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Chapter 3: Meeting With Misaki

The next morning, after Ami's Political Sciences class and Wakabayashi's Advance Geometry lesson, the goalkeeper raised an amused eyebrow when he saw Ami search frantically in her locker for something.
“Lost something?” he smirked.
“Yes.” Ami let out a partial growl in annoyance. “My PDA.”
“Never knew you were into Public Display of Affection.” Wakabayashi joked.
Ami gave him a glare, “You know what I mean.”
“I know.” Wakabayashi grinned in understanding, before turning serious.
“You're never this disorganized.” he pointed out.
“Something happened this morning.” he added, looking straight into her eyes.
Slightly unnerved, Ami sighed, “Nothing escapes you, does it?”
“Nothing escapes me when it comes to you.” Wakabayashi replied.
“Remember that girl from yesterday?” Ami asked.
“Yuna Athha, the head cheerleader aka the Queen Bee.” Wakabayashi elaborated. “Yeah, she's been trying to gain my attention for most of her freshmen year and the whole of her sophomore year. I rejected her flat-out.”
“She gave me a pretty nasty wakeup call this morning.” Ami revealed. “Wait, scratch that. Make it two wakeup calls this morning.”
Wakabayashi raised an eyebrow.
At his unasked question, Ami explained, “The moment I stepped out of the dormitory, I was bombarded by a horde of water balloons, filled with icy cold water. When I looked up, I found her and her cronies laughing.”
“And when I got to school, I found this on my locker door.” she hissed, thrusting a piece of red cardboard straight into his face.
Wakabayashi let out a curse, “A red tag. She has it in for you.”
“Don't I know it.” Ami sighed.
“Although,” Wakabayashi smirked as he leaned in closer to her to smell her perfume. “the cold water didn't wash off your perfume.”
“Actually, it did.” Ami corrected. “I had to go back to get changed and a quick re-spray.”
“Anna Sui?” Wakabayashi blinked.
At Ami's nod, he muttered, “No wonder I find that fragrance familiar.”

Aside, Yuna Athha fumed, mentally screaming vicious curses at the blue-haired girl who was beside the object of her obsession. Her eyes turned red when she saw the handsome goalkeeper slip a possessive arms around the new student's waist and she did nothing to stop him. Yuna peeved, there was no way she would allow this witch to get between her and Wakabayashi, no matter who she was.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lockers, Takasa Higato growled at the intimate contact the new girl had with Wakabayashi.
The moment Mizuno Ami stepped into the Advanced English class with Wakabayashi Genzo the previous day, the captain of the school basketball team had his eyes set on the girl the second he saw her. There was something about her that attracted him to her.
The basketball star chose his prizes carefully from year to year, choosing only the most exceptional of girls, and for his senior year, the girl of his choosing had to be extra special.
A prized trophy.
There were other girls who were certainly more lovely than the azure-haired girl, but she had a certain magic appeal, a quality about her he couldn't quite place but that he found alluring in the strongest of ways. Takasa wanted her and what he wanted he usually got.
With the school bell ringing signaling the beginning of the next class, Ami quickly kissed Wakabayashi on the cheek and headed off to her class.
Takasa allowed himself a grin. Soon, that smile and those lips will be mine.

Three periods later...
“Gah! Homecoming.” Wakabayashi paled when he saw the huge poster plastered on the bulletin board outside the school.
Ami giggled at his anguish expression.
“I don't see why it's so bad.” she pointed out.
“Went to the Homecoming dance during freshman year. No points guessing who got voted for Homecoming King.” Wakabayashi winced. “I skipped Homecoming during sophomore.”
“My poor Genzo.” Ami teased, giggling at his unamused look.

Higato loved the sound of her laughter. It was always so crystalline and pure, never faked, and it was addictive to all those within earshot. She was very special indeed. He frowned at the fact that the other two of their Abstract Arts teammates had run off though. This left the lovely Mizuno and the brat, Wakabayashi alone together.
He could not allow that to happen.
She was his girl, not the brat's.
Higato's frown deepened when he saw Wakabayashi whisper something into Mizuno's ear and the girl blushed heavily.
Higato's rage finally exploded as he stormed over to the embracing couple. He would make Wakabayashi pay dearly for stealing Mizuno away from him.

