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S-Cry-ed Askew - Part 3: Preparations (For Dummies)
By Robster80
Opening notes: Sorry for the delay in this chapter, folks. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to do next. Well, I hope you all enjoy this.
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Cougar waved his hand over Kazuma's blank eyes, snapped his fingers several times, and even rapped his knuckles on Kazuma's forehead. But none of these seemed to get Kazuma to snap out of his kiss-induced daze, which Cherise had caused when she tackled him to the ground and kissed him full on the lips not but a minute or two ago. “Come on, Kazuya, snap out of it! Wake up & go to sleep! Hey, breakfast! …Dammit, those always worked before.”
Cherise and Kimishima respectively stood over both the kneeling Cougar and the laid-back Kazuma. After the kiss, Cherise had hugged Kazuma tightly, not realizing the effect she had on him until Cougar had gently pulled her away and to her feet. Seeing her love laying face-up surprised her. “Is… is he okay?”
Shaking his head, Cougar looked up at her. “I hate to say it, Cherise, but you killed him with your kiss, if that's even possible.”
Lucky stiff, Kimishima thought while looming over his friend and business partner. Just then, a smirk crossed his face. “Welllll, if he'd dead… then I get his secret stash from under his bed-.” He was promptly cut off by Kazuma's right fist, which crammed itself into his face, hard. “Knew that would work,” he said in a muffled voice due to his lips pressing against the back of Kazuma's hand.
No longer dazed, Kazuma glared hard at his partner. “For future reference,” he said, “if I do die, Kanami gets any money I've saved away, and Cherise gets her pictures back.” Then, before he knew it, Kazuma was yanked up onto his feet before he felt Cherise hugging him tightly. He smiled before returning the hug. “This brings back some memories. I missed you, Cherise.”
“I missed you even more, Kazuma.” Cherise's eyes were shut tight, but a few tears managed to squeeze themselves out to travel down her face. How she had longed to hold Kazuma like this, and to be held by him. How her heart raced at the image of him in her memories and at his photograph. And now, he was right there with her to encircle his strong and gentle arms around her.
“So, Kazuya, how'd you enjoy your first kiss?”
Blinking, Kazuma looked over at Cougar, who grinned like the cat who ate the canary. “My first what? …Oh you mean where Cherise-?”
“Yes, that. It's called a kiss, and I know you well enough to know you've never experienced a kiss until now.”
Hearing the truth in Cougar's words, Cherise was beyond happy. Kazuma's first kiss was with her, and vice-versa. She couldn't ask for anything more; well, except for a date with Kazuma.
Words failed Kazuma as he thought how to best describe the feelings the kiss gave him. His face flushed as he recalled the sensation of Cherise's lips pressing against his; while he didn't like having his face turning red like that, he liked how his heart was doing summersaults from the warmth of the girl's being upon him.
Kimishima gave a disgusted snort and turned away. He never imagined that Kazuma would have a girlfriend, let alone get a kiss before he did. After all, Kazuma mainly let his fists to the talking instead of his mouth. When exactly did those two first meet? And why a member of HOLY, for crying out loud?!
Suddenly, there was a loud beep from Cougar's one pocket. Pulling out a small communicator, Cougar turned away form everyone to speak into it. “This is Straight Cougar.”
Where's Cherise?” came a voice both Cougar and Cherise recognized as Ryuhou's. His cold voice told them, Kazuma, and Kimishima that he was none too pleased that Cherise was missing.
“I-I'm taking her back to base right now.”
Cherise shook her head violently at Cougar, though he didn't see this. She didn't want to leave now; she had just been reunited with Kazuma. Her grip on him tightened so that she almost squeezed him. Judging from the way she tightened her hold on him, Kazuma knew this guy talking to Cougar was the one she had mentioned before in her letters, the one who was trying to ask her out. “Of all the rotten timing-! Damn you, Ryuhou.
You'd better be. We're heading back now… and by the way, thanks to your sudden appearance, the Native Alter I had beaten escaped! The Commander will hear of this, I promise you.
“Don't forget to take Miss Minori back with you,” Was all Cougar said before shutting off his communicator. “Sorry, kids, but I gotta get Cherise back before Ryuhou reaches the base first.”
