S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ HOLD ❯ After tragedy... ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter Four: After Tragedy…

The story so far…..
After the tragedy event that had been bestowed on the Development Area, people have been stiffed to their feet since the news had arrived to them. As for the others they have been left with the question if they will be next or if there is any place in this world that is safe from these criminals or so. All of this has left many conflicts with HOLD as well, leaving many news reporters from around the world to come to them and ask questions that others are asking.

“Sir” asked a male news reporter as trying to keep his speed with the boss of HOLD. “May I ask if what these criminals are planning to do next?” the male reporter finish asking his question as he held his microphone closely to Rukaro’s face while keeping with his speed.

“Is there any possibility that anyone can avoid these criminals?” asked another reporter as he kept his speed-walk the same as Rukaro. “Or any other way that we can avoid them?” the reporter asked again as him and other reporters where getting close to a long black limousine.

“Are there any connection with the tragedy at the Development Area and HOLD?” asked another male news reporter as he and other reporters were left with their questions as Rukaro got in the limousine fast enough to make the reporters not get in.

As the reporters outside of the limousine kept on banging the window and at the same time asking questions, Rukaro asked the driver to take him to his next destination fast as he can.

The driver did as he was told and made the car start at a fast speed leaving the reporters yelling still for answers to their questions as they tried to catch up to the car. But they miserably failed, as they saw the black limousine get farther and father away from them.

“It’s about time that I got some peace to myself” Rukaro said out loud as he looked back where there still reporters still trying to catch up to him. “Heh” he smirked as he turned away from the reporters. “Insolent fools” he continued to say as he looked from limousine’s darken-black window color.

“Should we first get to the meeting with one of your clients from Section O-872 Sir?” asked the driver as he continued looking forward still driving. “Or should we go to the client by the name of D.M?” he asked Rukaro again as he still kept driving.

“Hm…” murmured Rukaro as he thought who he should see first. “Take me to the client D.M” he said as he saw the driver turn the car in changing the direction from they were going.

“Ok Sir” the driver said finally after he had changed the direction of the car.

“Let’s see what this D.M has in store for me” Rukaro said out loud as he continued to look forward from his seat. “It better be good news or otherwise I will have to go to the optional plans” he thought this time as he looked down at his hands that were quickly become fists. “I know that my enemy has already made his first move and leaving a message for me that he will come and get me…” he thought again as he incessant to look down at his fists. “Which could mean that my other plans to destroy this alters are going to have to wait for a while…” he thought as he took his gaze from his fists to the darken window which he saw random buildings pass by at an incredible speed. “You may be my enemy Krey…” he thought as he looked away from the darken window and down at his still fists. “But that doesn’t mean I haven’t given up the fight to make you pay. You made the first move now it’s my turn” he thought as he began to put his both hands on his temples. “But I won’t show you any mercy at all, not anymore” he finished his thought as he continued looking down at the ground of the limousine still in thought.

As Rukaro was heading to his destination, he hasn’t realized that he was being followed by someone. Someone that wanted him to eliminated once and for all. As the mysterious figure continued to follow Rukaro someway that he can’t be seen, he had already plans to vanish Rukaro for good.

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Back at Kazuma and Ayase…

It was nine-o-clock in the morning, and Ayase and Kazuma had already gotten up and were eating breakfast as of right now. During their breakfast time, they ended up in a discussion about the plans of HOLD. But, they were interrupted by urgent news that appeared to the turned on television.

“We excuse the interruption” said the female news reporter from the television as she continued to look up and down at her papers that were in front of her. “We have heard from our sources that since the tragedy event that happened over the Development Area, we suggest you to stay inside your house or apartment as you possibly can…” continued the female reporter as she continued to look down at her papers and look up to the camera that was taping her. “We have heard that these criminals as we speak have already started planning their next attack…” continued the female reporter. “Their next attack as we speak isn’t near here, but it can be if they planned too. We already have the president already telling us that he will send the army to find these criminals as soon as possible. But in the meantime, please avoid of going out as much as possible because we have received a letter of stating that whoever is out during the day and night from now on will have severe consequences on their part. Beware of what I have said to you because this isn’t a joke, so please stay inside and don’t come out cause they are out there already and planning to get victims as we speak” the female reporter continued saying as she felt herself in fear of the being the victim of these mysterious criminals. “That is all we have to say and be very careful” the female reporter finally said as she switched back to commercials that were still going on about females with their workout bodies.

Then, Kazuma shocked as Ayase turned off the television.