The hulky goalie heard the sound of rushing feet and saw the look of fear on his partner's face warning him of the arriving danger. He let his instincts take over. A subtle sensation in his mind told him to duck. He obeyed the feeling, the punch aimed for the back of his head barely missing.
Wakabayashi quickly leapt to his feet and whirled around to face his opponent, instinctively standing in a battle ready stance in front of Ami. He frowned in annoyance when he saw who it was that was attacking him.
“You?” He stood up straight and scowled at his opponent, carefully circling his foe to place some distance between the impending attack and his beloved genius.
Takasa Higato did not answer, merely rushed him again. Ami held back her gasp of concern for her love, not wanting to accidentally distract him. For his part, Wakabayashi just sidestepped out of the way of the lunge.
“You have no claim on her, brat!” Higato shouted as he struggled to regain his balance.
“My, my. In a jealous rage, are we?” the goalie taunted.
Higato lunged again.
“She's mine!” he raged.
He stopped just short of his competition for the blue-haired genius' affection and began to throw out numerous powerful punches and kicks in a vain attempt to hit his target.
Roundhouse kicks, left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts, spin kicks… None made contact.
With a peacefully placid expression, the goalkeeper simply dodged and sidestepped every blow with the greatest of ease. A tiny grin tugged at the corners of his lips.
Realizing her love was in no danger what so ever from the enraged basketball player, Ami just settled herself more comfortably against the bulletin board to wait out the fight, crossing her arms behind her head.
She abruptly giggled.
“All I'm missing is the popcorn.” she quipped.
Wakabayashi heard her and grinned as he easily avoided a spin kick aimed for his chest.
Then, he dodged a punch.
Quickly finding an opening, Wakabayashi shifted his weight over to his right foot and brought his left fist up and back hard to smash into Higato's face.
The force of the impact caused the self-absorbed basketball captain to flip over backwards and land flat on his stomach unceremoniously.
Wakabayashi stayed in a battle-ready stance for a moment more, waiting for any retaliation of any kind. Then he shrugged casually, straightened and re-adjusted his cap when none was forth coming.
Ami was amazed, “When did you ...”
“Ever since that incident with Hyuga.” Wakabayashi replied. “I started training to protect you better.”
“Now,” he grinned. “How about lunch?”
Takasa Higato peered open an eye just in time to see Wakabayashi leave with Ami, hand in hand.
Ami is mine. You'll see, Wakabayashi. She and I are meant to be.

Minutes later, in an small cafe...
“Anyway, I checked.” Wakabayashi said, after swallowing his forkful of pasta. “Misaki's father is having his exhibition starting Friday. I managed to contact Misaki and he said he'll probably be free on Saturday.”
“Where and when?” Ami asked, her fork poking at her lasagna.
“A small arts gallery in Central Street. I think it's called Picasso's Arena, or is it Picasso's Mausoleum? I can't remember.” Wakabayashi replied. “Anyway, it starts at around 10am.”
“By the way,” he added. “Are you going to eat that or beat it into submission?”
Ami held back the urge to roll her eyes.

Come Saturday...
Wakabayashi was leaning causally against the dormitory gate waiting for Ami. Moments later, the blue-haired genius walked out of the dorm, clad in a light blue dress with lily-sparkle-trim, complete with a pair of leather cut-out sandals.
Wakabayashi raised an eyebrow.
“Isn't it a little too... cold to wear that?” he asked.
“Nope.” Ami quipped.
Wakabayashi shook his head in amusement. Cradling an arm around her waist, the couple walked off.

Meanwhile, Yuna Athha was hiding behind the corner of the dormitory wall as she saw everything going on between Wakabayashi and the newcomer.
She frowned when she saw Wakabayashi kiss the girl's cheek, causing her to blush.
That should be me! She fumed. I should be the one by his side! I should be the one he keeps so close! I should be the one he kisses! Her frame began to tremble ever so slightly in rising fury.
Her hands were clutched into angry fists as she dug deep within herself as she concocted a plan to force the newcomer out of the school permanently.
With the witch gone, Yuna was sure that Wakabayashi will finally notice her.
Such lovely pain she would cause the blue-haired girl before she took what rightly belonged to her. It was perfect.
You will feel the pain I have felt at your arrival, little witch. Wakabayashi is mine!

“Next time, get your place right.” Ami chided as they arrived at the galley's front door. “It's Picasso's Stadium.”
“Right, right, right.” Wakabayashi waved her rebuke aside and the two entered.

“Misaki-san is really a great artist.” Ami remarked as she admired one of the oil paintings on exhibition.
“I'm flattered.” Mr. Misaki commented behind the couple.
Both Wakabayashi and Ami turned around to see the Misaki father-and-son pair approach them.
“Really, I am. Especially if it comes from Shino-sempai's daughter.” Mr. Misaki remarked at Ami's disbelieving look.
“You... know my father?” Ami gasped.
“Yes.” Mr. Misaki nodded. “He was my senior in arts academy.”
“I see.” Ami muttered.
“And speaking of your father,” Misaki added. “He's the other...”
The mid-fielder was cut off when a man with bluish black hair and brown eyes walked towards them.
“It's been a while Ami.” he said.
If Ami was surprised, she certainly did not show it.
Wakabayashi looked at her, his arm tightening around her waist.
Emotions fled across the genius' eyes. She had waited years to meet her father. When she was younger, she would ask her mother why her father did not live with them, and her mother responded that people just grew apart sometimes. Then, in her mother's loneliness, she grew caught up in her medic studies, and simply tossed Ami to her sister to look after.
Even though Mrs. Ozora had been like a second mother to her, but nothing had ever seemed to fill the void left by her parents. Nothing. Then, she met the boys who later formed the Nankatsu team, and after she left, she met the girls, starting a new life as Sailor Mercury, she had done well.
Removing Wakabayashi's hand from her, Ami walked over and enveloped him in a hug. He looked surprised at her kindness, but hugged her back, surprised.
“I'm sorry,” Mr. Mizuno said, tears coming to his eyes, “I could have written, called, done...something. I know a painting sent once a month by mail doesn't exactly make me a father.”

The three males looked on as Ami hugged her father.
“It's good that Mizuno-san's forgiving, I guess.” Misaki said, watching the two begin to talk for real.
Wakabayashi smiled.

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