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Chapter 4: Revival of the Sun Knight

Back in Japan...
“Looks like our 'Frostbite' is in love.” Hakura grinned as she saw the intimate scene between Wakabayashi and Ami through Michiru's Mirror.
“And it looks like those two are reliving their romance during the Silver Millennium before everything went chaotic.” Michiru remarked.
Setsuna added, “Especially since the rest of the Inners and Princess Serenity had too wanted the Phoenix Guardian.”
“You mean...” Haruka blinked.
Setsuna nodded and pointed to Wakabayashi, “That young man is Prince Solaris, the heir to the Golden Kingdom. His main missions were to keep the Sun Crystal out of Queen Selenity's hands and to ensure Metallia's seal was never released. He never expected to fall in love.”
Taking out her henshinn pen, she added, “I do believe it is, forgive the pun, time for our two lovers to regain their memories. Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up!”
“You are evil, Pluto.” Haruka smirked after the Time Senshi transformed.
“I know.” Super Sailor Pluto returned her smirk. Raising her Time Staff, she channeled her power towards the Garnet Orb and the sphere glowed an eerie red.

Meanwhile, in Germany, it was almost sunset. Both Wakabayashi and Ami had bade the Misaki father-and-son pair and Ami's father farewell before they returned to the dormitory.
Along the way, Ami had long sensed Pluto's power around them and was wondering what the Time Senshi was up to.
By the time they arrived at the Dormitory, Ami was already suffering from a splinting headache.
Damn you Pluto. Ami let out a extremely rare mental curse as she massaged her temples.
Wakabayashi looked at her worriedly.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“My room... now... I need aspirin...” Ami whined.
The goalkeeper raised an amused eyebrow which earned him a glare from the girl.
“Just kidding. I caught what you said.” Wakabayashi grinned as he helped her to the door of her room. Digging for her keys, Ami unlocked the door before stumbling painfully onto her bed.
“Where's your medical case?” Wakabayashi yelled from her pantry.
“Cardboard above the fridge, third shelf.” Ami moaned sorely.
Minutes later, Wakabayashi exited the pantry with two tablets and a glass of water.
“Here.” he said, offering her the two pills and the glass.
“Thanks.” Ami muttered, popping the two tablets and swallowing them with a swing of water.
“Much better.” she sighed in relief.
“Or not.” she added, as her headache did not subside.
Wakabayashi let out a gasp, catching Ami with his arm when the girl suddenly fainted.
He then let out a louder gasp when he saw the symbol of Mercury blazing on the blue-haired girl's forehead. The goalkeeper did not have time to react when the light blue sign shot out a beam of blue light that connected to his forehead.
Pain was what Wakabayashi felt next as a orange-red sigma of a burning flame burnt on his forehead.
Eventually, the pain was too overwhelming and the goalie, too, fainted.

Dream sequence (Note: This dream occurs in third-person with Wakabayashi and Ami having it at the same time!)
Maris.” the Phoenix Guardian mumbled, nuzzling his wife's neck affectionately.
Hmmm?” the Queen of Mercury asked softly, as she looked up into her husband's ebony eyes.
You're wonderful.” the Phoenix Guardian replied, his hand smoothing over her huge belly.
Tell me that again once the baby is born.” Queen Maris reminded.
Yes love.” Alan grinned.
Unknown to the loving couple, the Moon Princess had hidden herself in the lavish gardens and was growling jealously at the tender scene.
That should be me! she fumed. I should be the one sitting at his side! I should be the one he keeps so close! I should be the one he kisses!Her frame began to tremble ever so slightly in rising fury.
The Moon Princess knew she was not the only one who lusted after the dashing Phoenix Guardian, heck, the other Inner Princesses did too. But all three had backed off once they saw Alan propose to Maris right before their eyes and the Princess of Mercury accepted his proposal. But the Princess of the Moon was not someone who would give up that easily.
The Moon Princess drooled as she fantasized that she was the one in Alan's arms, and not Maris.

Serenity's Daydream
Oh Serenity! I don't know what I was thinking when I spent all that time with Maris!” Alan cried out, kneeling before her on the soft grass of the park with her hands held in his. “How could my eyes have been blind to such a goddess all this time? You're the one for me, please forgive my error!” He begged.
Princess Serenity simply glowed as she gazed down at him, giving him a light smile as she nodded her head. How could she say no to him? Especially when he looked so good kneeling there, his sword strapped to the right side of his waistband, giving the added knight-in-shining-armor effect. “Of course I forgive you. I love you.” She said, beaming as he got to his feet before taking her into his arms and holding her close.
I love you too.” He said seductively, leaning in for a soft kiss that she gladly complied to.
End of Serenity's Daydream

Princess Serenity frowned; if only she could let Alan see what a fool he was by staying with Maris. Then, when she saw Maris' huge stomach, she smiled as an idea came to her.
With Maris this obese, Alan would sure be disgusted by her large tummy and look for svelte and pretty girls elsewhere. And who better than her, the Moon Princess, to show him what he was missing on? Besides, the girls had always played second fiddle to her simply because she wasQueen Selenity's daughter and Princess Serenity always got what she wanted. So, Princess Serenity began her first step in seducing King Mercury.

