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Scryed Askew: Part 4 - The Date (1)
By Robster80
Opening notes: With this posting, I have some sad news, for the few and proud we who are fans of Kazuma/Cherise (Scheris). Gundam Nightshade of FF.net has decided to halt his Kazuma/Cheirse story “By Chance” so he may concentrate on his other works. It is sad, but he did state when he posted the first part of his story that it was a one-shot thing, so it was something that was bound to end shortly. Still, in his ending notes, he was kind enough to mention this storyline and re-enforce my mentioning that this is not in any way a rip-off of his story. Thank you, Nightshade, and I hope to not let you down.
Disclaimer: I do NOT own S-Cry-ed, period! Not the characters, the name, or anything. It belongs to TV-Tokyo, Bandai, Tokyopop (Manga), etc.
Kanami smiled warmly as Kimishima entered the abandoned clinic she and Kazuma called home. “Good morning, Mr. Kimishima.”
“Heya, Kanami. Is Kazuma still asleep? I'm here to take him on an errand.”
“You mean for his big date with Cherise, right?”
Kimishima's jaw dropped at the mention of the girl Kazuma was going to see later on. Kanami knew the Cherise by name, and seemed strangely calm about it. “How'd you know about her?”
“Like you, I found Kaze-kun's secret box under his bed and my curiosity took over me. That, and Kaze-kun told me everything once I found out.”
“I see… and how do you feel-?”
Kanami giggled a bit. It seemed Kimishima was worried that she might be jealous of Cherise, too. “I'm okay with it, Mr. Kimishima. Yes, I was jealous at first, but I am still young; too young for Kaze-kun, but I mean that I'll find someone else eventually.”
If Kazuma doesn't strangle them first; he's overprotective of Kanami. Wiping away the sweat with his one sleeve, Kimishima then asked, “So where's Kazuma?”
I'll be down in a few minutes,” said a voice from upstairs. “I just got out of the shower.
This made Kimishima blink in surprise. “Kazuma, showering? And on a Tuesday? Then again, I did suggest he clean up before he goes to the city…”
“You and me both,” Kanami chimed in. She then got out an extra plate. “Would you like some breakfast before you and Kaze-kun leave?”
We'll take ours to go!
“Kazuma,” Kimishima groaned from the bottom of the stairs. “How am I supposed to eat if I'm the one driving?”
Just then, Kazuma rushed done the steps while putting on a clean replica of his usual jacket. “You can eat when we get to the wall, now hurry up!”
Shaking her head while smiling, Kanami put the plate away she got out for Kimishima and grabbed two small bento boxes before she started putting some of the breakfast she made into them. As she did this, she overheard Kimishima and Kazuma arguing about how Kazuma had not set a time to meet with Cherise and that Kazuma was wearing his usual clothes instead of nice clothes. Just like we're a family.
All three rushed out of the house to find Cougar and his usual altered car waiting just outside. As usual, Kazuma was frustrated that his surrogate brother had once more mispronounced his name. “It's Kazuma, you idjit! Ka-Zu-MA!”
“Can I help it if you were given a lousy name?” was Cougar's casual reply. His eyes then fell on Kanami. “Okay, that guy,” he pointed at Kimishima “I recognize from the night before, but this little girl is something I didn't expect.” Cougar immediately took off his glasses and moved right next to Kazuma, giving him a slight look of suspicion. “Kazuya, you're not a pedophile, are you?”
Kimishima chuckled at the question. “That's exactly what I said when I found Kazuma and Kanami in bed together-.”
Before either could react, Kazuma had punched both of them in their faces. “I'M NOT A PEDOPHILE, AND KANAMI SNUCK INTO MY BED WHILE I WAS ASLEEP BECAUSE IT WAS COLD THAT NIGHT!!”
“So, Kazuya,” Cougar said while dazed, “how're those anger management classes I recommended you to take, hm?” He and Kimishima were sprawled out on the ground, their right and left cheeks respectively swollen.
“Cut the clowning, Cougar, and tell me what you're doing way out here?”
But Cougar didn't answer right away as Kanami was helping him to his feet. Once he was standing, she bowed politely. “Please excuse Kaze-kun. He's kind of sensitive. My name is Kanami.”
“Straight Cougar. I used to hang out with Kazuya before I joined up with HOLY; he's the kid brother I always wanted. Soooo,” he said turning once more to Kazuma. “Kaze-ku-.”
“Finish that,” Kazuma snarled, cracking his knuckles, “and you'll be buying false teeth later today. Now answer me: what are you doing out here?”
“Why else? I'm here to take you to your date. Although… don't you have anything other than those clothes to wear? I mean, you're going on a date, not looking for a street fight.”
“Hello! We're out in the wastes; there's very little need to look nice out here.”
“He's got a point,” Kimishima said. “But maybe you could use that extra moolah to buy yourself some close at least for today, and then you can save them for the next time you and Cherise have a date.”
