori hasn’t given up on him, even though he treated her like some outcast. For that thought he felt like he was the fool. But he also felt like the luckiest man alive because Memori had shocked him with the wish she had made. She made him fell like all his cold exterior was nothing compared to her strong will. He knew now that she was definitely was going to win this battle. A battle of being closer to him than anyone else, even himself. Thoughts still ran through his mind of good and bad as he still continued looking at her from behind the shadows.

“Well now that I have said my wish” Mimori finally said as she started to get up from her sitting spot. “I have to go back to the village” she said as she started walking back not knowing that she was passing someone very familiar to her that still hiding in the shadows.

“There goes the women that will change many lives” thought Ryuhou as he looked at her pass by him. “Also the one that will keep my heart for eternality” he thought as he continued looking at her. He then started having thoughts of going after her. He kept dwelling his thoughts and made up his mind as he started walking towards her. But as he started getting closer to her he felt danger. As if something was coming to the village in a massive speed. Then just before whatever was about hit them, the emerald-haired man screamed Mimori’s name. She stopped and turned around just before she felt someone grab and pulled her. As he finally grabbed her into embracing her as they both fell to the ground. Ryuhou was on top of her still embracing her just in protection from anything flying towards them.


The explosion did not just hit were Mimori and Ryuhou were, but also it went to the he direction of the village. Unknown to the villagers that something that might end their lives was about to hit them.

“Do you feel that?” asked one of the doctors as he was putting some of the medicine away.

“Yeah” answered another doctor. “It feels like the ground is shaking or something” he commented as he started walking slowly towards where the rumbling is felt strong.

“Hey something is coming” said one of the kids in the village as he pointed straight ahead with his hand to something not far away from them.

“Oh no” said another doctor. “What the hell is that?” as he continued to look straight at something that looked like a huge ball of fire with striking white-blue electricity come in front of it.

“Mommy was is that?” yelled a girl as she ran to her mother. Her mother looked at mysterious elemental power that was coming at them.

“EVERYONE RUN!” yelled one of the doctors as he started making people that were close to him to run away from where they were. As the doctors kept trying to tell everyone to run away from their homes it was already pointless. Just as the doctors were still reaching others and giving them a terrible warning of running as fast as they can the power massive attacked that seemed to be far away has finally come close to the village as people where still screaming for their lives. There was one family that was standing still even though they were warned by the doctors of the massive that would kill.

“Father why are we still standing?” asked one of his children as he looked at him.

The father didn’t say anything he just stared at the fiery-electrical attack that was coming his way.

“Son” said the father as he looked down at him putting his hands on his son’s shoulders. “Life comes at us hard even till now it hard. But never be afraid to face it. Never be afraid to face something that you know can grant your wish. Something that we humans have to face in every day’s life son. Something that we human being called it as the life exchange. When have that as our life routine we have that one wish that can save us. Now let’s take advantage of that” said that father as he bent down to his son’s eye level and embraced him as in protecting him or preparing him to face something that his father says it’s called the inevitable.

Just as a few seconds the massive attacked hit them and the rest of village. Leaving a huge explosion that spread endless of black smoke continued to build and build leaving nothing but darkness for those who were in the village.

_________________________________________________________ _______________

~At Hold during this event~

“Well it seems that we have successfully have or first plan set” said Rukaro as he sat against his chair with papers of the Dematerialized disease in his hands.

“Yes and we can finally have this pitiful native or non-native alter users out of our lives for good” said Dai as he started walking toward the window. “Well now we have other th…” Dai interrupted himself as after opening the curtain of the window, “What is that?” he said in scared way.

“What are you rambling about over there?” said Rukaro as he got up from his chair his and started walking towards where Dai was standing.

“Boss you won’t believe this” said Dai as watched his Rukaro get close to where he was. “Some type explosion must have happened over the Development Area” said Dai as he again looked at the where the explosion was still happening with massive clouds already starting to cover the area.

“DAMN!” yelled Rukaro as a punched the window, but not hard enough to break it. “This will ruin our plans!” Rukaro said as he started walking back to his desk furiously.

“What are you planning to do boss?” asked Dai as turned his head from the explosion scene that was still happening over the Development Area.

“I’m planning to fix this damn impediment from ruining my plans!” he yelled as he started dialing numbers over his computer.

“Hello” said the mysterious voice over the computer-electronic phone.

“I want to go investigate section 536-DAP now!” demanded Rukaro as he still was furious. “And you better make no mistakes in this assignment is that understood?” he demanded again at the mysterious person over the electronic phone.

“That is understood” said the mysterious voice again. “May I ask who the client of this assignment is?” asked the mysterious voice over the phone.

“The client of this assignment is B.O.H” said Rukaro as little steamed as been lifted from his head. “You better have this assignment done by tomorrow” demanded again Rukaro as he hung up the phone.

“Do you really have to call him boss?” asked Dai as he continued to look in calm at the scene that was still happening over the Development Area.