“Kanami!” he said out loud as he was still in shocked. “Kanami was there…” continued Kazuma as he looked down at the table with rage already rising within him. “She was there…” he continued to say as he got his fist up and made it head it down in a fast speed to the table while Ayase ducked and cover herself from any woods to hit her. “Damn it!” he said after punching the table into breaking only half of it into shattering pieces.

“Kazuma you need to calm down” said Ayase as she started walking towards him from her position. But Kazuma didn’t listen to her.

“Kanami” he said again as he started to break the other half the table in millions of pieces with his fists. “She was there and now she’s…she’s…” he continued to say as he started to get the wooden chair and throw it towards the wall at a fast speed in breaking into pieces as it hit the wall.

“Kazuma please calm down” she asked him again as she got within an arm length away from Kazuma. “Please calm down” she asked him again as she got closer to him.

“How can I calm down when knowing that Kanami is gone!” he yelled at Ayase as he grabbed her by the arms. “She is gone…she was there in that place where it happened…and I was here only resting and eating not thinking how bad things were over there!” he continued yelling at her.

Ayase knew better not to protest at him for his tighten grip on her arms, because she knows that Kazuma saw Kanami as a little sister. She was his little sister that he would protect with his life. But now he has lost her, has lost his childhood friend. She let Kazuma yell at her with all his might because she knew that he needs to let all that anger that has risen from within him to be out.

“I hate this…she was the only family I had…” he continued yelling at Ayase with his grip still on her both arms. “She was someone that always depended on me for her safety…but…I failed her!” he yelled even harder as he started to have his eyes fill up with tears like a dam of water ready to fall down to the ground.

Ayase saw how hurt he was and felt the pain that she had with her loss of her younger brother come to her. Her loss of how she felt that she had nothing to live for in this world since she lost her only family she had.
Ayase felt his pain, his loss of someone he only had as a family to disappear into thin air. As she saw him already crying she did the only thing that she could do.

“Kazuma…” she said as she used his tighten grip to pull him to her into a hugging position. “I’m…I’m sorry” she said as she had her both arms released from Kazuma’s grip to his neck. “I’m sorry” she said as she started to cry on his shoulders.

Kazuma was shocked to even react from Ayase’s reaction. He felt so much pain within him that he ended realizing that the pain that he was feeling was the same pain that Ayase was feeling when she lost her brother. Her younger brother who was also the only family she had left.

“Thanks” Kazuma said as he returned the hug by putting both of his arms on her upper back. “Thanks for comforting me” he said as he still hugged her.

A few minutes passed and they had break out from their hugging position.

“So are you planning to go to the Development Area Kazuma?” asked Ayase as she began to wipe her tears from her face.

It took Kazuma a long time to answer Ayase’s question, since if he did went back there, he would see either her lifeless body or nothing of her at all. He realized that in some ways he would have to go back to the Development Area to pay his respects, at least if he finds her lifeless body. He kept on going through his mind about what to do, but he finally made up his mind.

“Yeah” he finally answered. “Let’s go back to the Development Area…I have to pay my respects to her anyways” he continued to say as he put his both hands down into turning them into fists.

“I guess we have to put our plan of attack HOLD in wait am I right?” asked Ayase as she put her both arms crossed her chest. “I mean it can wait since…” she continued to say but paused in thought of not saying the unbearable.

“Yeah let’s go back to the Development Area” Kazuma said as in to change her statement from its direction. “I need to go back anyways since I have other things that I need to do over there” he said as he started walking away from Ayase to the door.

“Ok well let’s go then” said Ayase as she followed behind Kazuma to the journey back to the Development Area. “Let’s just hope that we don’t run into past again…” she thought as they were going down stairs from their apartment.

As they finally got outside the apartment and caring how badly it would be. Not caring how bad it was since they heard from the news that the criminals are already planning to kill whoever was outside.

As they started walking toward their destination, two mysterious figures got in front of them. The two mysterious figures were wearing long black cloak that showed nothing else but the black-boot that they were wearing. Their faces were covered with look like happy and sad silver masks that was attached to a black hat.

“Stop where you are…” said one of them. “Make a move and you will perish” the mysterious figure said while walking towards where Kazuma and Ayase were standing.

“Kazuma” whisper Ayase as she got beside him. “These are the criminals that were in the news”

“Yeah” whisper Kazuma as he got his right arm ready for a fight. “And it seems that we have to fight them” he whisper as he had already his alter to the second form. “Too bad…” he said out loud as he started running away from Ayase towards the walking mysterious figure. “I WON’T LET THEM LIVE!” he yelled as he got closer to the walking figure with his fist-alter.