Cougar then checked his watch. “Speaking of which, we're behind schedule. Still your pal's right; Cherise can take you shopping before you two can officially start your date. Now, hop in, Kazuya-.”
“Ah, whatever. Just get in the car already!”
Kanami waved politely as Cougar and Kazuma jumped into Cougar's car. “Have fun, Kaze-kun! Be good! And don't stay out too late!”
“Yes, mom,” Kazuma replied jokingly before Cougar's car took out without waiting for Kazuma to close his door.
Cherise mentally scolded herself as she stood in the city square. She had been sneaking looks at her watch all morning as she waited for Cougar to bring Kazuma to her. Still, she couldn't help but be excited since today would be her first real date with Kazuma.
It was worth sneaking herself out of HOLY headquarters so nobody else would see her. Usually on her days off work, she would try to sneak out without getting caught by Ryuhou, and when he caught her, she would fake an illness and stay locked up in her quarters. Today, however, she had been more determined; she had Cougar intercept Ryuhou so she could get out into the city without being caught. There was still the chance that someone from HOLY would actually catch her out and about with Kazuma, but she had decided the date was worth the risk.
I hope he likes this outfit she mused to herself as she yet again looked down at herself. Her choice of clothes for the day was a one piece dress that had short sleeves and a semi-long skirt that went past her knees. The color was mainly blue, save for a large white stripe that ran diagonally from left to right at her waist. Slung on her left shoulder was a white purse to match the dress's stripe and the shoes. None of it was flashy, but neither was it too plain.
Gee, maybe I'm kind of too dressed up for Kazuma. I mean, it's not like he has any dress clothes out there in the wastes. Come on now, Cherise, Kazuma doesn't care about appearances when it concerns you. It'll be fine. Now if only I can convince my stomach to stop doing flip-flops…
A loud honking of a car horn ripped through the air as people cried out while jumping out of the way of a speeding pink vehicle. Sighing heavily, Cherise stood her ground as the car screeched to a halt just one metric foot in front of her. Trying hard to ignore the stares coming her way, she waited patiently as Cougar emerged from his side of the car.
“Ah, Cherise,” he said, bowing low towards her. “My apologies for being late, but-.”
The passenger door burst open as a familiar voice rang out form within. “DAMMIT, COUGAR, I HAVE HALF A MIND TO THROW UP RIGHT ON YOU!”
Rushing around the car, Cherise ran up to a shaky Kazuma, who had put a hand over his mouth to keep himself from puking up his guts due to Cougar's insane driving. “Kazuma, are you okay? Here, let me-.”
But Kazuma gently put a hand up, signaling her to keep her distance in case he indeed threw up. “Gi-gimme a sec, Cherise.” After several long deep breaths, Kazuma stood up straight. “That'll do it, I hope.”
“And here I thought you were tough, Kazuya,” Cougar remarked as he walked over to join the two. However, his car started to shake violently. “Uh, you might want to run. Like NOW!”
Cursing aloud, Kazuma grabbed Cherise and ran after Cougar. Seconds later, the car exploded behind them. “Does that happen a lot?”
“Too often,” Cherise said while glaring hard at Cougar. “I swear, one of these days the Commander is going to kill you, Cougar. And if he doesn't, I WILL!”
“Hey, I at least got Kazuya here. Anyway, you two have fun. I'm going back to base. Oh, and you might want to take Kazuya out for some new clothes before you begin your date. Ta-ta, kids. And Kazuya-?”
“KAZUMA,” Cherise and Kazuma shouted together.
“Whatever. Please bring Cherise back here by seven tonight so I can take her home. And make sure nobody from HOLY sees you!” Having said this, Cougar started walking down the street, ignoring the shocked and bewildered stares from everyone else.
“Well,” Cherise said after a period of silence, turning to her date. “Shall we go?”
Kazuma noticed Cherise was holding out her hand to him. Rememerbing what his book had said, he gently took it into his hand. “Okay, but you lead the way. I'm a stranger here, after all.”
Passersby noticed that both Cherise and Kazuma were blushing slightly form holding hands as they made their way through the city. Some whispered amongst themselves, a few, mostly young girls, giggled at how red Kazuma's face was; and one or two elderly couples watched them and verbally recalled their youth. It all slightly annoyed Kazuma; he wasn't used to being looked at funny. Still, he took deep, quiet breaths and tried real hard to ignore everything other than the girl he was holding hands with. The touch of her hand clasping with his made him feel very warm as if for the first time.
Though her face was bright pink, Cherise wore a smile that showed she was content to be with this man by her side. It felt like an eternity since the other day that she last touched him, and kissed his lips. And now, they were walking together hand-in-hand. She was so lost in the moment that she almost failed to notice Kazuma stopped walking and she felt herself tugging at his arm. “Huh? What is it, Kazuma?”
