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S-Cry-ed Askew - Part 2: Delayed Reunion
By Robster80
Opening notes: In all honesty, I wasn't sure if I could continue with this idea of a story. I had chapter ideas in my brain, but didn't get to put them to the comp due to me hanging out on youtube lately thanks to two friends who shall remain anonymous. Also, nobody seemed to even care enough to at least leave a review, period.
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Sighing heavily, Cherise Adjani raced out onto the balcony of the main hall at HOLY Base. As she leaned over the railing, she saw Straight Cougar and a long-haired woman just a few feet from the front doors. Judging that the source of the big explosion was right outside, she gave Cougar a half-annoyed, half-accusing glance. “You went and wrecked another one, didn't you, Cougar?”
This made the pink sunglasses-wearing man look up at her and smile. “Ah, if it isn't Cherise? I've brought Miss Minori Kiryu-.”
“Mimori,” the girl behind him corrected.
Giggling, Cherise quickly replied, “Oh don't mind him, Miss Kiryu. He's lousy with most names.” He only gets mine right because Kazuma kept decking him when he was in earshot. Funny, though; why didn't Kazuma use that method to get Cougar to say his name right?
“Oh, yes! Where are my manners? Miss Kiryu, that little lady up there with the short blue hair is Cherise Adjani, one of the youngest recruits HOLY has ever taken in.”
“Hiya,” Cherise said while finger-waving down at Mimori. “So, Cougar-?”
“Sorry,” Cougar said, shaking his head, “no new mail today.”
Just then, Cherise heard footsteps approaching her. Turning, she inwardly frowned at a man with green hair walking up the balcony. Oh great, as if no new letter from Kazuma was bad enough. “Ryuhou.”
“Cherise,” was Ryuhou's stiff reply before he turned to look down at Mimori. “Welcome to the Lost Ground, Miss Kiryu.”
Seeing him, though he was out of her reach, Mimori smiled warmly. “Ryuhou! It's been-.”
“The Commander, Martin Zigmar, asked me to inform you to immediately go to his office so he may give you your ID Card as well as a passkey card to your quarters. You will be reporting to the head of the Medical Unit afterwards while your belongings will be taken to your quarters by some of our regular soldiers. Rest assured they will handle your things with care.”
Ryuhou's coldness in his words took Mimori by surprise. A lot had changed since she last saw of him seven years prior to today. “Ryuhou…”
“A word of caution, however: Even though you're in the city, the Lost Ground as a whole is a dangerous place. Do not go anywhere without an escort, and stay clear of the wall bordering the city from the wastes. Excuse me.” Ryuhou turned to Cherise. “If you haven't eaten yet, I was wondering if you would join me for lunch?”
Hoping her stomach wouldn't betray her lie, Cherise quickly said, “Sorry, I just ate. Maybe next time. I gotta run.”
As Cherise rushed off, Ryuhou heard Cougar suddenly say, “Hey, Ryuhou! You're cold, asking another girl to lunch like that in front of your old friend here. Why not invite her to lunch? Unless…” Cougar quickly put an arm around Mimori, surprising her. “You'd rather I take her to lunch, hmm?”
“M-Mr. Cougar-!”
But Ryuhou made no reply. He just turned around and walked back the way he came. Seeing this, Cougar slowly removed his arm from Mimori. He bowed towards her. “Sorry about that; it was just stupid quick thinking on my part. So, let me do it correctly: would you like to join me for lunch? I would be honored if you did, Miss Minori-, er, I mean, Mimori.”
Mimori didn't say anything. She simply stared at the spot where Ryuhou had stood, wondering what had happened to him to make him like this.
Sighing with great relief after making it back to her room, Cherise walked over and fell back-first onto her bed. That had been close, she realized; Ryuhou was getting more and more bothersome with his asking her out. It was harder to turn him down every time, though it was pure luck she was able to get away this time. Just then, her stomach growled, and she laughed. “Thanks for waiting until now to do that.”
Reaching back with one hand, she pulled out two things from under one of her pillows: a picture of Kazuma that he had sent her, and the letter that had come with said picture. It had been over two weeks since she had gotten it the last time Cougar had found Kazuma out in the wastes. She had a collection of the few letters Kazuma had written to her stuffed in her dresser drawer underneath all her underwear, but she would keep the latest one under her pillows until the next one came. Reading his letters always seemed to get Cherise to forget everything that bothered her.
Sorry I haven't written in a while. Please don't think I don't like you or anything bad like that. It's just, well, I have to be careful writing these letters and hiding the ones you sent me. I think Kimishima is getting nosy since he caught me writing you a while back. Also, I don't want Kanami to find the pictures you also sent me; she might get jealous and do something crazy.
Cherise couldn't help but giggle at that last part. Though Kanami was only eight years old, she had latched onto Kazuma since he found her a few months after he had saved Cherise from her old gang. He hadn't said it out loud, but Cherise could get the hint in his words that the little girl had a crush on him. But still, Cherise wouldn't blame Kanami if it was true: Kazuma was very handsome in her eyes.
Another reason this got delayed was because I had a hard time getting a camera that takes instant pictures, and with film, too. And I had to get Kanami to take several pictures before I could decide which one to send you. Of course, I had to lie to her that I wanted to see if I could look good in pictures. Luckily, she bought it, as long as she kept a few for herself. Anyways, I hope you liked the picture included in this letter.
Lately, I've been working more and more at the farm Kanami goes to everyday due to Kimishima's lack of finding jobs worth my time, and price. I'm saving up for a chance to finally come pay you a visit at the city. Though I wish it wasn't talking me so long to do so; fake IDs that actually work are hard to come by, and don't get me started on the chisellers.