“It necessary all right” Rukaro said as he put his both hands into shaking fists while he sat on his chair. “It has to be him” whispered Rukaro with anger growing within him again. “That bastard is back again but to take what is mine now!” he said it out loud this time while he turned his attention to the scene that had continued endlessly of explosions.

------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

Keep thinking of my Rukaro as I am your worst nightmare” said a mysterious voice. “I will be the one that will bring what you have worked so hard for down to its lowest level” as the mysterious voice said he started laughing into disappearing from sight.

----------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

~Back at Ayase and Kazuma

“Well it seems that we have finally found a place to sleep” said Ayase as she got to the hotel room with Kazuma following her. “Even though it was outside that we planned to sleep” she finally said with a giggle.

“Yeah I thought you wanted to sleep outside” said Kazuma while he got into the room after Ayase.

“No not really” she said as she started to get ready for bed. “Besides its not great sleeping outside in cities such as these anyways” she said as she started to look outside her window.

“Anyways how did you get us a room as this” he asked as he looked at her with curiosity. “I mean this place looks like one of those not very good hotels” he asked as he walked towards her.

“Kazuma just be happy that we have a place to sleep in” sad Ayase as she continued to look outside the windows room. “Besides we have a big day tomorrow right?” she asked as she knew that Kazuma was already in front of her.

“Yeah we have to plan on how to get inside that tight security of theirs or…” he paused as he looked at down at the sitting Ayase.

“Or what?” she asked as she looked up to him in wanting to know what he else he wanted to say.

“Or we’ll kill all those bastards and get ourselves some big-bucks” said Kazuma as he put his two fists up to the ceiling as if he triumph something.

“Kazuma don’t even joke about this” said Ayase as she still looked at him with annoyance.

“Oh man you ruined the mood you know?” he said as he looked down at her again.

“Yes” said Ayase as she giggled. “I know”

“Well what are you planning to do as of right now since we have to start everything tomorrow?” asked Kazuma as he continued to look at Ayase.

“Well for starters” she said as looked at him. “We could go order something for dinner”

“What?” said the shocked Kazuma? “We don’t have any money you know” he said as he continued to look down at Ayase.

“Don’t worry” she said as she continued to look at Kazuma. “I have ways to get food” she said as she started to look outside from the window.

“Look you better not be using me with the look of yours” Kazuma said as he looked at Ayase in a defensive way.

“I know Kazuma” she said as she looked up at him again. “I won’t use you. You are too valuable to me anyways” she said and paused at the last comment in realizing of what she had just said.

“What did you say Ayase?” asked Kazuma as he started to get closer to her into trapping her with two arms by her sides.

“It’s nothing don’t worry about what I said” she said as she started to blush a little.

“It’s nothing you said” he mocked her. “I know you said something about me being valuable is that right?” he asked her as he had his head just a few inches away from hers.

“It’s nothing Kazuma” said Ayase as she turned her face into facing outside from the window. “Don’t worry about it ok?” she said as she stared outside.

“I know that you said something special” he said as he got closer to her. “I know that you have something for me huh?” he asked as he stopped himself from getting closer to her.

“Kazuma don’t worry about it” she said as she continued to look outside. “Just leave it alone already” after she said that the room got quiet again.

“Ok fine whatever” Kazuma finally said as he got away from her and looked outside the window. “I was just teasing you know right?” he asked as he continued to look outside.

“Yeah” she sighed. “I know”

“Well I don’t feel like eating so I’m going to bad” he said as he took his attention away from the outside but to Ayase again. “I’m tired already see ya” he said as he started to walking back to his bed since there two beds in that room.

“Yeah see ya” she finally said as continued to look outside the window. “Goodnight my beloved”

Not knowing that a tragedy has happened, they continued to sleep through the night waiting for morning to come.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

As night turned into morning, news reporters were already on their way to the explosion scene. As of those who have already there were telling from their point of view of how bad it was over the Development Area.

“As of today we have no clues if there any survivors of the explosion over at the Development Area” said a news reporter over the television as many people were watching in horror from the pictures that were shown of what was going on through yesterday night. “We have been told that the heiress of the Kiryu family has gone there with a team of doctors as also came along Mr. Ryu. There job was to cure people who were getting sick from a non-stop spread of a diseases. That is all we know as of this moment we will try to get back to you if we have found any survivors” as the reporter finished everyone from around the world was in shocked that such event as this happen to the people of the Development Area. But some people were praying on them to have survived the explosion. Even though to some people it would be a vain attempt to even try too, because no one could have survived from that massive attack. As people pray for the people of the Development Area to have survive the attack, there are a lot of question starting to appear in everyone’s minds. Questions such as who could have done this? What was the reason they attacked the Development Area? Why that area? Why was there real purpose in attacking the Development Area? And the one question that fears the most is when or where will they strike next?

To be continued…