Kazuma's head was tilted upward at a sign for a clothing store. Maybe Cougar and Kimishima were right; he should at least dress like he was out on a date. “Would you mind if we stopped here?”
Seeing the store for herself, Cherise giggled. “Kazuma, that's a store for women's clothing, not guys.”
“It is?”
“Come on,” Cherise said, gently pulling Kazuma behind her as they started walking again. “I'll take you to a store Cougar mentioned to me once. We'll get you some new duds there.”
Little did either Cherise or Kazuma realize that they were being watched from the shadows by Cougar. While he had said he was going back to HOLY, he had secretly doubled back and followed the couple to make sure Kazuma didn't mess up or that anyone else interfered, especially Ryuhou, if the other HOLY members showed up out of nowhere.
“Are you sure this is me, Cammy?”
Standing outside the entrance to the changing rooms of a store, Cammy failed to suppress her smile as her boyfriend was, she assumed, finishing up putting on the new clotehs she picked out for him. “I'm positive. And yes, I know fools are positive, but I am a fool; a fool in love with a man like you. Are you almost done, Asuka?”
“Here I come, Cammy.”
Asuka Tachibana stepped out of the changing rooms to let his girlfriend get a good look at him and his wardrobe. While he had other clothes besides his numerous HOLY uniforms, Tachibana didn't seem to have enough, according to Cammy, normal clothes; hence why he was out with her shopping for some new ones. At the moment, he was wearing a purple suit with matching pants and a white dress shirt underneath. “I feel like I'm going to a high-class dance or something,” was his remark as he looked in the nearby mirrors.
Cammy draped her arms around him form behind. “You look fine. But if you'd like, I can pick you out some more things.”
“Why can't I pick out clothes for myself?”
“Because I'm buying,” Cammy replied while sticking out her tongue playfully. “Wait here.” She quickly planted a kiss on his cheek before she pulled herself away and disappeared amongst the clothes racks.
Sighing half-helplessly and half-happily, Tachibana found a nearby chair and sat in it, awaiting Cammy's return. Try as he might, he couldn't tell himself he enjoyed it when Cammy spoiled him like this, even if he had no say in it. He quietly told himself he was lucky to have a girl like her considering he used to be a Native Alter until he defected to HOLY. If he hadn't, he would have never met Cammy at all.
“Hey, this looks good. And these, too.”
“But they don't match, Kazuma. You have to consider how the clothes match rather than how good they appear to be.”
Tachibana's ears pricked up at the two voices. The male one he didn't recognize, but there was no mistaking the female's. Cherise Adjani?! He carefully looked to indeed see his fellow HOLY officer. What surprised him the most, though, was that Cherise was with what looked like a thug from the wastes. Of all the men in the Lost Ground, why was she with this kind of punk? He understood Cherise had no interest in Ryuhou, and that she and Cougar were merely friends, and also that Urizane was a big, fat pig obsessed with watermelons; but he had to ask himself if she couldn't have found someone else at HOLY more her style.
No way can I ignore this. As a fellow member of HOLY, it is my duty to look after my teammates. I'd better investigate this and make sure Cherise is okay-.
“We're done her, Asuka.”
“What?” Tahcibana asked, surprised by Cammy's sudden return.
“I couldn't find anything else that would look good on you, so we're going to pay for what you have now and move onto the next store. Go back and change and we'll check out.”
“Hurry, I want to get to at least three more stores before we go out for lunch!”
Knowing it was pointless to argue, Tachibana went back into the changing room he used. He didn't take long to change back into his casual clothes and exited with the good clothes in hand so Cammy could drag him to the nearest sales clerk. It was merely seconds later that Kazuma and Cherise came to the changing rooms for Kazuma to try on the shirt and pants Cherise helped him pick out. Neither of them, especially Cherise, had noticed Tachibana at all.
Once Kazuma had disappeared into the changing rooms, Cherise reached into her purse. Her hand pulled out a pocket edition of “Dating for Dummies,” and she flipped through looking up the chapters for clothing shopping. “No matter how bad he/she may look,” she read to herself, “always be supportive. The clothes you pick out together may not be what you originally thought while he/she is wearing them, but this can happen a lot.” Stuffing the book back into her purse, Cherise waited barely a minute more before Kazuma came out.
Given the warm weather of late, the shirt was short-sleeved and had three buttons at the top. Like the shirt, the pants were not so formal, yet not too casual. While the pants were solid dark green, the shirt was colored in thirds horizontally: with white in the middle and a pure green on the bottom and at the top and sleeves. The only thing that clashed was the fingerless black glove on Kazuma's right hand.
Together, they examined Kazuma in the nearby mirrors. “I don't know, Cherise,” he said, musing while turning so as to examine every inch of himself in the mirror. “Green's not really my color.”
Frowning, Cherise silently admitted that Kazuma was right. She didn't ask him about his glove, figuring he had his reasons. “Let's pick out a few more things.”
End part 4
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