I'll write again as soon as I find more paper and pencils or pens; we're running low, hence the short letter this time. Take care of yourself, Cherise, and I hope to finally see you again soon.
Thinking of you, Kazuma.
Putting the letter aside, Cherise stared longingly at the picture of Kazuma. He was simply smiling at the camera while trying to look tough by crossing his arms in front. Somehow it brought out exactly what Cherise saw in him: tough and strong, yet kind and gentle. Her hand brought the picture close enough to her lips so she could kiss it several times before she placed it over her heart.
Whether it was because he saved her long ago, or that he kept in touch with her since then, Cherise knew she had fallen for Kazuma, and hard. It wasn't a crush; Cougar had made sure of it himself by asking her all kinds of questions. Cherise was truly in love with Kazuma, heart and soul.
Kazuma was still on her mind as she later joined Ryuhou in the office of Martin Zigmar, HOLY's commander. However, she had enough sense to pay attention as Zigmar gave them orders to find and capture a Native Alter with what had been dubbed by said Alter as “The Hammer.” Secretly, Cherise was thankful that this wasn't Kazuma, since she knew from one of his letters that his alter was called “Shell Bullet.”
Time seemed to pass by quickly for Cherise as she and Ryuhou boarded their transport and made their way out into the wastelands. In no time, they found their target beside the ruins of the old subway station, apparently bullying a group of kids living there. Ryuhou was quick to exit the transport and summon his alter, Zetsuei.
Needless to say, Cherise wasn't impressed at all with Zetsuei. No matter how many times Ryuhou had used it to whip the pants off of any unruly Alter User, she bet that Kazuma could beat the humanoid alter hands down. There had been rumors, though, that Ryuhou held back Zetsuei's true power, but she had yet to see it for herself if the rumors were true or not.
It took Ryuhou less than five minutes before Zetsuei had cut down the giant alter called Hammer. Its user, a rotund man with green hair that matched Ryuhou's perfectly, was left babbling as Hammer dissolved piece by piece after being cut up by Zetsuei's ribbons. The man dropped to his knees, while his gang, or now former gnag, was running away shouting in fear.
“You've broken the law,” Ryuhou said coldly as Zetsuei joined him by his side. “And now you shall be punished for your crimes.”
Suddenly, Cougar's alter/car showed up out of nowhere, skidding to a stop in front of Ryuhou and the transport. Cougar leapt out his side of the car, posing as he cried out “A new record: 1 minute and 54 seconds! Isn't that amazing, Miss Minori?”
Struggling out of the passenger side of the car, Mimori, slowly got her feet onto the ground while her one hand covered her mouth. One look at her face and one could see that she was resisting the urge to vomit after taking a ride with Cougar. “It… it's Mimori!”
Cougar would have apologized, if Ryuhou hadn't walked over to him and punched him in the face. Sent sprawling to the ground, Cougar's left cheek began to swell form the hit. “Hey, what was that for?”
Ryuhou pointed an accusing finger at the fallen Cougar as Cherise rushed over to offer support to the weary Mimori. “Why did you bring her out here, Officer Cougar?”
“Because,” Cougar replied simply as he stood up, “I wanted to show her you in action. Though it looks like we got here a bit late for that-.” He got cut off as Ryuhou had hit him again.
“Take her back. Now!”
Feeling some of her strength back, Mimori rushed over to the fallen Cougar to try and help him up. “Ryuhou, that was uncalled for! I asked him to bring me here.”
“Then you're a bigger fool than he is. Go back to the Main Land, Miss Kiryu.”
As the two stood there, arguing, Cougar snuck away from them and ushered Cherise into his car. “What say we let them catch up on old times while you and I go pay you-know-who a visit?” he said after he got into the driver's seat, grinning deviously.
Slowly, Cherise grinned back. “Never thought I'd say this, but… floor it!”
Looking out through his binoculars, Kimishima frowned heavily while sweating a little. “Don't take it out on me, Kazuma,” he said, handing his binoculars to his friend sitting beside him, “but HOLY beat us to the punch.”
“Knew we shoulda skipped dessert,” was all Kazuma could mutter as he looked through the binoculars. He and Kimishima were sitting in his buggy atop a nearby cliff overlooking the area. “Well, there's always tomorrow at the farm… though I'd rather bust somebody's head open.”
“…You're awfully calm about this setback.” He had said the truth, though it did unnerve him a little. Kimishima was wary that Kazuma would still hit him or break the binoculars, or even do damage to his buggy.
“The pay was only thirty, remember? If it was the two thousand I needed, you'd be swallowing your car by now. Might as well head back home for the night.”
“No problem. And next time-. YEOW!”
“SON OF A-!”
Just as Kimishima had turned the ignition key, a streak of pink barely collided with the buggy, passing it by mere inches. Both men turned, especially Kazuma, as the streak suddenly started to skid to a halt, revealing itself as a car. Jumping out of the buggy, Kazuam raced towards it. In his heart, he knew that there was someone else in the car other than his surrogate brother. His hopes were realized as the passenger side door opened and out jumped a blue-haired young woman who started running at him. It's her! “Cherise!”
“KAZUMA!!” With a speed that almost rivaled Cougar's Cherise rushed and tackled Kazuma, bringing him to the ground with her atop him. Her lips pressed heavily against his, taking him by surprise. She didn't see the look of shock on his face from her kiss as she had shut her eyes tightly. Finally! Finally, we're together again, Kazuma; my dear Kazuma.
“…Hot damn,” was all Kimishima could say, his jaw hanging open.
Sitting on the hood of his car, Cougar just smirked. “That's my Kazuya.”
To be continued…
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