Very slowly, Cherise pulled away from Kazuma. From the look in their eyes, both knew the other didn't want their reunion to be over so quickly. Kazuma spoke first. “All I need now is over 1000 yen… and then I can get an ID card to come see you, Cherise. Even if I have to work a hundred jobs, I'll get the money as soon as I can.”
“I'll wait for you, Kazuma.” I'll wait even if it means eternity.
Hating to see the mood spoiled, Kimishima quickly stood next to Kazuma and gave Cherise a reassuring, or so he hoped, gesture. “Don't worry; with me as his contractor, I'll get him some easy money in a snap.”
“Oh, I almost forgot!” Cougar jumped to the other side of Kazuma in a flash. Pulling out a card form his one pocket, he held it out to his friend. “Been meaning to give you this for some time, Kazuya. It's your very own ID card to get in and out of the city. I'm sorry, but I kept forgetting to get it to you.”
Gasping, Kazuma swiped the card form Cougar's hand, nearly taking Cougar's fingers off with it. “What the hell?! Cougar, how long ago did you get this for me?”
“Whoo,” Kimishima commented in amazement, glancing at the card. “Definitely an authentic card. You lucked out, partner.”
Cougar tried to remember. “Ah, yes,” he replied finally, snapping his fingers. “About six months ago. Eh, Kazuya-?”
Kazuma's look was of pure rage. All this time, he had been saving up money for a fake ID card, and Cougar had one for months but had only given it to him just then. He didn't notice that Kimishima had taken the card from him so that his clenching fist wouldn't break it accidentally. “Cougar… YOU BASTARD!!”
Knowing his friend all-too well, Cougar used his speed to grab Cherise and dash back to his car before Kauzma could jump him. “Er, sorry, gotta run! Hey, buddy,” he called out to Kimishima, “when he calms down, tell him Cherise's next day off from HOLY is the day after tomorrow so he can come see her then! Bye!” Saying no more, Cougar shut and locked himself and Cherise into his car and took off for the city, Kazuma trying to chase them on his own two feet.
“You get back here, Straight Cougar! …Dammit, at least let me say goodbye to Cherise properly!”
Seeing that Kazuma hadn't run far, Kimishima sighed heavily as he walked over. “Relax, Kazuma. You can see her soon. At least now you can use your saved-up money for something other than the ID. And may I advise you to take a bath before you go see her? Girls don't like their guys to smell.”
Seeing Kimishima was holding out his ID card to him, Kazuma carefully took it and placed it into his pocket. At least now he would be able to see Cherise in the city sooner than he expected. “Let's head back before Kanami starts to worry.”
As usual, the workers on the farm Kanami helped out at put Kazuma straight to work the next day. Before he could even say “good day,” a hard hat was slammed onto his head and a hammer placed in his fist before he found himself on a roof full of holes. However, they were surprised that he had gotten right to work nailing in the covers for the holes. Before they knew it, he was done with the whole roof within an hour.
“So,” he said, wiping his brow with his one sleeve, “what's next?”
The foreman dropped his hammer in utter shock. “…Okay, who the hell are you, and what have you done with Kazuma?”
“Oh, it's me alright. I just want to get in as much work as possible today.”
“Why,” another worker asked, “you got a date or something?”
“Not that it's anyone else's business, but… yeah, I do. But don't tell Kanami!”
Frowning, Kazuma looked as Kimishima rode in on a motorcycle. “Look, Kimishima, I told you this morning I was going to work here today. Whatever job you found, I'm not interested.”
“Relax,” Kimishima said while dismounting from his ride. He took off his helmet and then took out a book from within his jacket. He held it up at Kazuma. “I just came to drop this off. Thought you'd might need it.”
One of the workers noticed the title. “Dating For Dummies. …A more fitting title for a book Kazuma should read.” Suddenly, he was hit in his hardhat by a flying hammer.
Kimishima grinned. “Sorry, Kazuma, but he has a point; we both know you know absolutely zip about what to do on a date with a girl. I suggest, though, you read this on your own time.”
Angry that Kimishima was right and realizing he still had work to do, Kazuma jumped down from the rooftop and moved to get his hammer. “Just give that book to the foreman, and I'll look at it during lunch. Now scram, I got work to do!”
Mimori was surprised to find Cherise off in a corner of the cafeteria by herself, reading a book that she was trying hard to hide from prying eyes. Curious, she crept over to sit beside Cherise at her table. “May I ask-?”