Just before Kazuma could lay a his punch, the mysterious figure took out a thirty-six inches long all-silver sword and slashed Kazuma sending him to hit against a near building wall.

“It seems that you are weaker than we have expected to be” said the mysterious figure as he put his sword away.

“Stop playing around Rad…” the other mysterious figure said but was interrupted by the mysterious figure-companion.

“Shut up!” said the anger mysterious figure. “It would be best that we deal with this so called people first” said the figure while walking toward Ayase who seemed to be less frightened, but with a little anger showing through her eyes.

“Come any closer and you will be the one facing the end of your life” said Ayase she started to glow with rainbow color outlining her figure.

The mysterious figure didn’t listen as it continued to walk towards her passing Kazuma. As Kazuma saw the dark figure pass him with his blurry vision, he started to get up, but with pain. Since the blow that he had received just didn’t cut one of the big look a like shards from his arm-alter, but also slashed by only half of his stomach, leaving it as a deep six-inch wound.

As he had gotten up, he put his left arm on his half wounded stomach for he was in pain. It wasn’t just pain that was coming out for the wound but also blood, he was losing too much blood which is why he had a blurry vision.

“Ah…” said the mysterious figure as he got closer to Ayase. “My, what a beautiful young lady you are” he continued to say as he just stand there in front of her. “Maybe you could consider leaving that worthless alter over there” he said as he began to lift his hand towards Ayase’s face.

“Don’t touch me” demanded Ayase as she slaps the dark figure’s hand as it try to reach to her face. “And no I wouldn’t join you to leave Kazuma…so forget it!” she yelled as she stepped away from the dark figure that was in front of her and started running towards Kazuma.

“I see” said the dark figure as he turned around to where now Ayase and Kazuma were. “Maybe you aren’t worth protecting at all” as the dark figure continued to say, he got out his silver sword and pointed it at Kazuma and Ayase. “Then let us all meet your doom”

As the figure started walking towards Kazuma and Ayase which they weren’t afraid, they both prepared themselves for the worst. As if they knew that they would have to fight their best against the mysterious figure.

“Kazuma…” whisper Ayase to Kazuma as she helped him to stand a little straight. “Can you fight?” she asked him while she holds him against her since he was weak.

“Yeah…” he answered in pain as he had one of his arms over Ayase’s neck. “I think I can” he continued.

“If you can’t then I can fight for you” she said as she showed worried on her face’s features. “I can protect you” she continued to say as she looked away from Kazuma to the dark figure that was closing in their distances.

“No…” Kazuma squirmed as he took his arm off Ayase’s neck. “I can fight no problem” he continued to say as he straightens himself and ready his fists and his alter at the same time. “No problem”

“Ok…” said Ayase she got herself prepared for the fight against the dark figure.

“Now let us see who will win this fight” said the dark figure as he had gotten closer to Ayase and Kazuma.
“And let us meet our demise for this is a fight for a life” the dark figure laughed as he had started to go at a fast speed towards Ayase and Kazuma, as they both at the same time did the same approach.

-------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
Back at the Development Area…

After the big explosion, the Development Area had been left with nothing but a deserted area with a huge amount of rocks that had been cut off from mountains that were near by. The area had other kinds of things that humans would have in their disposal. Some of them were huge random colors of blanket sheets that are ripped to pieces. There were pots that were bended, ripped in awkward ways, or smashed. Also, some shoes and clothing that seemed to have been ripped out of their used to be owners lay on the ground.

The Development Area, which HOLD had promised to be also protected for a great future was no more. The area had no survivors of any sort since the explosion was too intense that anyone couldn’t survive it. As for the village that Ryuhou and Mimori were had disappeared with no lifeless bodies to appear in the ground. The place was silent as the air. No human were there nor alive. It would seem to some people that this village or area could be called the lifeless village or so.

Far from the village, where the explosion had come from, seemed to be left nothing but rocks and sands all over. But in from distant, there seemed to be a big lump on the surface the ground. It looked so big that it was enough to have a human in there.

But then the big lump started to move as if something was in there. Then the big lump on the ground began to move more and more by the minute as if the something in there was trying to get out of it.

In a few seconds then the lump breaks as a long hand that comes out of it. Then the hand grips the ground as someone comes out of the ground. As the unknown person comes out, it seems to appear a man with short emerald hair. He gets up at the same time he pulls out a female raven haired who appears to be unconscious.