Seduction Plan One
It was during one of the fancy galas on the Moon when Princess Serenity found her chance. She managed to corner the Sun Knight who was standing on the sidelines and literally glomped him, dragging him to the dance floor.
Alan was about to pull away from the insistent Moon Princess when she suddenly pressed herself against him and started grating her hips against his.
We need to talk.” Alan hissed as he pulled her into a dark hallway outside the ballroom. Once alone, Alan demanded what she was up to.
Princess Serenity then slithered up to him, bristling and pouting like a child.
Why don't you love me?” she questioned in all innocence, genuinely not understanding how he could possibly resist her.
Gee, where to start?” he snapped sarcastically, frowning.
Princess Serenity moved closer to him, pressing herself up against his chest, a hand to his heart as the other hand lightly traced the features of his face, enjoying his attempts to escape her touch.
That girl is a nobody, Alan, she is unworthy of your attentions.” she murmured seductively. “You deserve someone stronger, someone better. Let me be that someone.”
He didn't say a word, only tried to pull his face further away from her searching lips, thoroughly disgusted.
She is far too naive and innocent.” she cooed, undeterred by his actions of refusal. “You deserve someone more experienced, someone who will know how to please you in every way possible.”
Alan blinked in appalled understanding. He frowned in utter revulsion and glared at the obsessed princess.
I would rather die a horrible and agonizing death that let you anywhere near me that way.” he hissed.
Her expression faded to stunned disbelief.
He refused her?
The disbelief then melted into fury. He wasn't allowed to refuse her. He had to fall in love with her. She pulled back away from him, much to the Phoenix Guardian's relief.
All the sweetness and innocence that had played upon her face were now gone, replaced by the expression worn by every woman who was ever shunned by the one she desired.
You'll change your mind soon enough.” she ground in promise. “You'll see. Maris will die, and you'll be mine.”
Seduction Plan One... failed.

Seduction Plan Two
Maris was in the middle of her third trimester of her pregnancy when Alan, being the worrywart that he is, took charge of the palace's security the moment Maris' second trimester set in. That proved the perfect opportunity for Princess Serenity to set her second seduction plan into action.
Alan was on night shift. When it came close to switching his shift to the next officer, he headed off to return to his wife. When he rounded the corner of a deserted hallway, he was shocked to see Princess Serenity standing before him, the shoulder pads of her dress pulled down to her elbows, revealing her breasts. She lunged at him and started to kiss him.
When he pushed her away, she cooed, “It's safe to have sex with me now. I'm having my period.”
Then, she did the unthinkable; she actually took off her undies to show him that she was bleeding.
In his sternest voice, Alan told her to put her dress back on. With a wave of his hand, he used a teleporting spell on the Moon Princess before she cried rape.
Seduction Plan Two... failed.

Seduction Plan Three
A few weeks later, right before Maris' due date, Princess Serenity pulled the same stunt after Alan made sure his wife was alright before returning to his nightly shift. Again, she confronted him in the same hallway, whipping out a condom before asking him to have sex with her.
Disgusted, Alan used the same teleporting spell as before without letting the Moon Princess finish her seducing speech.
Seduction Plan Three... failed.

Finally, Alan decided to tell Maris what had happened, but he waited until her confinement period was over.
He gave her a blow-to-blow account of his ordeal with Princess Serenity and was actually crying as he related it all to her. He had felt that their marriage had been tainted by the whole affair. And he was also afraid that she would not believe that he was innocent.
Maris' suspicion that Alan had somehow led the Moon Princess on was laid to rest when sometime later, she overheard Princess Serenity talking to Princess Mesuinu of Venus.
You know he's off limits, Serenity! All of us know that!” Princess Mesuinu exclaimed. “Why are you so determined to seduce Alan!?”
The Moon Princess' answer shocked not only the Princess of Venus, but also Maris.
I was just playing with the two of them! I can't believe he would be so faithful to her even when she's pregnant! No man in the world can resist a woman if she wanted to seduce him.” Princess Serenity complained. “He may not have screwed me, but there willbe someone else down the road who'll be able to tempt him.”
Besides,” the Moon Princess leered. “I'm the Princess and every guy, married or not, will want me. So, it's alright for me to apply the see-like-buy approach to married men and it's 'fun' to break up a marriage as well. ”
Princess Mesuinu sighed, “Piece of advice Serenity: respect others and, most of all, respect yourself. Don't cheapen your life by spending it throwing yourself at men, especially men who are taken. Life is short - try to live it honorably.”

“That hurt...” Ami muttered as she opened her eyes, staring blankly at the ceiling.
“I take it you're not in pain anymore...” Wakabayashi remarked as he climbed over her. “Maris.”
“Alan...” Ami let out a smile.
Stroking his cheek, she added, “You remembered.”
“Of course.” Wakabayashi returned her smile. “Remind me to thank Pluto for this.”
“And kill Serenity's reincarnation while I'm at it.” he added after a second.
“Don't.” Ami giggled. “We still need her if any evil comes up.”
“I hate it when you're right.” Wakabayashi growled.
“When was I ever wrong?” Ami grinned.
“Good point.” Wakabayashi nodded.
“And since it's already nighttime, I'd better head back.” he added. Getting off her bed, Wakabayashi exited her room.

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