With a tiny “eep” of surprise, Cherise fumbled her book about before grasping it in both hands. She looked right at Mimori, and then let out a relieving sigh. “Miss Kiryu, don't scare me like that!” Cherise then glanced about to see if anyone else was looking in her direction, still hiding the cover of the book she was reading.
“I'm sorry,” Mimori replied. “But, still, may I ask what you're reading that's so secret?” Not waiting for a reply, Mimori gently moved Cherise's hand aside to see the book's title: Dating For Dummies. “Hmmm, interesting.”
“SSSSH!” Cherise placed the book on her lap, which was hidden under the table as she was still seated. She had bought the book earlier so she could try to get ideas on what to do if Kazuma would visit her the next day as Cougar had suggested to him. Like Kazuma, though she did not realize it, she had never been on a date before, either. “I don't want certain parties to get the wrong idea.”
Mimori knew exactly whom Cherise was talking about: Ryuhou. “Not a word. Just one question: is it with Mr. Cougar?” Noticing the death glare from Cherise, Mimori quickly said, “I withdraw the question, sorry! So, who is it? Another HOLY officer?”
“Forgive me, but I refuse to answer any questions you have. As you can see, this is personal. …You got any tips?”
“Don't let him take you to any motels, for one thing.”
“He's not like that.” As she turned away, Cherise blushed heavily at the thought of her and Kazuma being in a motel room, alone together. Though… I wouldn't say no if he asked me to…
“Who's not like what?”
Cherise's whole body tensed up as she saw Ryuhou sit across from her and Mimori. This was all she needed for things to really go bad: Ryuhou sitting with her. Quickly, she tried to think of something to answer Ryuhou's question. In truth, however, she wanted to bolt right there, but she'd risk letting Ryuhou see her book, which was still hidden under the table.
“Oh, I was asking questions about you, Ryuhou,” Mimori quickly said before turning to look at Cherise. “Right?” She winked quickly with her left eye so Ryuhou couldn't see it.
Catching on, Cherise replied, “Oh! Yeah, that's it! Miss Kiryu was asking if you were actually…” her voice dropped to a whisper. “Bi-sexual.”
Shocked by this, Ryuhou fell out of his chair. “Wh-what makes you think that?” he asked while picking himself up.
Mimori shrugged. “Well, I have noticed you hang around either Miss Adjani or Mr. Cougar whenever I see you, but mostly with Mr. Cougar.”
“T-that's because I press Cougar for details about Cherise; he's known her longer than I have since he's the one who rescued her from the wastelands and brought her to HOLY. Besides, I think Cougar's more interested in you than me since he presses me for information about you.”
“Well, you've known Miss Minori longer than I have, Ryuhou.”
The three looked up to see Cougar standing beside the table, holding a book. “It's Mimori,” Cherise heard Mimori correct Cougar while she herself rolled her eyes. If Cougar really did have an interest in Mimori, he was off to a really bad start. Noticing the three were now occupied with each other, Cherise silently excused herself and Left the cafeteria, successfully keeping her book hidden from anyone who noticed her.
This is getting ridiculous! Why can't Ryuhou get it that I'm not interested in him? Maybe I should have stayed out in the wastes with Kazuma.
“Well, what have we here, girls?”
Gasping, Cherise failed to react as her book was snatched out from her hands by a man no taller than herself accompanied by three women. She frowned at them, especially the man. “Su Kigetsuki and the Tokonatsu Sisters. Oh joy.” Those last two words were filled with sarcasm.
Kigetsuki waved Cherise's book at the three girls. “Seems little Cherise here is trying to catch a date. Does this mean that Ryuhou finally managed to get you to go out with him, Cherise?”
Taking back her book forcibly, Cherise spat at Kigestuki. “At least I don't have to resort so low as to create my own dates like you did. You wouldn't know a real woman if one ripped your head off and shoved it where the sun doesn't shine.”
The three girls/alters quickly surrounded Kigestuki as if to shield him from Cherise. “How dare you talk like that?” “Yeah, our master is a wonderful man!” “As if he'd even call a tramp like you a real woman.”
“Is there a problem here?”