As he gets the raven haired female into his arms in bridal-style, he looks around and is shocked to see what is left of the place.

“What happen to this place…” he said as he looked around with still the female raven-haired in his arms. “This place is…the village!” he finally said as she started running toward where the village was.

As he got there he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw with a terrified look on his face. He saw the place was a complete desert with nothing but a huge whole at the core of the village.

“This can’t be happening” he said out loud. “This place…the inhabitants…their gone” he said as he still kept walking through the rubbles of rocks that lay on the ground. “What is going on here?” he asked as he continued walking through what was once a village of full of people.

As he walked he continued to think about what he remembers. As he continued to be lost in his thoughts, the raven haired female that was in his arms yelped in pain. The emerald haired man stopped walking and also in his thoughts as he looked down at the female in his arms.

He saw the she was fine as he kept observing her entire body for any injuries. But he was wrong, as he came to observe her upper back; there was a huge wound that has been inflicted on her between her shoulder and her right arm. He gets frighten by this as he gets down putting her on the ground. He rips what cloth he has left from his uniform into wrapping the shoulder since the wound was more over the shoulder than to the right arm.

“Why do you always put your self in danger Mimori?” he said out loud as he finished wrapping were the injury was. “You were always the stubborn type…which is kind of characteristic that gets me worried about you” he continued to say as he picked her into his arms again. “Now to see a real doctor so that they can check your wound” he said as he looked down at the still unconscious heiress.

As the emerald haired man started to run for a hope that he finds a hospital right away for he feared the he might lose his childhood friend.

You better hold on Mimori” he thought as he kept running without his alter. “You better hold on or otherwise I don’t know how much I can’t take of losing you” he thought as he continued running as fast as he can with the raven-haired female in his arms.


After a few hours Ryuhou didn’t find a near hospital. He had realized that it was useless to keep going knowing that it would be in vain, so he stopped and sat on some rocks. Since the explosion was hit the village who knows how big it was, it could have gone to millions and millions miles away, but how did they survive was his question.

“How did we survive?” he asked again as he looked down at Mimori who was still sleeping in his arms. “And why was there an attack? Who could have done this?” he thought as he still looked at her. “Do you know the answer Mimori?” he asked Mimori out loud as he continued to look at her.

He then realized that he needed to keep running for Mimori’s sake since he didn’t want her wound to get infected. So he got up with Mimori still in his arms, and started running again for to hope that there is a near village up ahead. With hopes that he will find at least someone who can cure the young raven haired female as soon as possible.

-------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Back at Rukaro…

As Rukaro got to close to a tall mirrored-like windows that reflected throughout the moon and the dark sky. It had taken him this long to get to his destination since he remembered that he had to get something from another place.

As the limousine stopped in front of the mirrored building, Rukaro got off the car and told the driver to wait here for him as head off and finish some businesses. The driver accepted it and told Rukaro that he would wait.

As Rukaro entered the building, he saw two tall well suited men come to him.

“Register your name” asked one of the two tall suited men.

“Name register is Boss of HOLD” responded Rukaro as he looked at the two men with a serious look. He knew that places like these weren’t worth putting his guard down, since some organizations have betrayed him in the past.

“Registration name confirm” said one of the both men.

“Now please go to F-14 at R-305” said the other men as he and the other men left Rukaro by walking away from him.

F-14 at R-305...“thought Rukaro as he started pushing the number fourteen on the elevator floor buttons. “Why that room…that room is where no one is allowed” he thought again as the elevator still keep moving up. “Something else is going on but what is it?” he asked himself in his thoughts as he felt the elevator stop for he had arrive at floor number fourteen. “Well I’m here” he thought again as he started walk out of the elevator into the long narrowed hallway.

The hallway was all white with exception of bronze colored tiles that were like borders for the upper and the bottom of the wall.

As he got closer to the room that he needed to be at, he stopped in front of it. He was there only for a few seconds while he thought why he was sent to be at R-305? He had questioned it too much already and it was time to know some answers.

He took out a huge-diamond shaped card and slides it across the electrionic device that was close at the door knob. Then, the device took it time checking the Rukaro’s card to see if it was a fake one or not. Then the device beeps in letting in Rukaro by opening the door by itself.

“Well welcome Rukaro” said someone from inside the room. “Long time no see”

Rukaro’s face had turned pale as he looked at the person who was calling him.

“No…you can’t be…” said Rukaro in shocked.

To be continued.