All eyes fell on a tall man with long brown hair standing behind Kigestuki and his alters. They and Cherise quickly saluted, though the other four were suddenly nervous in the presence of this man. “N-no, Commander Zigmar, sir,” Kigestuki quickly stammered.
“Then I suggest you and the Tokonatsu Sisters stop blocking the hallway and move on, Officer Kigetsuki.”
“Sir!” The four moved along in haste to avoid further scolding from the Commander. This left Cherise alone with him as he, too, took notice of her book. Raising an eyebrow, he said, “Officer Adjani, you do remember our policy on romantic relationships between fellow HOLY members?”
“I do, sir: they are not discouraged, but also not encouraged, either. However…” Cherise took one look around to make sure no one else was heading their way. “My date isn't with HOLY.”
This made Zigmar smile a bit. “Understood. Carry on, then.”
“Sir! …Um, Commander? You might want to give Officer Tairen a reminder about that policy, if you don't mind.”
“I see. Very well, I shall remind him. …Again.”
“Thank you, sir. Good day.” Cherise then walked off towards her quarters. Though the commander had tried talking to Ryuhou about advancing on her over and over, she kept hoping each time Ryuhou would get the message.
Locking her door behind her, Cherise collapsed onto her bed, tired from the earlier encounters with Ryuhou and Kigestuki and his alters. She hoped that tomorrow, when Kazuma came to see her, things would be better. Also, she hoped that she would be mentally ready for the date. After taking a deep breath, she opened her book and resumed her place in it.
I just hope Kazuma doesn't run into Ryuhou or anyone other than Cougar when he gets here.
Kazuma nearly had a heart attack when he found Kanami in his room that night. The little girl was sitting on the floor, with his collection of Cherise's photos and letters in front of her. He was so shocked, that he accidentally let his Dating For Dummies book slip form his fingers to drop onto the floor.
This caused Kanami to turn, gasping form the sudden noise. “K-Kaze-kun! I-!” Leaping to her feet, she bowed repeatedly at him. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snoop.”
Snapping out of his shock, Kazuma snatched back his book form the floor and bolted over to Kanami. “It's okay, really. Cut it out, will ya?”
Kanami then knelt down to replace the letter sand photos under Kazuma's bed. “…Kaze-kun, who is she?”
Sighing heavily, Kazuma sat right down on the floor in front of Kanami. “Her name's Cherise Adjani. I first met her a few years ago, when she was being… assaulted by a gang she used to belong to. I ended up rescuing her, and got her into the city through a friend of mine who works there. We write each other, keeping in touch.”
“Is that why you got that camera?”
“Yeah, Cherise wanted a pic of me, so I worked up enough cash for the camera so I could finally send her one. Also… you might as well know, I'll be going to see her in the city tomorrow.”

”That would explain your book. I overheard Mr. Kimishima give it to you earlier today.”
Holding up the book, Kazuma sighed again. “Yeah, but even still I can't make heads or tails about what we're going to do tomorrow, or even how to prepare for it.”
Kanami put a finger to her chin, thinking about something. “Well, what time are you planning to leave tomorrow?”
“Not sure. Why?”
“Well, the first thing you should do, after breakfast, is take a bath. I know from what the women tell me at the farm that girls don't like their dates to be smelly.”
“That's what Kimishima told me. …You seem very calm about this. Aren't you jealous?”
“Kaze-kun, let's be real here. I'm only 10, and you're like 18 or more. Besides, you're more like a brother to me than a boyfriend. In all honesty, I'm relieved that you found someone other than Mr. Kimishima to hang around with.”
“Well, that takes a load off my mind. Okay, so what else can you suggest?”
“Well, before you meet with this girl, buy her flowers; all girls love flowers.”
“Uh, what happens if I pick ones she's allergic to?”
“…I never thought of that. Well, get her a little gift instead: something that shows her she means something to you. Shouldn't you write this down?”
“Nah, I'll remember it.”
Kanami raised an eyebrow. “Like how you remember to bring in the clothes from the clothes line before it rained that one day? I swear, Kaze-kun, you can be such a hopeless cause.”
Depressed by her words, Kazuma hung his head in shame. “I know, I'm just a good-for-nothing punk.”
Giggling, Kanami snuggled close to her guardian, catching him off guard. “But I still think you're cute.”
“H-hey! I am not cute!”
End part 3
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